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June 2012 issue of NCSU, Bio & Ag Alumni News presenting biographical sketches of Dr. James Jones and Dr. Richard Wayne Skaggs. This is a newsletter of the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at NCSU


<ul><li><p>BAE Alumni &amp; Friends 1</p><p>Summer 2012</p><p>We Bring Engineering to Life</p><p>Dr. James Jones was selected the 2011 Biological and Agricultural Engineering Outstanding Alumnus Award Recipient. Dr. Jones is a Distinguished Professor at the University of Florida and Director of the Florida Climate Institute. Dr. Jones received his PhD in BAE from NCSU in 1975 under the direction of the late Dr. Henry Bowen and Dr. Robert Sowell. Jim received his BS in Agricultural Engineering from Texas Tech in 1967 and MS in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Mississippi State in 1971. Jim spent 10 years with </p><p>USDA-ARS as a Research Engineer concurrently with 2 years as an Affiliate Assistant Professor at Mississippi State before joining the Agricultural Engi-neering Department at the University of Florida as an Associate Professor in 1977.</p><p>Dr. Jones is internationally recognized as a leader in the development and application of biological models for agricultural systems. He is the princi-pal architect of the Decision Support Systems for Agrotechnology Transfer (DSSAT), which combines physical and biological models for 26 crops with data bases and software tools for application by scientists, engineers, clima-tologists, and economists to address problems critical to agricultural produc-tion, water usage, and environmental impact. The DSSAT system of models has been used extensively in over 100 countries worldwide and provides the basis for approximately 75% of the na-tional and international studies to assess impacts of climate and climate change on crops and soils. </p><p> Dr. Jones and colleagues have been innovative in applying these models to evaluate the effectiveness of alterna-tive production systems for responding to changes in climate as well as other important issues such as sequestering soil carbon and incorporating genetics to optimize plant breeding for target climates and soil conditions. Well over </p><p>Jones 2011 Outstanding Alumnus</p><p>Dr. Evans presents the department award to Dr. James Jones who was also honored at the CALS Outstanding Alumni event.</p><p>Charles Suggs</p><p>andLUMNI</p><p>friendsADr. Wayne Yuan </p><p>is the newest mem-ber of the faculty hired January, 2012. Yuan is an associ-ate professor in the area of bioenergy and bioproducts. He received his Ph.D. </p><p>degree in Agricultural and Biolog-ical Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2005. He came to us from the University of Kansas BAE depart-ment where he taught for 5 years.</p><p> His primary research focus is on issues and needs related to bio-logical/engineering systems that produce, process, or utilize agri-cultural commodities and other biologically based materials for </p><p>Dr. Wayne Yuan is the new-est member of the BAE faculty joining NCSU as an Associ-ate Professor Janu-ary, 2012. Dr. Yuan received his PhD </p><p>in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2005 and came to NC State by way of Kansas State.</p><p>Dr. Yuans teaching and research is in the broad area of renewable energy engineering. His major research focus will be investigating microalgae for biofuels and bio-products. He will also investigate novel tech-niques and systems for separation of biochemicals and biofuels at various processing stages utilizing technologies critical to effective downstream processing of biologi-cally based products.</p><p>Dr. Yuans appointment is unique in that his position is the first tenure track appointment in the department funded entirely by the College of Engineering. Wel-come to NC State, Dr. Yuan!</p><p>Wayne Yuan</p><p>Dr. Mari Chinn was the 2011 recipi-ent of the ASABE, A.W. Farrall Young Educator Award. The award honors </p><p>Mari Chinn</p><p>continued page 3continued page 10</p></li><li><p>2 BAE Alumni &amp; Friends </p><p>Greetings from Raleigh! It is a pleasure to pres-ent the 2012 edition of the BAE Alumni and Friends Newsletter. </p><p>The department continues to provide excellent undergraduate and graduate educational opportunities with programs that remain ranked in the top ten by US News. Enrollment continues to climb, but out of ne-cessity, we have slowed the rate of growth. New matric-ulation criteria adopted by the College of Engineering take effect with the incoming freshmen class. We are </p><p>hopeful that this will help stabilize enrollment. Our 2015 goal is to stabilize undergraduate enrollment at 250 undergraduates (down from the 2011 record of 326). Graduate enrollment is expected to be around 75 students this fall, down slightly from the 2011 record high of 82 students. Over the year we graduated 55 BEs, 21 AETs, 6 MBAEs, 19 MS and 6 PhDs Dr. Todd Guerdat, Dr. Qianfeng Li, Dr. Trisha Moore, Dr. Lamyaa Negm, Dr. Ziyu Wang, and Dr. Jason Zink. I am also pleased to announce that 3 BAE undergraduates - Joshua Clemmons, Daniel Snyder, and Cameron Wilson, were NCSU valedictorians with perfect 4.0 GPAs. Congratulations gradu-ates.