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See what is in season right now at The Chef's Garden.

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    The Chefs Garden::800.289.4644

  • signature summer

    radishes carrots baby cauliflower

    eggplant [fairy tale pictured]

    fennel heirloom garlic turnips



  • 1. anise hyssopfeathery velvet-like leaves have a sweet and clean flavor with a licorice finish

    2. arugulagreen-heart shaped leaves are packed with a peppery and mildly bitter flavor

    3. bulls bloodbeautifully tinted red leaves and stems have an intense sweet beet flavor

    4. burgundy amaranthsometimes referred to as chinese spinach, this micro has bold burgundy

    leaves and stems with mild flavor

    5. carrotdelicate leaves with a floral and earthy flavor leave a tingly sensation on the palate

    6. chinese toonthis uniquely shaped leaf has a strong nutty-onion flavor

    7. chervilthis member of the carrot family looks similar to carrot tops and parsley

    but has the flavor and aroma of anise

    8. cilantroa distinctly pungent earthy flavor best described as a combination of lemon and sage

    9. cutting celeryan old heirloom variety produces tiny serrated green leaves with a distinct celery flavor

    10. lemon grasstender and grass-like with a clean lemon taste

    11. machea spinach-like green with a milder, almost nutty flavor that adds a nice texture to salads

    12. mixed shisored shiso has an anise flavor and is slightly less spicy then the cinnamon-like green shiso

    signature micros

    pictured::lemon balm- lemon-citrus flavor with a refreshing citrus scent



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    4. 5. 6.

    7. 8. 9.

    10. 11. 12.


  • signature blooms and herbs

    1. citrus coriandersweet coriander flavor with a subtle lemon undertone

    2. citrus marigoldred gem, tangerine and lemon varieties are approximately inch and have a citrus flavor and scent

    3. johnny jump-upsthese tiny delicate flowers are sweet and aromatic

    4. nasturtiumsthe vibrant petals have a bold peppery flavor

    5. lavender blooms [fern leaf pictured]beautiful purple and white flowers have an aromatic scent and flavor

    6. mixed fl owersbest of the day may include: citrus marigolds, dianthus, french marigolds,

    marigolds, nasturtiums, johnny jump ups, snapdragons, pansies and violas

    7. cuban oreganostrong oregano flavor, highly aromatic and succulent

    8. garlic rootpearly white 5 inch long strands have the intense flavor and fragrance of a garlic bulb

    9. lemon verbenastrong, lemon-lime-like flavor, with a fruity and penetrating aroma

    10. illumination amaranthmild, sweet, nutty, and malt-like

    11. rootbeer leafcombination of licorice, cloves and mint with a hint of black pepper

    12. tri-color sagestrong, sharp, slightly camphorated flavor

    pictured::stevia - most natural, unrefined state. a leaf picked from a stevia plant and chewed has an extremely sweet taste



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    4. 5. 6.

    7. 8. 9.

    10. 11. 12.


  • signature mustards

    pictured::petite black mustard- this mustard has a nutty, mildly spicy flavor

    1. baby frilleda mild mustard with a subtle spicy flavor

    2. baby magma

    this mustard has a strong, peppery flavor

    3. baby savannahsavory, mild and fresh flavor

    4. baby wasabi a blast of flavor with a spicy kick

    5. micro reda mustard-hot foundation ending with a peppery twist

    6. micro wasabibegins with a very subtle first bite and ends with a spicy punch

    7. mustard bloomsdelicate yellow blooms have a sharp taste with a mild sweetness

    8. petite fi restreakthis delicate green has a refreshing, spicy flavor and a succulent, crunchy texture

    9. petite karatea crisp and delicate mustard starts with a mild flavor and ends with a spicy heat

    10. petite magma sweet mustard flavor ending with a burst of peppery spice

    11. petite red frilleda robust, zesty taste with a distinct flavor

    12. petite wasabian intense spicy flavor, milder than the micro variety



  • 1. 2. 3.

    4. 5. 6.

    7. 8. 9.

    10. 11. 12.


