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<ul><li><p>SUBJECT LINE: Stunning Blood Sugar Benefits from This One Simple Health Routine </p><p>Hello John, </p><p>Laura Snyder* had never had a headache like this one in her life. </p><p>It was blinding. She could barely handle calling in sick to work before crawling back into bed. Was it a </p><p>migraine? </p><p>The next day it was even worse. Laura didn't know if it was more painful because she'd barely slept or if </p><p>it was something else. By the end of the day she gave up her silent suffering and had her husband drive </p><p>her to the emergency room. </p><p>After a CT scan and some blood tests they came back with a shocking diagnosis: she'd had a mild stroke </p><p>at only 46 years old. What brought it on: undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes.! And she didn't even have a clue </p><p>before her headache began. </p><p>According to the National Institutes of Health, one third of all people in the U.S. with diabetes do not </p><p>know they have the disease. Judging from that fact, it's reasonable to wonder: how do you know if your </p><p>blood sugar levels are even simply unhealthy? </p><p>Blood sugar issues can be easy to ignore or not even notice. But if you take control of your blood sugar </p><p>levels, you can make a huge impact on your overall health. </p><p>Well, the results from clinical studies are in and they show stunning blood sugar benefits from </p><p>supplementing with chlorella: </p><p> In a study published the Journal of Medicinal Food, researchers found that doses of 8,000 mg of </p><p>chlorella per day (divided into 2 doses), helped lower cholesterol and blood glucose levels. They </p><p>believe that chlorella activates a number of genes at the cellular level that improve insulin </p><p>sensitivity, encouraging a healthy balance. </p><p> Reviewing another study on chlorella and blood sugar, Dr. Joseph Mercola stated in an article on </p><p>his website that chlorella was found to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake in the </p><p>liver in type 1 diabetic rats. The authors suggest chlorellas hypoglycemic effects may be due to </p><p>improved glucose uptake in the liver and the soleus muscles. </p><p> In another study published in the journal Phytotherapy Research in 2011, researchers discovered </p><p>that chlorella has the ability to improve fructose-induced insulin sensitivity. The authors </p><p>concluded that: Oral administration of chlorella has the ability to improve insulin sensitivity, </p><p>which may be used as an adjuvant therapy for patients with insulin resistance. </p><p>The results from these many studies make it very clear: chlorella may help support healthy blood sugar </p><p>levels. In addition, chlorella gives you: </p></li><li><p> A rich supply of the core nutrients necessary for life such as protein, nucleotides and </p><p>antioxidants </p><p> 20 vitamins and minerals </p><p> The unique regenerative power of Chlorella Growth Factor </p><p> Toxin-removing fiber and chlorophyll </p><p>Supplementing with chlorella is a smart choice. Other essentials for healthy blood sugar levels that I </p><p>recommend to my patients include eating a healthier diet and increasing physical activity. </p><p>In addition, only Sun Chlorella uses the special process called DYNO-Mill processing to help you get </p><p>chlorella that's 90% digestible. That means, unlike with some other brands, you get the full nutrition out </p><p>of chlorella. </p><p>Want to enjoy all of these benefits? Our discounted starter package is a great way to begin . . . </p><p>Click here for your discounted starter package and support healthy blood sugar levels right away </p><p>To your health, </p><p>Dr. Mark Drucker </p><p>P.S. This one simple health routine can really make a difference in your life and health. Sun Chlorella's </p><p>superfood nutrition gives your body what it needs to function at its very best, including supporting </p><p>healthy blood sugar levels. </p><p>Find out more about this discounted starter package - an easy natural way to better health! </p><p>*Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals. </p></li></ul>