</p><p>Financially, it was a challenging year. The NC Legislature made sig-nificant reductions in funding for the UNC system. When the fog finally lifted, the BAE budget was reduced by 15% or nearly $700,000. By filling some of the gap with grant funds, we have been able to retain most of our personnel. Even under the difficult economic conditions, external grant success continued to be strong which is a testament to the relevance that our programs are viewed by our clientele and supporters. </p><p>I am pleased to announce that Dr. Jim Jones, PhD 1975, was named the 2011 Outstanding BAE alumnus. Dr. Mohamed Youssef was promoted to associate professor with tenure. On a less celebratory note, Dr. Wayne Skaggs and Dr. Tom Losordo announced their retirements after 42 and 24 years, respectively. Please read more about these and other faculty, staff and student recognitions and activities throughout the newsletter. </p><p>Department Heads Comments</p><p>Robert Evans</p><p>Visit Bio&amp;Ag on the web at: Fax comments &amp; questions to: Bio&amp;Ag News at 919-515-6772</p><p>Department Head Dr. Robert EvansWriter/Graphics Carolyn Mitkowski</p><p>Advisor Dr. Greg Jennings </p><p>Bio&amp;Ag Alumni &amp; Friends is an annual publication of the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department, North Carolina State University, Box 7625, </p><p>Raleigh, NC 27695-7625. </p><p>Alumni contributions to the next issue of Bio&amp;Ag Alumni&amp;Friends, are always welcome. Please send your contributions to Dr. Evans at the address above or email: </p><p> or</p><p>Request for Nominations for 2012 Outstanding Alumnus Award are due August 1st. Since 2005, The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has recognized an Outstanding Alumnus Award for each department in CALS. If you would like to nominate someone for the 2012 award, request a nomination form from Betsy Maness at 919-515-2694. </p><p>The nominees must have received a degree from NCSU and should have a record of service to their profession, com-munity, industry, and/or to NC State, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the BAE department. The nomination should explain why the nominee deserves the award. The award recipient will be recognized on October 5th with a BAE depart-mental reception and also at the CALS Alumni Awards reception.</p><p>Call for Nominations</p><p>Summer 2012</p><p> Outstanding Alumnus Award ..............................1 Faculty News .....................1 Department Heads Comments .......................2 Dr. R.W. Skaggs &amp; Dr. T. Losordo Retire ...................3 Spring Banquet .................5 Advisory Board and In &amp; Around Weaver ..................6 ASABE Rally &amp; Club News ..................................8 Recruiting Displays &amp; Grad Action ................................9 Stikeleather Recoginition &amp; ASABE Competition .......11 Graduation Listing ...........12</p><p>In this issue</p></li><li><p>BAE Alumni &amp; Friends 3</p><p>Dr. Richard Wayne Skaggs, William Neal Reynolds and Distinguished University Professor has announced his retirement effective June 30th after 42.5 years on the BAE faculty. Dr. Skaggs made extraordinary contribu-tions to the advancement of Agricultural and Biological Engineering as a teacher, mentor, researcher, and na-tional leader. He is recognized globally as the expert in drainage and subsurface water management. </p><p>Skaggs was born and reared on a farm in eastern Kentucky. He at-tended the University of Kentucky where he received the BS and MS degrees in Agricultural Engineering in 1964 and 1966. He joined NC State University in 1970 after earning his PhD from Purdue University. Skaggs advanced quickly through the ranks to Professor before being named Wil-liam Neal Reynolds Professor in 1984. He was also elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1991, and named Distinguished University Professor that same year. N.C. State presented Skaggs its highest faculty recognition in 1994, the Alexander Quarles Holladay Award; and in 1997, </p><p>Tom Losordo Retires after 24 Years at NCSU</p><p>continued page 11</p><p>continued from page 1 </p><p>1500 researchers and practitioners worldwide have been trained to use the DSSAT models. As an author or co-author of over 290 publications, a search of science direct for citations that refer to DSSAT and its component models returns over 34,000 journal citations and 1800 book citations, by far the most widely cited of all cropping system models. Dr. Jones and his team have made tremendous positive impacts on food production globally and on our ability to assess the impacts of climate change on agricultural sustainability.</p><p>The significance of Dr. Jones work has been acknowledged through his advanced rank at the University of Florida, through the careers of many scientists he has trained; 21 gradu-ate students and 18 post docs men-tored; and through numerous awards and honors. He is an elected Fellow of 3 Professional Societies - ASABE, SSSA, and ASA; has been recognized by 4 international awards; received 3 superior paper awards and was elected to the National Academy of Engineers earlier this year. Dr. Jones and his wife Jean married in 1966; have 3 daughters (Joanna, Janene, and Jennifer) and 7 grandchildren. Dr. Jones retired from the University of Florida Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department in February, 2011. </p><p>Jones Outstanding Alumnus</p><p>Tom Losordo</p><p>A sizeable crowd turned out to congratulate Dr. Jones.