Subjects and Predicates

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Subjects and Predicates. Sean Tovin 1 st Academic Brumfield. Subject and Predicate Intro. Every sentence has a subject and predicate that form a thought. The simple subject and simple predicate are found in the actual subject and predicate. For example: My room smells like fish. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Subjects and Predicates

Subjects and PredicatesSean Tovin 1st AcademicBrumfield

Subject and Predicate Intro.Every sentence has a subject and predicate that form a thought.The simple subject and simple predicate are found in the actual subject and predicate.For example:My room smells like fish.

Simple SubjectSimple PredicateSubject

What exactly is the subject?A subject is a person, place, thing, or idea thats doing/ being something. The simple subject usually is a noun or pronoun. ALL languages with arguments have subjects.Subject Verb InversionSubject- Verb InversionA subject- verb inversion happens when normal order of the subject and the verb is disturbed, only occasionally, but under several circumstances.Ex: Jim sat under the table. Under the table, sat Jim.

Subject Verb InversionSubject- Verb AgreementIts as simple as.Singular verbs require singular subjects, and plural subjects require plural verbs.EX 1: Some of the cookies are gone. EX 2: Some of the chocolate is eaten. Forms of a SubjectForm of subjectExampleNoun (phrase) or pronounThe large car stopped outside our house.A gerund (phrase)His constant hammering was annoying.A to-infinitive (phrase)To read is easier than to write.A full that-clauseThat he had traveled the world was known to everyone.A free relative clauseWhatever he did was always of interest.A direct quotationI love you is often heard these days.Zero (but implied) subjectTake out the trash!An expletiveIt is raining.A cataphoric itIt was known by everyone that he had traveled the world.PREDICATES

PredicatesThe purpose of a predicate is to modify the subject.It is the completer of the sentence.The linking verb connects the subject and predicateSimple PredicateA simple predicate consists of only a verb, verb string, or compound verb.It is made up of (two or more) such predicates connected.

Predicate AdjectiveThe predicate adjective is the adjective that functions as a predicate.Ex 1: Grapes become shriveled in the sun.Shriveled is the Predicate adjective in the sentence.Ex 2: The family kept calm. (calm is the predicate adjective)

Greg Carlsons Predicate TypesStage Level Predicate- The temporary stage of its subject.EX: John is hungry usually last for a temporary period of time.Individual Level Predicates- True throughout an individuals existence.EX: John is smart This is a characteristic of John and stays the same regardless of the point in time.Greg Carlson's Predicate Types Part 2Kind Level Predicates- True of a kind, but cannot be applied to individual members.EX: Humans are widespread. Non EX: Bob is widespread.Collective VS. Distributive Predicates- Collective predicates require predicates to be somehow plural. EX 1: Meet in the treehouse. EX 2: Carry the shelf together.To Conclude.All in all, subjects and predicates are in every day writing/ grammar, and it is important to understand and know things like a subject verb inversion, a predicate adjective, the simple predicate and simple subject, and common facts about the two. Hopefully this review helped you learn more about these specific topics in grammar, and if you want extra an idea on how well you understood subjects and predicates, then go on to the next slide.QUIZWhen does a subject- verb agreement happen? -Normal order of the subject and verb is disturbed.What is the subject?-Person, place, thing, or idea thats doing/ being something.How many languages with arguments have subjects?-ALLWhat is the purpose of the predicate?-To modify the subjectThe linking verb contains the _____ and ______- Subject and predicateWhat is the predicate adjective?-Adjective that functions as the predicateDefine stage level subject:-Temporary stage of the subjectWhere are the simple subject and predicate found?-The actual subject and predicateDefine subject verb agreement:-Singular verbs require singular subjects and plural subjects require plural verbs The predicate is the _______ of the sentence.-Completer/finisher/etc.

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