Summer Internship Program @ ITC PPB Haridwar

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Summer Internship

Text of Summer Internship Program @ ITC PPB Haridwar

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Summer Internship ProgramByMurali GReg No. 1313036Under the guidance of Prof. Gautam Sutar8/4/2014ITC-PPB1SUPPLY CHAIN INITIATIVES FOR INCREASING GROSS CONTRIBUTION IN CARTON LINE.

AT M/S. ITC LTD PACKAGING AND PRINTING DIVISIONSupply Chain initiatives for increasing Gross Contribution in Carton and Flexibles lines 8/4/2014ITC-PPB2Supply Chain ManagementSupply Chain management deals with the control of materials, information, and financial flows in a network consisting of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and customers.It covers the management of flow of goods from point of origin to point of consumption8/4/2014ITC-PPB3Gross ContributionGross contribution is the difference between a companys turnover and its variable expenses.GC is directly affected by the variable costs spent in production. In ITC-PPB, the major variable cost occurs in:8/4/2014ITC-PPB4Processes in ITC-PPB, Haridwar8/4/2014ITC-PPB5Carton8/4/2014ITC-PPB6Carton LineProcess Areas CTPPrintingUV CoatingValue additionMicroflutingCutting & CreasingFolding & Gluing8/4/2014ITC-PPB7General Process in Carton line8/4/2014ITC-PPB8Carton-MachinesCTPProteckPrinting - OffsetMitsubishi UV & Conventional printing max speed 16000 sheets/hourHeidelberg Speedmaster XL 105 Conventional printing max speed 18000 sheets/hourLaminationSteinmann max speed 60 m/minBMA Foil master max speed 8000 sheets/hour

8/4/2014ITC-PPB9ContdOffline UV machinesUltra coat max speed 6000 sheets/hourGravetech max speed 8000 sheets/hourMicroflutingChampion Microfluting max speed 100 m/minMeiguang LinerValue AdditionNikko - embossing

8/4/2014ITC-PPB10ContdCutting and CreasingNova Cut - max speed 8000 sheets/hourExpert Cut - max speed 9000 sheets/hour Spanthera - max speed 9000 sheets/hourFolding and GluingHeiber SchroderMedia 45 - max speed 350 m/minFuego - max speed 450 m/minVision fold - max speed 350 m/minExpert Fold - max speed 450 m/min8/4/2014ITC-PPB11Flexibles8/4/2014ITC-PPB12Flexibles LineProcess Areas :PrintingLaminationSolvent basedSolvent lessExtrusion CoatingSlittingPouching8/4/2014ITC-PPB13General Process in Flexibles Line8/4/2014ITC-PPB14Flexibles Line - Machines Printing Gravure PrintingRotomec 1 & 2 max speed 350 m/minLaminationBOBST- Laminator CL660 max speed 450m/minNord mechanica super combi 3000 max speed 400m / minExtrusion coating laminator max speed 300 m/min Slitting Titan slitter max speed 700m/min pouching pouching m/c max speed 22m/min.8/4/2014ITC-PPB15Contd...Blown filmRaw material for lamination (made from granules)Max speed 525 to 550 kg/hr.PEGMax speed 150m/minHot melt coatingMax speed - 60 to 100 m /min8/4/2014ITC-PPB168/4/2014ITC-PPB17Study AreasData RequiredRaw MaterialProcurement dataCost dataBOMConsumables dataLogistics dataProductionProduction planning dataWastage per machineOEE8/4/2014ITC-PPB18Support RequiredInternet ConnectivityRelevant Data8/4/2014ITC-PPB19Schedule8/4/2014ITC-PPB20CartonFlexiblesProduct-ionCartonFlexiblesPlanningApr 24-2526-2728-2930-May 0102-0304-0506-0708-0910-1112-1314-15flexiblescartonProject ScheduleITC-PPB8/4/201421Raw MaterialProcurementCostingUsageProductionM/c StudyMay 16-1718-1920-2122-2324-2526-2728-2930-31June 1-203-0405-06flexiblescartonITC-PPBProject Schedule8/4/201422ProductionProd. rateWaste OEEFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDeccartonFlexiblesJune 7-809-1011-1213-1415-1617-1819-2021-2223-2425-2627-288/4/2014ITC-PPBProject Schedule23Production planning process- carton8/4/2014ITC-PPB24Production Planning process - Flexibles8/4/2014ITC-PPB25Report8/4/2014ITC-PPB26NoteEvery Monday evening 5:30 meeting with D.P. Roy sir.Presentation on every 15 days.8/4/2014ITC-PPB27