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  • Successful Teacher EducationM

    ellita Jones and Josephine Ryan (Eds.)

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    Successful Teacher EducationPartnerships, Reflective Practice and the Place of Technology

    Mellita Jones and Josephine Ryan (Eds.)

    S e n s e P u b l i s h e r s D I V S

    Successful Teacher Education

    Partnerships, Reflective Practice and the Place of TechnologyMellita JonesAustralian Catholic University, Ballarat Campus, Australia


    Josephine Ryan (Eds.)Australian Catholic University, Melbourne Campus, Australia

    This volume presents distinctive, innovative models of teacher education from Australia, discusses their successful elements and considers possibilities for successful teacher education in the twenty-first century. Each model is couched within the international teacher education concerns of the theory practice nexus, school-university partnerships, reflective practice, and the role of technology. The contributing authors, drawn from different contexts and locations around Australia, each offers research-based perspectives on successful teacher education. Responses to teacher education challenges in rural and regional contexts, metropolitan areas, among low socio-economic populations and Indigenous communities are considered. Ways in which technology, and in particular mobile technology, can be used to support learning across these diverse contexts are illustrated, as is the role of reflective practice to encourage critical reflection for improving teacher learning. Collectively, the authors present a range of directions that can guide the future of teacher education both nationally and internationally, demonstrating that context, partnerships, reflection and technology are critical elements in the provision of successful teacher education.

    ISBN 978-94-6209-675-2

  • Successful Teacher Education: Partnerships, Reflective Practice and the Place of Technology

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  • Successful Teacher Education: Partnerships, Reflective Practice and the Place of Technology

    Edited byMellita JonesAustralian Catholic University, Ballarat Campus, Australia


    Josephine RyanAustralian Catholic University, Melbourne Campus, Australia

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    Published by: Sense Publishers, P.O. Box 21858,3001 AW Rotterdam,The Netherlands

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    Acknowledgments vii

    About the Contributors ix

    Introduction 1Josephine Ryan

    Section One: Contemporary Models of Teacher Education: Case Studies From Australia

    1. The Melbourne Graduate School of Education Master of Teaching: A Clinical Practice Model 11Christine Redman

    2. Immersing Pre-Service Teachers in Site-Based Teacher School-University Partnerships 31Greg Neal & Bill Eckersley

    3. Linking Rural and Regional Communities into Teacher Education 49Josephine Ryan

    4. Structuring an Online Pre-Service Education Program 65Caroline J. Walta & Alan S. Mclean

    5. A Model for Small, Remote, Indigenous Communities 83Lisa Hall

    Section Two: Practices for Promoting Successful Teacher Education

    6. Communication in the Practicum: Fostering Relationships Between Universities and Schools 103Josephine Ryan & Mellita Jones

    7. Practice: Foregrounding the Study of Teaching In Initial Teacher Education 121Jo-Anne Reid

    8. Mobile Technologies in Teacher Education 137Jan Herrington, Nathaniel Ostashewski, Doug Reid, & Kim Flintoff

    9. Refl ective Practice in the Online Space 153Mellita Jones

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    10. Successful and Transferable Practice 177Mellita Jones & Josephine Ryan

    Index 195

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    This book is based on the work of many people. At its heart are the many pre-service teachers, teachers and teacher educators whose work the writers are committed to understanding and enhancing. We hope that the book will generate ideas that will create stronger teacher education for them.

    The authors are grateful to the contributing writers who completed their work with professionalism and cheerfulness in the face of ever-present deadlines. The editors learned from each writers contribution to making the book a rich account of innovative approaches to teacher education.

    To the chapter reviewers special thanks are due since they offered their constructive suggestions on each chapter without expectations of reward; their collegiality is exemplary and their incisive critiques have improved the book.

    Our colleagues at ACU have been very supportive, offering encouragement as well as useful advice.

    Sense Director for the Asia-Pacific region, Michel Lokhorst has made it all seem possible. Kate Ryan has shown us what a well-edited manuscript looks like.

    All these people have assisted us but we are responsible for any errors that remain. We thank our families on whom the burden of living with people preoccupied

    with completing a major task has fallen. Doug has been patient and a great cook. He has made it all possible. David, Jesse and Marne are becoming all too used to an absent wife/mother, and their ongoing love and support is much appreciated and definitely not taken for granted.


    The quality of the contributions to this book has been ensured through a double blind peer review process. Each manuscript was distributed without author identification to two reviewers, expert in the field of teacher education. Each author revised their work on the basis of these reviews.

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    Dr. Mellita Jones is a lecturer at Australian Catholic Universitys Ballarat campus where she teaches in Science Education. Her research is concerned with effective teacher education where her focus has been on school-university partnerships, reflective practice and authentic uses of technology for learning. Her recent work has involved school-based approaches to science teacher education and practicum partnerships for rural and regional teacher education courses. She also has an interest in working with teachers in the Pacific region and has had significant involvement in the Solomon Islands.


    Josephine Ryan is Senior Lecturer in English/Literacy Education at Australian Catholic University, Melbourne campus. She teaches literacy education to students there and is engaged in researching successful approaches to teacher education, especially the value of school partnerships, teacher education in rural and regional contexts and how teacher education can be enhanced through technology.



    Associate Professor Bill Eckersley is the Director of Learning and Teaching (Networks and Student Experience) in the College of Education at Victoria University in Melbourne. His experience as a teacher and a teacher educator has created opportunities for him to explore innovative preservice teacher models of learning that focus on building trust, mutuality and reciprocity with school-university partners.


    Kim Flintoff has a background in Drama, Education and Technology, and currently works as Academic Engagement Developer with the Centre for Aboriginal Studies at Curtin University in Western Australia. His recent work includes staff development in teaching and learning, lecturing and coordination in K-12 teacher education, and interdisciplinary practice in Performance Studies.

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    Although she grew up north of Melbourne, Lisa was lured to the blue skies and red dirt of Central Australia over a decade ago and has lived and worked in remote communities throughout the desert ever since. She has worked as a teacher, a curriculum advisor and a teacher-lecturer across a number of remote Indigenous schools and is currently working for Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education as a Lecturer in the Australian Centre of Indigenous Knowledges and Education (ACIKE) Preparation for Tertiary Success (PTS) course. She is also completing her PhD in Pathways into Teacher Education for students from Remote Communities.


    Jan Herrington is a Professor of Education at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia. She teaches in the educational technology stream in the School of Education, and her main areas of research are authentic e-learning and mobile learning.


    Mr Alan McLean is an associate lecturer in Education at La Trobe University. After a