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Ruckus Wireless solution for Sundance Film Festival

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Ruckus Wireless

High-Density Wi-FiThe Largest independent film festival in the U.S held over 10 days in Park City, Utah, attracting more than 50,000 people

Local 3G networks melt during eventMyFi / interference were big issuesVenues geographically dispersedMany concurrent users at each siteIT staff limited and busy, busy, busyBuildings are historic, RF challengesSmart phones primary device with weak Wi-Fi implementationMust support Sundance iPhone/Android appSingle indoor/outdoor systemCentral management (40 miles away), no onsite controllersDual-band 802.11nWired and meshed connectionsLong range bridging for added capacityMulti-user policies (guests, VIPs, staff)Automatic interference mitigationStreaming multimedia support


#Network Topology

ZoneFlex 7962Dual-band 802.11n264ZoneFlex 7363Dual-band 802.11nZoneFlex 7762Dual-band 802.11nZoneFlex 77315GHz P-T-P bridgesZoneDirector 3100Smart WLAN controllerFlexMasterRemote Wi-Fi Mgmt.12211WhatTheyDeployed#Impressive ResultsUsers connected at highest data ratesZero network downtimeVery strong signal strengthSignal strength averaged -67dB or better across all locations-46dB @ 2.4GHz at most sites-53dB @ 5GHz at most sitesFirst 24 hours WLAN transmitted over 500 gig of traffic (12 gig per hour)Effective use and combination of dynamic beamforming, band steering, airtime fairness and user thresholds addressed high capacity issuesZero complaints, only kudos, from patrons, staff (Ruckus asked back to next years event)

Fast Wi-Fi and Strong SignalsFor Everybody