  • lemon basil

    basil-green full-size cinnamon basil

    thai basil

    clove basil

    full-size lesbos basil lime basil

    opal basil full-size pixie basil::NEW

    Basil and Tomatogoes together like peanut butter and jelly

    AAAAAAAAAfffffrrrrrriiiiiiiiccccccccccccaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn BBBBBBBBBBBBBllllllluuuuuuueeeeeee BBBBBBBBBBaaaaaaasssssiiiiillllllll BBBBBBBBBBBBlllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmsssssssss


  • red haven peach toybox

    green zebra toybox black plum toybox juliet toybox

    black pear toybox garden peach toybox

    sugar snack baby specialty

    matts wild cherry baby specialty

    white currant baby specialtysun gold baby specialty

    gold nugget baby specialty mgreen grape baby specialty



    The Chefs Garden::800.289.4644

  • petite red malabar spinach

    petite carrots

    petite cuke with bloom petite cherry bomb radish

    petite purplettes petite leeks petite new zealand spinach

    pppetite white turnips


  • The Chefs Garden::800.289.4644


  • SSS

    The Chefs Garden::800.289.4644


    & BLOOMS

  • signature mints

    pictured::nepitella- subtle combination of mint and oregano

    1. applevery mild, subtle apple fragrance

    2. bananachartreuse leaves have a pleasent banana aroma

    3. blackhuacatay is from the marigold and tarragon family and has a

    pungent aroma between mint and basil

    4. chocolatethe leaves have a chocolate and peppermint fragrance

    5. english stiff, stocky stems and dark green leaves of english mint are boldly fragrant

    6. orangeround leaves have the refreshing scent of oranges

    7. pineapplethe leaves release a rich fragrance that smells very much like ripe pineapples

    8. silvera smooth, silky leaf and a pleasant, minty flavor

    9. micro lemon miniminta fresh, lemony mint flavor and delicate texture

    10. micro greek mild at first, ending with an intense, cool mint flavor

    11. micro mountainbold spicy mint flavor with a suprising crunch

    12. micro penny royala strongly scented mint, similar to spearmint



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    7. 8. 9.

    10. 11. 12.


  • 16.

    Components: fresh buffalo mozzarella, opal basil, baby tomatoes aaannnnnddddd ffllaaavvoors of bacon

    chef jakub hartliebElemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeents Grille River Spirit Casinoooooooooo

    Components: tuna, plum, watermelon, balsamic beet rreedduuccttiioonn, mmmmmiiiiccccrrooo bbbbaaasssiiill aand popcorn shoots

    popcorn shoots

    baby specialty tomatoes

    chef colin john Forte Belanger Catering


    The Chefs Garden::800.289.4644

  • The Chefs Garden::800.289.4644

  • lucky sorrel blooms

    petite lucky sorrel

    micro black-eyed sorrel full-size green sorrel

    micro green sorrel micro red ribbon sorrel petite red ribbon sorrel

    fffbronze sorrel

  • signature legumes

    1. carmellini beansat 1 inches they are the worlds smallest green bean. available in green, lime green and purple

    2. french beans3 -5 inches with a thin pod. available in green, purple and yellow

    3. wax beans5-6 inch beans are slender and long. available in green, purple and yellow

    4. romano beans

    wide, flat pod ranging from 5-7 inches. available in green, purple, ruby, yellow, dragons tongue and fire bean

    5. bean blooms these delicate flowers have a hint of bean flavor and are available in white, pink and purple

    6. dried beanslimited varieties and quantity. call your product specialist

    7. fava bloomblack and white flowers with a mild bean flavor

    8. petite fava buttery, fresh bean flavor with a spinach-like texture

    9. pea tendrils [gold and green]distinctive and robust flavor, cross between sweet peas and spinach

    10. fava beanslarge pods, 5-7 inches in length, have a buttery, fresh bean flavor

    pictured::romano beans



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    7. 8. 9.




  • signature micros

    1. parsleya spinach-like green with a milder, almost nutty flavor. it adds a nice texture to salads

    2. parsnipfloral with a mild parsnip/carrot flavor

    3. purple radish a beautiful purple hued micro with a peppery-spicy flavor

    4. pepper cress [curly cress]intial mildly sweet flavor followed by a peppery-hot ending

    5. red ace cabbageintense cabbage flavor with a spicy heat

    6. red oracha relative of lambs quarter, this green has a spinach-like flavor

    7. sagetiny tender leaves are packed full of a peppery-lemon camphor-like flavor

    8. sea cressthin, succulent leaves join together at a light pink stem

    with a smooth, slightly salty flavor

    9. sunfl owertiny heart shaped leaves have a strong, peppery flavor similar to wasabi root

    10. tarragondelicate, light-green leaves have a strong black licorice flavor

    11. watercressgreen oblong or heart-shaped leaves have a spicy flavor

    12. white celerysmall serrated green leaves with white stems have a distinct smooth celery flavor

    pictured::sea spears - succulent and crunchy with a salty cucumber flavor



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