Summary Report Shobola Project Multi Stakeholder Forum Session 1: Shobola Project Multi Stakeholder

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Text of Summary Report Shobola Project Multi Stakeholder Forum Session 1: Shobola Project Multi Stakeholder

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    Summary Report

    Shobola Project Multi Stakeholder Forum

    July 10, 2019-Hotel Lakeshore, Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Time -10:30 am- 03:30 pm

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    Table of Content

    Topic Speaker Page No.

    Introduction of All Attendees Saiful Millat amfori Network Representative - Bangladesh


    Global Perspective & Guidelines from UNGP, ILO & UNECE

    Guggi Laryea Manager- Stakeholder Engagement, amfori Brussels


    amfori’s Women Empowerment activities in Asia

    Joyce Chau amfori Director - Asia Pacific


    Introduction to Shobola Project and Presenting Baseline Survey Report

    Nujhat Sohani Shobola Project Coordinator, CSR Centre


    Panel Discussion Theme: ‘Shobola’ is an initiative to empower women in RMG sector, how can we serve the

    purpose better?

    Setting the Scene for the Panel Discussion Shahamin S.Zaman CEO, CSR Centre

    Engagement of the Government of Bangladesh Dr. Abul Hossain Project Director, Multi-Sectoral Programme on Violence Against Women, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs

    RMG Perspectives - Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) Faisal Samad Senior Vice President, BGMEA & Managing Director, Surma Garments Ltd

    Understanding of Women’s Empowrmnt from Brands’s Perspective Md. Rukanuzzaman, Manager-Compliance,Tom Tailor Sourcing

    Business Case Study Sharing by Producer Mashook Mujib Chowdhury, Senior Manager, DBL Group

    Inspiring Journey of Female Supervisor Lucky Akter Production Supervisor,DBL Group

    Technical Session

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    Shobola Project Attendees List- Multi Stakeholder Forum:

    External participants:

    1. AKM Naziullah,Manager - Responsible Sourcing,Wal-Mart Global Sourcing. 2. Atiqur Rahman, Mango. 3. Bijoya Debanath, Manager Compliance, Mawna Fashions Ltd, DBL Group. 4. Dr. Abul Hossain, Project director, Ministry of Women & Children’s Affairs (MOWCA). 5. Esrat Jahan Ela, Education & Training Secretary, NGWF. 6. Faisal Samad, Senior Vice President, BGMEA. 7. Humayra Tasnim, Responsible Sourcing Factory Specialist, Woolworths Group. 8. Israt Jahan, Compliance Manager, Celio Sourcing Ltd. 9. Khandaker Imrul Azad, GM-HR & Compliance, Sparrow Apparels Ltd. 10. Kohinoor Mahmood, Director, BILS. 11. Kazy Mohammad Iqbal Hossain, South Asia Sustainability Manager, AB Lindex. 12. Kazi Gulshan Ara, Coordinator Law Officer, Karmojibi Nari. 13. Kamrul Hossain Shuvo, HER Finance Coordinator, BSR. 14. Koyela Sharmin, Enterprise Advisor, Better Work-ILO. 15. Lucky Akter, Producton Supervisor, DBL Group. 16. Rabeya Khatun, Production Supervisor, DBL Group. 17. Mubarra Morshed, GIZ International Services, Branch In Charge, German Development

    Cooperation (GIZ). 18. Masud Rana, CSR & Administrative Specialist, Gina Tricot AB. 19. Md. Musharraf Hussain, Senior Manager (HR & Compliance), Regent Textile Mills Ltimited. 20. Md. Rafiqul Alam, Deputy Manager, Sustainability, DBL Group. 21. Md. Rezaur Rahman, Head of Social Compliance, DVC Limited, Liaison office for DISTRA

    Warenhandelsgesellschaft mbH& Co. KG. 22. Mahfuz Ul Bashar, Compliance Officer Crony Tex Sourcing Ltd. 23. Imran Talukder, Sr. Manager (HR & Compliance), Globus Garments Ltd. 24. Mohammad Rukanuzzaman, Manager-Compliance, Tom Tailor Sourcing. 25. Mohammad Mashiur Rahman, CR Coordinator, ICA Global Sourcing Limited. 26. Mosabber Hossain, Coordinator, Bangladesh Nari Progoti Songstha (BNPS). 27. Nahid Rubada, Managing Director, Reliance Resources Ltd. 28. Nabeera Rahman, GEAR Lead, Internationa Finance Corporation (IFC). 29. Rubel Rana, Manager, Supplier Quality & Responsible Sourcing, Woolworths Group. 30. Sultan Mahmud Sohal, Regional Head of Sustainability Asia, Deltex Gmbh. 31. Sayma Symon Hia, Priogramme Officer, MSPVAW, MOWCA. 32. Sanjida Rahman, Private Sector, Engagement Adviros, SNV Netherlands Development

    Organization. 33. Sirajul Islam Rony, President, Bangladesh National Garments Workers’ Employees League

    (BNGWEL). 34. Sujon Ali, Asst. Manager, HRM, Toshrifa Industries Ltd. 35. S.M.Kamruzzaman Fahim, Research Officer, BILS. 36. Sifat-E-Nur Khanam, Staff Lawyer, Bangladesh Legal Aid and Service Trust (BLAST). 37. Taslima Akter Piu, Executive HR, Crony Tex Sourcing Ltd.

