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    Successful Job Search Strategies Job Search 2017

    Successful Job Search Strategies, Tactics, Techniques and Skills for Career Advancement into

    Leadership in a New Globalized, Accelerating, Ever-Changing, Techno-Centric, Economy."

    Course is appropriate for those who want to learn the latest to advance in their career, to find a

    job, and for professional development for workforce professionals and career counselors.

    Who Will Benefit from this Course? This course will benefit anyone looking to gain greater knowledge and understanding about achieving personal success by learning how to create a strong professional image. Also good for professional development for workforce professionals to update their knowledge.

    Successful Job Search Strategies Gain professional insights by acquiring skills that will set you apart so you can position yourself for growth and reinvigorate your career. Benefit from learning successful job search strategies and techniques while also building valuable connections with professional peers that will be useful for advancement. About

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    Understand and utilize technology in career advancement by gaining fundamental knowledge of the job search process and the role technology has. This course provides a practical approach to developing a strong brand, leadership skills, and valuable networking tools necessary to conduct a successful job search. Course Information Learn how to develop a strong elevator pitch and proper networking skills that will enhance your personal and professional brand. Receive one-on-one instructor guidance to help you expertly write a standout cover letter and resume while also gaining personal self-marketing tools that can be used in interviews to successfully gain employment.


    Job Search Tools

    Leadership Development

    Writing Resumes & Cover Letters

    Interviewing Skills


    Using LinkedIn

    Personal Branding

    Maximizing the use of social media

    Salary Negotiations

    Successful Career Transitions

    Course Requirements

    Access to a computer with Internet and Microsoft Word & PowerPoint are necessary .

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    Job Search 2017 Developed by: John R. Fugazzie

    Overview Course Description:

    Job Search 2017 Understanding and utilizing technology in Career Advancement. intensive course

    has the goal to provide the student/participants with an understanding of the job search process and the

    role and impact of technology in this process.

    The development of successful job search campaign will include learning strategies, tactics, techniques

    and skills for the student/participants to be able to advance their career, or to find the jobs they desire.

    This course provides a practical approach to the fundamental concepts, including developing

    techniques and strategies to create their personal branding, leadership and develop the networking

    tools and skills necessary to conduct a successful job search Campaign in an Accelerating, Changing,

    Globalized, Technological, New Economy

    Instructor Professor John R. Fugazzie

    John R. Fugazzie email : cell 551.204.5667

    Course Topics:

    Leadership, Community Engagement , Volunteerism, Alternative Employment, Career Transition,

    Attitude, Assessment, Skills, Research, Planning, Resumes, Cover letters, LI Profiles, Branding.

    Marketing U, Networking, Using, Interviewing, Social Media, Change, Culture,

    Challenges to Employment, Salary Negotiation. Presentation skills using Video Conferencing tools

    Course Required Texts: What Color Is Your Parachute? 2017: A Practical Manual for Job-

    Hunters and Career-Changers

    Richard Bolles ISBN-10: 039957820X ISBN-13: 978-0399578205

    2017 edition Available on Amazon Aug 16, 2016 Paperback $19.99

    Now 11.99 On Amazon



    Course Required Texts: Find Your Voice using Social Media.: Follow your Passion and Change

    the World using Social Media. Paperback April 24, 2013 - by Debra Ruh (Author)

    Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 24, 2013)

    ISBN-10: 1484807510 - ISBN-13: 978-1484807514 Paperback 12.95

    On Amazon




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    LinkedIn Class Group

    Class online Discussion via LinkedIn Private Class Group:

    Develop skills that allow the student to fully own their job search. Prepare the students to have proper

    networking skills, use of LinkedIn and professional materials to enhance their personal and

    professional brand. Class participation via Class LinkedIn group and physical and/or virtual

    NhN support group weekly meetings.

    Class LinkedIn Closed Group: each class will have its own private LI group for discussion

    Weekly Meetings

    Weekly Meetings peer led networking group:

    Attendance and participation in the Virtual Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA group which will be

    established with this course, Participation will development both networking skills and to develop the

    leadership, community engagement skills. Physical and/or virtual NhN support group weekly

    meetings. Via Video Conferencing System

    Website Support

    Website Support pages for each subject covered in course and links to other resources:

    Job Search 2017 web site support pages:

    Job Search Sites

    A curated web page of links to job search sites and career information:


    Social Media Personal branding infographics of key subject areas:

    Professor John Pinterest:

    Job Search 2017:



    All participants will be required to create and present PowerPoint presentation on their Personal Brand

    and all the collateral marketing and networking tools that they prepare during this course.

    Web based online presentations will arranged via video conferencing service.

    Video Conferencing

    Video Conferencing:

    Class will be introduced to and use video conferencing software to enable professional presentations

    and online meeting interaction. The Video conference system is provided by

    Metrix learning

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    6 months of access to the full catalog of classes on Metrix Learning

    3 months for participants in single class module

    View program on YouTube

    Exit Competencies

    Exit Competencies:

    This course is intended to enhance participants understanding and skills pertinent job search

    campaign and career development. By the end of the course, class participants will be able to:

    Complete a plan for a job search campaign

    Understanding of Job Search Tools and Resources

    Articulate personal elevator pitch

    Preparation of personal marketing tools

    Learning skills of networking and use of LinkedIn

    Understand the role of leadership

    Understand the role of community volunteerism

    Identify team building activities

    Describe the benefits of group/team work and support of others

    Understand and present professional personal brand

    Understand and make better use of technology including LinkedIn, Social media platforms,