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tMatch and form oo words. Then write.




1. __________________________

2. ___________________________

3. ___________________________

4. ___________________________

5. _____________________________

Write ou or ay in the blanks.

1. 2.

cl_ _ dm _ _ th


tr _ _h_ _ se


cr _ _ onpl _ _

Match the pictures to the words.



fire fighter




Spell correctly. Write ai or ee

R_ _n1.

Sh_ _ p2.

T_ _ l3.

Tr_ _4.

P_ _ l5

Spell correctly

1. ____________koobpakr____________ 2.

3. ___________arj____________rma 4.



Arrange the letters. Write out the words.

_ _ _ _owcr1.

rkfo_ _ _ _2.

_ _ _ _ilbo3.

_ _ _ owr4.

Colour the correct words. 1. portporchtorch

2. turnhornthorn

3. churnfurcurl


5. hookmoonroot

6. harpparkcart

Write the correct word.1. Peck Yee enjoys playing the __________ .

2. Johan enjoys_______________.

3. Suguna enjoyscollecting____________ .

4. Faizal enjoys making________________ .

Go straightTurn leftTurn rightLook at the pictures. Write the correct phrases to complete the directions.

1. Turn right outside the gateto your house.Then, __________along Jalan Budi.

2. Then ____________ and walkStraight along Jalan Usaha.

3. ___________ into Jalan Maju. You will see a restaurant on yourleft.

4. Go past the restaurant and____________ into JalanJaya.

5. _____________ along JalanJaya and you will see my housein front of a playground.

Read the story below.My name is Hibiscus. I am the national flower of Malaysia. My flowers are large. They are shaped like trumpet. I have five petals.I am red. I have friends who are pink, purple or yellow. I also have friends who are blue or black. However, there are a few of them.My friends and I grow in gardens. We need a lot of sunlight. We also need water.

Write True or False.1. Hibiscus is the national flower of Singapore.

2. Hibiscus flowers large.

3. The hibiscus has four petals.

4. All hibiscus flowers are pink.

5. The hibiscus needs a lot sunlight.

Copy and replace the pictures with word. 1. A tiger has a long _______________________________________________________2. It is heavily so, Siti cant play at the._____________________________________________________________________3. The is red in colour._______________________________________________________4. The is in the .____________________________________________________________________________5. The is on the .____________________________________________________________________________6. The cow has sharp ._______________________________________________________

Hello everybody.My hobby is fishing.I live in Taman Seroja.Choose and write.

My name is Amir.I am from Melaka.

Read the sentences. Underline the correct answer.

Hello, my name is Muzameer.I am eight years old.I live in Taman Melati.

Hello, I am Allieya.I am nine years old.I live in Taman Aman.

eight / nine1. Muzameer is years old.

eight / nine2. Allieya is years old.

boy/ girl.3. Muzamerr is a

boy/ girl.4. Allieya is a

Taman Melati/ Taman Aman.5. Muzameer lives in

Taman Melati/ Taman Aman.6. Allieya lives in

Replace the pictures with words. Rewrite the story.

Last night, my father took us out to eat. We went to (1) restaurant. We had steamed(2) and (3). We also ate a plate of (4) . We enjoyed our meal.

1. seafood/chicken2. chicken /fish

3. drinks / soup4. vegetables/fruits