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BIOGRAPHYan author, a publisher, a preacher, a lay evangelist, a philanthropist, an entrepreneuran international speaker (spoken to at least 14 countries including 38 cities in the North America). He started giving talks at an adult group at the age of 13. wrote his first book at the age of 20 and has published around 40 books. He is the publisher and main writer of Kerygma, the number one inspirational magazine in the country. He publishes several more magazines, devotionals and Bible reflection guides: Didache, Gabay, Companion, Sabbath, Fish and Mustard. All of them are top selling periodicals. BIOGRAPHYhas a daily internet TV show called The Preacher in Blue Jeans, a weekly TV show on ABC 5 every Tuesday at 10:30 AM, and a daily radio show on Radio Veritas from Monday to Saturday at 5:00 AM and Sunday at 8:00 AM.founded the Light of Jesus Community and oversees several ministries (such as Anawim, Grace to be Born, He Cares, Tahanan ng Pagmamahal, Prison Ministry, Kerygma Family, and many more). as a micro-entrepreneur, he engages in various business and real estate not only for his familys needs and his various projects, but also from his firm belief that to raise up more micro-entrepreneurs among his countrymen is one of the most important solutions to his countrys economic problems

BIOGRAPHYan advocate of financial literacy. He frequently teaches and writes about it and he believes that poverty is a product of peoples low financial I.Q. on subjects such as saving, business, investing, and debt-management.creator of Truly Rich Club, (online mentoring program to help people get rid of their poverty mindset and gain a wealth mindset). Its for people who are serious in changing their beliefs and thinkingto gain the abundance mentality they need to change their lives forever. The club provides members with the right tools, principles, and strategies to grow in their financial and spiritual life.BIOGRAPHYawarded as one of The Outstanding Young Men or TOYM in 2006.received the Serviam Award, the highest award that can be given to a lay practitioner, from the Catholic Mass Media Awards in 2007above all of these achievements, he believes that his first call is to be a loving husband to his wife Marowe and a devoted father to his sons Benedict and Francis

Bo Sanchez: From P800 A Month To Becoming Truly Rich(byimoney) An interview with bo sanchezWhen Bo Sanchez was a younger man, hehatedmoney. I really thought that to love the poor, I had to become poor, he says. So he lived as a poor missionary, just getting by while devoting himself to ministry.He earned P800 a month, which was enough for basic food and transportation. But he was giving away whatever he had for ministry work. He was working in the slums and tried his best to help the poor whenever he could.Until one day, he decided to turn his finances around. That was when he decided to get married and realized he had to change his retirement plan. He couldnt tell his kids to sleep in the sidewalk with him. The other reason why he changed his thinking about money was the number of people who asked him for prayers for money. He couldnt give any advice to them because he didnt know how money worked.It was very difficult to make a shift. He read lots of books, attended seminars, watched videos, listened to audio talks, and talked to financial mentors. He had to unlearn many things and learn many other things, which was a long process. He made many mistakes and lost a lot of money while doing it.

His first business never became profitable. It failed. So did his second, and third, and fourth.He sold herbal juice, sold memorial plans, sold engine oils, organized major concerts. He also owned a squid ball kiosk, a hotdog stand, and an ice cream stand. He tried networking. He tried direct sales. He tried everything.But even though he kept failing, he eventually became a success. What kept him motivated were the needs of the ministry which were all around him. He knew he had to become rich if he wanted to help people. So in face of failure, he just had to try again and again and again. He was unstoppable. Sooner or later, He knew he was going to make it.

His first profitable business was doing corporate seminars. Companies would ask him to give seminars on values, which was right up my alley. And he loved doing it because he could reach people who usually didnt go to his prayer meetings. Today, because he earns from his other businesses, he now donates his speakers fees to ministry. Now, his most profitable businesses are his online businesses.He said he just had to stick to his core gift. It was tempting to venture into exciting things that he saw other people around him doing, but if it wasnt his core gift, he wouldnt succeed. Now, its safe to say Bo knows a thing or two about money. With his mantra of everybody deserves to be rich, Bo has now helped thousands of Filipinos discover financial freedom, and counting.Today, hes got at least 16 income streams flowing into his life, from internet businesses to real estate to micro-entrepreneurship. Not to mention hes a very influential lay evangelist who brings inspiration to countless Filipinos around the world.