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    38. Tanvir Ahmed, El Corte Ingles, Head of Compliance. 39. Uzzal Das, Head of Compliance, KDS IDR Ltd.

    Project Partners:

    Representatives from amfori :

    40.Guggi Laryea, Senior Manager, Stakeholder Engagement, amfori Brussels

    41.Joyece Chau, Director-Asia Pacific, amfori

    42.Saiful Millat, Network Representative, amfori Bangladesh

    43.Saiham Ibn Rafi Chowdhury, Capacity Building Coordinator, amfori Bangladesh

    Representative from DBL Group:

    44.Mashook Mujib Chowdhury, Senior Manager, DBL Group

    Representatives from CSR Centre:

    45.Shahamin S. Zaman, CEO, CSR Centre

    46.Nujhat Sohani, Shobola Project Coordinator, CSR Centre

    47.Zarin Tasnim, Programme Officer, CSR Centre

    48.Nowrin Nehon, Training Officer, CSR Centre

    Total number of attendees at the Shobola Project Multi Stakeholder Forum : 48

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    Session 1: Shobola Project Multi Stakeholder Forum

    Introduction to all attendees:

    Mr. Saiful Millat, Network Representative, amfori Bangladesh, began the session with his welcoming speech and moderated the morning session of Shobola Project Multi Stakeholder Forum. He mentioned that it was a special day for those who participated in the Shobola Project, sponsored it and supported it. He

    emphasized that with everyone’s cooperation the Project had come a long way in implementing its next phase of activities.

    Mr.Millat invited Mr. Guggi Laryea – Senior Manager, Stakeholder Engagement, amfori Brussels and Ms. Joyece Chau - Director-Asia Pacific, amfori Hongkong to take the floor. He introduced the implementing partner CSR Centre and the knowledge partner DBL Group to the audience. After a brief introduction to the participants of the Forum, he invited Mr. Laryea to address the audience.

    Global Perspective & Guidelines from UNGP, ILO

    & UNECE

    Mr. Guggi Laryea, Manager-Stakeholder Engagement, amfori Brussels, started his speech by thanking all the participants, representatives from amfori, CSR Centre and DBL Group. He also expressed his pleasure in participating in such a timely event.

    Saiful Millat, Network Representative,


    Guggi Laryea, Manager-Stakeholder

    Engagement, amfori Brussels

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    He shared a global overview of amfori mentioning that formerly it was named Foreign Trade

    Association (FTA), which was established in 1977, with a handful of companies of European

    business. In 2003, FTA created Business Social Compliance Initiates (BSCI), which is popularly

    known as amfori BSCI. amfori BSCI provides companies with both practical and efficient systems

    to improve social compliances within their global supply chains. In 2014, amfori developed

    Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI) that supports companies to be committed

    to improve environmental performances in their supply chains.

    Mr. Laryea said that Bangladesh is among the top three sourcing countries of amfori for

    sustainable business practices. Bangladesh has achieved immense development in its supply

    chains. He mentioned that amfori has established a network office in Bangladesh which shows

    the greater commitment to ascertain long-term relationships with its Bangladeshi suppliers.

    He also mentioned that women are facing different types of discrimination worldwide. They

    participate less in decision-making processes because of traditional barriers. Women represent

    the major portion in the global labour force in RMG industries. amfori launched the women

    empowerment program to create enabling work environment for women to drive long-term

    socio-economic contribution. The women empowerment programmes of amfori are directly

    linked with SDG 5 (Gender Equality), SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), SDG 10

    (Reduced Inequalities). He mentioned that amfori is organizing special workshops and events to

    create greater opportunities for women through gender focus. He mentioned that a finding of a

    recent World Bank report on gender in Bangladesh says that women still have limited choices,

    control and decision-making power over their employment, finances and economic assets even

    through the female labour force participation rate increased from 26% to 36% between 2003 and


    amfori in partnership with CSR Centre and DBL Group has launched the “Shobola Project-

    Empowering Women for Better Business” in January 2019. It was emphasized by him that

    through the Multi Stakeholder Forum Shobola Project intends to complement other initiatives

    and projects that are being implemented in the RMG sector of Bangladesh for women’s


    “In partnership with CSR Centre and DBL Group, amfori will ta