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Successful Lobbying. Liz Man – Credit Action November 2010. Agenda. What is lobbying? How can we make a difference? Community Voice Forum A practical look at CVF issues. What is lobbying?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Successful Lobbying

  • Successful LobbyingLiz Man Credit ActionNovember 2010

  • Agenda

  • Lobby : to attempt to influence (legislators) in the formulation of policy Collins English DictionaryWhat is lobbying?Campaign: a series of coordinated activities designed to achieve a goal,

    Advocate: active support of a cause or course of action

  • Why should we get involved?Because we care and we want to see a better worldBecause it is one of the ways we can act out our commitment to stewardship of our world and care for the poorBecause the best people to say what needs to be done are the people who see it day to dayBecause it makes a difference

    Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Proverbs 31:8

  • Ways to lobbyStrength in numbersConnect with organisations who share your concernKeep informed Your government wants to hear from youEngage with your MPRespond to consultationsJoin petitions (or start your own)The industry needs to hear from youHelp them get it rightVote with your walletCommunication!!Build contactsWrite letters/emails/social mediaGenerate interest media and personalWho has the real power to change?Dont forget to pray

  • Getting the message acrossKnow the goalKnow what you want to happenKnow your audience and understand the challengesMake the caseStories are powerful So are statistics Be positiveDont assume people wont want to hear Be persistent

  • Focus on: Facebook ads campaign

  • Focus on: Credit and Store Card PaymentsConsultation from BIS Jan 2010 A Better Deal for Consumers: Review of the Regulation of Credit and Store CardsResult by the end of 2010 the allocation of payments (lower interest paid off first) will be reversed

  • Your turn...BIS have issued a Call for Evidence on Debt and Insolvency which the CVF will be responding to. Your input will feed into the response.

    1. How can debtors be encouraged to seek early support to manage their debt problems?

    2. What problems are encountered with the current range of debt solutions and how could they be improved to ensure all debtors have an option and that the choices are clear?

    3. How does a person find out where to go for debt advice and assistance? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these methods?

  • Community Voice Forum (CVF)Collaboration between:

  • CVF Issue Headlines

    Money education in schools

    Responsible banking and lending

    Protection for the poor and vulnerable

  • Your input on issuesWe would like your input to help us shape the campaign agenda and to establish clear, measurable asks

    Responsible banking and lendingThree changes that would make the biggest difference for consumers and clientsWhat does responsible banking/lending mean in practice and what are some of the changes that would demonstrate it?

    Protecting poor and vulnerable consumersThree changes that would make the most difference for vulnerable peopleWho are the most vulnerable? What would be the measures that would help them the most?

    Some of the ideas raised at the Forum meetings are in the handout

  • Practical campaigning ideasWhat are some of the ways that we can campaign on the three issues (blue sky thinking welcomed)?Money education in schoolsResponsible banking and lendingProtecting poor and vulnerable consumers

  • CVF how to get involvedBe a part of the group email to consultationsTell us what mattersJoin with us in campaigning

    *1 min

    From Credit Action Keiths charity involved in lobbying activity since the 1990s came from our reputation for practical action.

    How Credit Action lobbies:Our lobbying started from Keith being asked for comment on financial matters, initially from the Christian press, then from secular national press. From there he started being asked for his opinion by politicians, the Competition Commission and was on Lord Griffiths Debt Commission (along with Heather).

    Fortunate for this reputation and the contacts built up over the years.Government:Meeting with MPs party conferences Jo, new MPs, tell about our work etcResponding to consultations, calls to evidenceAsked to provide briefings House of Lords debateCorporations:Seeking best practice kite marking, training, meetingIndustry - Trade bodies, insolvency service etcSector:-Involvement in groups, eg think tanks, NHF, End Child Poverty, ABCUL, CFEB, trade bodies, Media: comment, interviews, press releases, - Debt statistics

    Networking building contacts corporate, political, charity events, conferences, useful to know where to go but also to understand how people are feeling, what are the issues and what is the prevailing viewAPPGs, round tables, evidence for research input to policy and research

    *2 min

    Ask people what they think of when I say lobbying?Positive or negative associations?

    A dictionary definition for lobbying and some associated terms

    In essence it is people and groups attempting to change policy or practice = often associated with political groups and charities but also and essentially involves individuals.

    Taking a wide view in this presentation - It can be targeted at political institutions and parties, at corporations or potentially at public perception

    Its about being passionate about a cause (or many causes) and it aims for a change in the current situation

    Campaigns could be small, targetted and easily achievable eg fixmystreet potholes etc or big and seemingly insurmountable eg End Child Poverty

    In the US, political lobbying is a regulated industry in this context we are using a more general definition

    *2 mins

    most of us are passionate about something and very few christians in particular who arent passionate about some form of injustice or Answer how and whether it matters during the session

    Biblical imperative to stand up for the poor and for justiceThe prophets were lobbyists! Moses lobbyed for the release of the Israelites had some powerful tools at his disposal but essentially tried to make things happen via the appropriate political process (release to be granted rather than to run away). Practical help is important God will lead some to focus purely on the practical and some to focus purely on political but for many of us God calls us to be involved in both

    Because through our contact with those who face difficult situations, we have valuable experience that is worth sharing. JRF 2009 46% of people disagreed that most people who receive benefits now will make a contribution back to society in the future, through activities like employment, or caring for others (only 25% agreed) we are regularly told by the media that those who rely on benefits are lazy and scrounging, however we tend to exclude those people who we know as not being representative we are in a position to challenge popularist attitudes and to suggest positive ways of solving issues

    Lobbying changes things sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly fairtrade Credit Action facebook campaign instant results Recycling shopping bags, xxx, xxx ......

    *12 mins

    Ask people for ways you can get involved in lobbying - will work with a real example laterThink top down and bottom up

    Some things, instantly do-able others take longer to build or not appropriate to all situations

    Strength in numbersConnect with people and orgs join an existing campaign strength in numbers if interested in child poverty issues ECP, for issues around poverty Church Action on Poverty if interested in financial education, issues facing debt advice clients CVF often will have ways that you can get involvedRaise issues with organisations that count eg if an issue affects students, what student organisations might want to get involved

    Keep informed newspapers (obviously) newsletters and bulletins, research papers (debt statistics)

    Your government wants to hear from you

    Your MP will listen to you your vote counts - might raise with relevant minister, department, can raise in commons, introduce private members bill, Phone, email, letter, face to face. Whether you write or meet your MP, remember that he or she is a busy person with little time. You need to make a clear, concise case quickly. Isolate one or two key points and concentrate on them. Offer to provide more detailed information.

    Best chance of an audience is with your MP, Could write to Government Ministers. An MP will usually forward your letter or enquiry to the relevant Minister anyway - and ministerial replies to MPs are seen and signed by Ministers, whereas responses (if any) to the general public are often standard letters from junior civil servants. MP accountability network theyworkforyou look at their voting record

    Respond to consultations anyone can respond to consultations available on relevant websites eg DWP, BIS big one on debt and insolvency at the moment

    Petitions links back to connecting with organisations dont overlook the power of numbers!Anyone can petition Parliament. All that's needed is that the petition is properly set out and has the signature and address of at least one person. E-petitions for number 10 respond to petitions with more than 500 names

    CommunicationNearly(?) all methods of lobbying are types of communication

    Write letters and emails who are the influential bodies in your issue corporates, politicians etc

    Generate publicity local news stories, national news stories, church newsletters, even events.....think about audience what is relevant to them, what will interest them if pitching to a journalist is it a good story, have you given them the information they need (make as easy as possible)

    Social med