Bo Sanchezs advice to increase wealth:When it comes to investments, I believe the safest and best place to invest is the stock market. Im not talking about trading. Thats how people lose their money. Im talking about investing long term in gigantic companies using peso-cost averaging.BO SANCHEZ SHARES HIS FORMULA FOR FINANCIAL SUCCESSBy: Jon Carlos RodriguezFORMULA FOR FINANCIAL SUCCESSBeing able to gain financial wealth is possible regardless of how much or how little you are earning.following the simple formula 100, 10, 20, 70 can help those wanting to live comfortably and without debt.100 pertains to earning 100 percent, which means maximizing opportunities wherein you can earn.It doesnt matter what profession you are in, as long as you can be the best that you can be, because this may lead to promotions and salary increases.FORMULA FOR FINANCIAL SUCCESSFrom your income, give 10 percent to charity. -- Its the starting wheels of generosity. Generosity is opening your palm, because when you open your palm then you are ready to receive,.The 20 means investing 20 percent of your income, a concept that Sanchez said he learned from the bible. -- Joseph the Dreamer was a governor of Egypt, he had these dreams and then 20 percent of the whole produce, he kept, and then saved Egypt from famine,.Sanchez also shared that he also taught his house helpers and driver to invest in the stock market to help them grow their finances. -- The best and safest investment is in the stock market. People dont know that,.FORMULA FOR FINANCIAL SUCCESSThe remaining 70 percent should then be spent on a simple lifestyle. -- Live on 70 percent of your income. Live simply. Make a decision and say, I will not overspend,.He added that the secret to success is having big dreams and a system to support it. -- Big dreams attract more resources, attract more power and fire in your belly. The bigger the dream, the better, The proper attitude, the mentors that you need to put in place, and then the small little steps. Its not the big things that change people's lives, it's the small things that you do consistently everyday that changes you,.8 Secrets of the Truly RichBook written by Bo sanchezSecret 1: Be Totally Responsible for Your SuccessStop the Blame Stop Blaming the Government, Your Family, the Devil, or God for Your Poverty Youre the Product of Your Thoughts, Choices and Habits You Can Create a New Pattern of Success Secret 2: Enlarge Your Psychological WalletFace Your FeelingsIncrease Your Money Comfort Zone Unless You See It in Your Mind, It Wont Become Reality Your Self-Image Will Attract Your Level of Success Enlarge Your Skills to Match the Size of Your Psychological WalletSecret 3: Get Rid of Crazy Religious BeliefsHave You Romanticized Poverty?Do You Believe That the Rich Wont Enter Heaven? Have You Relied on God Too Much? Do You Disguise Your Laziness as Faith?Are You Obsessed with the Purely Miraculous?Is Your Favorite Phrase Bahala Na? Secret 4: Be Completely Committed to Your DreamsBe the Scriptwriter of Your Life Write Down Your DreamsRead Your Dreams Every DayApply the Power of FocusApply the Power of AttractionSecret 5: Raise Your Financial I.Q. Financial Ignorance Is Expensive Look for Financial MentorsAvoid Bad Debt Like Bad Bacteria Protect Yourself Adequately Build Your Retirement Fund Now Automatically Save 20 Percent of Your Monthly IncomeInvest as Early as You CanDont Put Your Retirement Fund in the BankSecret 6: Ride Something to Wealth Earn from Your Core GiftRemember That Profits Are Better Than WagesExpand Your TerritoriesCreate Passive IncomeBuild Your Dream TeamMarket, Market and Market Some More Secret 7: Have a Bias for Action Make Things HappenFail Your Way to SuccessTake Bold Massive Action Give it all youve gotApply the 10 Sacred Rules of Success (Act, Act Again 9x)Hustle to believe that theres a solution to almost any problem and to take it upon yourself to find it.Secret 8: Win in All AreasFollow Your Inner CompassDefine Your Own SuccessGive Your BestYour Harvest Will Depend on Your GivingSacrifice Your Wealth for Others