</p><p>Dr. Wayne Skaggs Retires June 30th.</p><p>Wayne Skaggs</p><p>continued page 4</p><p>Dr. Losordo has been a research and extension engineer at NCSU for a little under 24 years, with the last 10 years working in the BAE department. In this department, he held the position of extension leader for 4 years and additionally, worked for the University of North Carolina General Administration as a faculty advisor for military affairs for two years.</p><p>Losordo is internationally recog-nized for his work in aquaculture having made significant contribu-tions in the area of indoor recircu-lating aquaculture technology. He has been the main force behind NC Statess well known Lake Wheeler Road Fish Barn, a research and demonstration facility for recirculat-ing fish tank farming. Losordo also served as Principal Investigator of the Marine Aquaculture Research Center near Morehead City, and was also a Co-PI on behalf of the College of Ag. and Life Sciences for the development of the LaPaz Sturgeon facility in Happy Valley, North Carolina.</p><p>His research developments in this area have brought substan-tial improvements to operational methods and equipment design which are now used widely in the industry. Dr. Losordo and his team have provided essential technical assistance to established indoor tank-based aquaculture farm busi-nesses and assisted with many new startups helping to support the development of new businesses in North Carolina.</p><p>His strong relationships with the aquaculture industry has been </p><p>Save the date November 9th, 2012 for Dr. Skaggs Retirement Func-tion. Information will be posted on the BAE web in the news section this October. We hope that many of you will come to wish Dr. Skaggs a wonderful retirement.</p></li><li><p>4 BAE Alumni &amp; Friends </p><p>he received the University of North Carolinas highest award, the O. Max Gardner Award. Skaggs also received the Alexander von Hum-boldt award for contributions to U.S. agricul-ture in 1997, one of only two engineers to ever receive that award.</p><p>During his professional career, Skaggs made pioneering contributions to the un-derstanding and utilization of complex soil, water, and plant systems. His work includes </p><p>the 1978 development of the water man-agement model, DRAINMOD, which effectively combines fundamental meth-ods derived over several decades by soil physicists and engineers to create a tool that quantitatively relates drainage design parameters to the actual objective of the water management system. This model has effectively bridged the gap that existed between theory and practice and is now used globally by consulting engineers, researchers and government agencies to predict the performance of drainage and related water management systems. The model has been extended by Skaggs, his students, and colleagues to predict the movement and fate of nitrates, salts and </p><p>other solutes in the soil profile; to evaluate and assess the hydrology of wetlands; and most recently to predict soil carbon, nitrogen dynamics, and plant growth in drained forests and agricultural ecosystems. </p><p>Dr. Skaggs has made contributions to international development of agricultural water management and hy-drology. He has held short-term research, teaching and consulting positions in 10 countries (e.g., Egypt, India, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Turkey), and presented invited lectures and keynote addresses in many others. The research project he initiated in Uruguay on hydrologic impacts of afforestation is ongoing and was recently expanded to include bio-energy crops.</p><p>A dedicated professor who has exemplified the highest spirit of teaching and mentorship, Skaggs has served as major profes-sor for 24 masters and 40 doctoral students who have gone on to highly success-</p><p> u </p><p>Graduate Fellowships</p><p>Erin Bennett College of Engineering Graduate Merit Award</p><p>Kathy DeBusk College of Engineer-ing Deans Doctoral Fellowship and University Graduate Fellowship</p><p>Adrienne Cizek STAR Fellowship</p><p>Corinne Dumonceau College of En-gineering Graduate Merit Award</p><p>Randall Etheridge National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow-ship</p><p>Mark Fernandez College of Engineer-ing Graduate Merit Award</p><p>Veronica Mbaneme National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow-ship</p><p>Laura Merriman National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow-ship</p><p>continued page 6</p><p> u </p><p>Undergraduate Scholarship</p><p>Jason Barlow E.J. Tyson Scholarship</p><p>Dustin Brann NC Section of ASABE, T. Newton and Josephine Cook Scholar-ships</p><p>Allison Harriett Charles L. and Samuel D. Davis Scholarship</p><p>Travis Garrett Fred G. Bond Tobacco Scholarship</p><p>Miranda Kay Harper Jane P. &amp; Charles W. Suggs Scholarship</p><p>Benjamin Hobson Fred G. Bond Tobacco Scholarship</p><p>Kelly Hughes Colonel and Mrs. Wil-liam H. Breeze Agricultura...</p></li></ul>