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  • GodwinLeading Pump Manufacturer adopts keytech PLM to assist with managing mixed 2D and 3D working practices, enterprise-wide document management and ERP integra-tion. For over 100 years, Godwin Pumps has designed, manufactured and supplied pumps renowned for quality, reliability, and long life. Today, the companys products are in service all over the world in construction, industry, oil refineries, chemical plants, mines, heating and ventilating, irrigation and water distribution. The Godwin range is now one of the most extensive available from a single manufacturer and includes Dri-Prime automatic self-priming, fire, wet self-prime, ISO end suction centrifugal, vertical multi-stage and submersible pumps. Flows up to

    300 cubic metres per hour and heads up to 230 metres can be handled according to the type or system. To maintain its high stan-dards, the company always has been quick to embrace new technology in all its forms.The company has been using CoCreates ME10 for 2D drawing creation and Work-Manager for drawing management, but wanted to move to 3D. According to David Braithwaite, Engineering Director at God-wins, The selection of the SolidWorks was quite clear, it seems to be the industry standard within in the pump industry and we were looking to build on the 3D-system using new technology tools (such as Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics) that having a 3D package allows you to do.

    Godwin Pumps adopts keytech PLM

    Success Story

  • Need of PLM-systemAs with any successful business, zeal to adopt new technology has to be tempered with the need to maintain existing proces-ses and data. Godwins have in excess of 20,000 ME10 drawings and these need to be live and working for the next five years. Braithwaite explained their plans for imple-mentation of 3D-CAD and how it affected their PDM selection process We see 3 to 5 years time before all of the legacy data in 2D becomes for reference only, rather than live working drawings. At present, were going to be working with 2D and 3D, developing new drawings and new parts in 2D, as well as introducing 3D; so were running two CAD-systems at the same time and will be for at least the next two years, possibly three. It will be three to five years

    before we drop 2D all together and just use it for maintaining legacy data. As a result, Godwins needed a PDM-system that would allow them to manage and work with both their extensive 2D drawing data and newer data generated within SolidWorks. Initially Godwins explored expanding the implementation of its existing 2D drawing management system, but it discovered limitations when handling SolidWorks data. Braithwaite explains that It worked to a point but had limitations so we could just store 2D and 3D information in one management system, but there were issues in that it was not supported properly, we could not carry out certain functions such as creating Bills of Materials combining the two sets of information and could not do sim-ple things like batch plots. So, we started looking around for another PDM package that would enable us to manage the legacy data and the new SolidWorks data in one

    system.Exploring their options further, Godwins revisited its 3D-CAD supplier. Braithwaite explains that SolidWorks is supplied with a basic document management system, PDMWorks Workgroup, which will handle the SolidWorks data, but it wouldnt allow us to access the legacy 2D data; we couldnt mix the two. Having discounted PDMWorks Workgroup, the final short list came down to two potential systems, PDMWorks Enter-prise and keytech PLM. While Godwins saw the benefit of a single supplier and support from the SolidWorks channel, critical issues meant keytech PLM gained the competitive edge. As Braithwaite explained, PDMWorks Enterprise would allow us to store and view ME10 drawings alongside SolidWorks data, but currently it had issues with combining the two to crea-te Bill of Materials for transferring to our ERP-system. It did not allow us to do all the things we wanted to do, most critically, running two live systems which keytech PLM does. Alongside the ability to control and manage-ment two CAD-systems, Godwins are also looking to keytech PLM to assist with provi-ding more access across the enterprise. As Braithwaite explains, The other advantage and the reason we picked up on keytech PLM was the potential for the company. keytech PLM is not just a drawing management system; its a document management sys-tem. Our previous system was a drawing management system, solely used for CAD data. keytech is going to be used by all de-partments within the company. We can give access to everybody within the company to the technical data, drawings, etc.

    The implementation of keytech:Phase OneIn terms of scope for roll-out, Godwins are planning a two stage implementation. Phase One will see it set-up within the Enginee-ring Department. This will provide the Drawing Office, Service, Quality Assurance

    Godwin - the decision for keytech PLM

    keytech PLM is not just a drawing management system; its a document management system.

  • and Development departments. keytech will be used to manage all documents, not just CAD-data, but also sales sheets, data sheets, O and M books essentially, anything that the staff produce and control will be stored, managed and controlled within keytech PLM.

    Phase TwoThe second Phase of implementation is to expand access to the remaining depart-ments, which will critically mean Sales and Purchasing department will be using keytech PLM alongside Godwins ERP-system. ERP integration was the third critical selection criteria for the PDM-system. As Braithwaite explains, Godwins have our own in-house developed ERP-system and were now in the process of replacing it. So, I wanted a system that would integrate with the newer proprietary ERP-systems. So that was ano-ther reason that we went down the keytech route. We want to set-up a document management system which is independent but

    would integrate tightly with

    our new ERP-sys-tem.

    Phase ThreePhase Three of implementation will see use of the keytech PLM expanded beyond its UK manufacturing and design centre. Godwin Pumps is owned by Godwins Pumps of America, so the next step is that keytech PLM is going to be used communicate and

    share data with the US. As the US part of the company is currently using Auto-CAD, this might have caused issues with other PDM suppliers or as Braithwaite put it They dont use SolidWorks, they use AutoCAD, so if wed have gone down the route of PDMWorks Enterprise, we would have been struggling to integrate within our document management system.

    Pros of data managementWhen asked about why the design and ma-nufacturing industry has begun to believe in the benefits of data management, Braithwaite explained how he saw keytech PLM fitting into the companys processes and the bene-fits that would naturally ensue from adoption of the system, Everyone now works elect-ronically. We were printing 150 drawings a day in different departments we dont need to do that. If everyone has controlled access to the latest issue of a drawing, and we can set permissions as to who sees what and who does what with it It has to be the way forward.

    About keytechkeytech is a leader in the integration of CAD-, ERP- and Data Management-sys-tems into cohesive, yet affordable, environ-ments that fulfill its customers requirements and boost their productivity across many areas of the enterprise. With integration of major 2D- and 3D-CAD-systems and integ-rations into major ERP-systems, keytechs flagship offering, keytech PLM, is a scalable solution, beginning with simple document management and ending in a complete Pro-duct Lifecycle Management solution.

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