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  • 8/6/2019 Suds Leaflet


    A DOs and DONTs GUIDE


    Sustainable Urban

    Drainage Systems (SUDS)


    For developers, landowners, planners,

    consultants, architects and engineers


    Further informationPlease contact your local SEPA office for further informationor visit the following websites:

    1 Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems Design Manual for Scotland andNorthern Ireland (CIRIA Report C521) and it s successor The SUDSManual (CIRIA Report C697 - to be published).

    2 Sewers for Scotland 2nd Edit ion a Policy, Designed ConstructionGuide for Developers in Scotland (WRC - to be published).

    3 The Water Environment (Controlled Activit ies) (Scotland) Regulations2005 Schedule 3 General Binding Rules (Activities 10 & 11) andassociated guidance.


    DONT use existing ponds, wetlands or ditches forSUDS treatment.

    DONT use attenuation tanks for water quality treatment.

    DONT install end-of-pipe filter drains/infiltration

    trenches, swales or soakaways for >5 houses, unlessadditional SUDS treatment is provided upstream.

    DONT design filter drains/infiltration trenches with abypass at the inlet.

    DONT insert inlet pipes at the base of filterdrains/infiltration trenches - insert at high level.

    DONT use filter drains/infiltration trenches where thewater table is shallow

    DONT incorporate gulley pots in permeable paved areas.

    DONT allow construction phase run-off to enter SUDSunless it is intended that the SUDS will be replaced or

    restored. Temporary treatment systems separate to the

    SUDS should normally be provided.

    DONT use infiltration based SUDS for industrial estatedrainage unless a groundwater risk assessment (prior

    investigation) has been undertaken and shown to beacceptable.

    DONT use infiltration based SUDS on contaminated land,unless the system is impermeably l ined.

    DONT drain run-off from high risk areas to the surfacewater drainage system (e.g. oil, chemical and waste

    storage areas, delivery and refuelling areas, industrial

    yards, wash areas etc).

  • 8/6/2019 Suds Leaflet