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SWOT Analysis of Stylo shoes

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ADIL AMIN CHOHAN 12015056-092

Topic : AcknowledgmentFirst of all I thank ALLAH Almighty, who gave me power, wisdom and ability to complete the task which was assigned to me.

I are also grateful to our Course Instructor Sir. Nasir, who gave me an opportunity to explore and polish my skills.


I dedicate my work & efforts first of all to Almighty Allah and His beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) and my Parents with dedication, love and gratitude without whom caring support it would not have been possible

IntroductionStylo is not a new brand it is an old brand of fashion. Stylo does not need any kind of introduction whenever someone talks about fashion and classy footwear, Stylo is one of the brands that come in my mind. Stylo started in 1974 by Mr. Azhar Siddiqui with the amount of Rs. 175 at anarkali by setting up single rented outlet in Lahore. Until 2003, it had only four shops; and then with an aggressive expansion plan from 2004 onwards, the brand achieved a presence in 52 cities and boasts 87 retail outlets. And gradually increasing outlets in all over Pakistan and it becomes one of that brands that define fashion. Now Stylo Shoes is one of the largest women footwear selling network of Pakistan and the major ladies shoes. IntroductionSharjeel Hasan, Marketing Manager of Stylo, has given the brand a new direction by shifting the focus from the product to the consumer. Previously, the brand was lacking emotional appeal and relevance.Stylo applies a customer-centric approach as it realizes the importance of a long lasting relations with its customers. Stylo make sure that their customers get the footwear they desire.

Organizational StructureMazhar Hussain Siddiqui [Director] Rizwan Ali Qureshi [Manager Systems]Azhar Rehman [IT Manager]Imran Farooq [Finance Manager] Hafiz Muhammad Bilal [Audit Manager]Logo:

Slogan: Wear your style

Mission & Vision Mission:The mission of Stylo shoes brand is to make fashionable footwear that satisfies their customer needs.

Vision:The vision of Stylo is touching the international market.

ObjectivesThe objectives of Stylo are business objectives, which are as follow:

To maximize profit.To increase market share.To increase their growth.To become market leader.

Porters five forces model

Competitive rivalry

In The Ladies Footwear Industry, The Level of Rivalry is high. There are Several Competitors such as METRO, ECS, BORJAN and STARLET. The Competition Between These Companies is so intense because they are dealing with SHORT-LIFE CYCLE Products.Target market is almost same for all competitors that results in almost same strategies so, competitors in this industry do not face hard time reading each others (competitors) intentions accurately.The Growth the Ladies Footwear Industry has experienced over the past few years is beginning to Stabilize. This Forces Firms to differentiate using Marketing, Advertising, Fashion and Technology to steal market share away from their Competitors.Competitive Rivalry for STYLO is high.

Bargaining power of supplierToo many suppliers are there in market. The suppliers are spread specifically in the city of Lahore and Karachi. The suppliers are quite large in number as compared to the buyers who order them. This large ratio of suppliers leaves the choice on buyers. The buyers have the complete power to work with as many suppliers as they want and to reject the suppliers when their orders are made.Bargaining Power of supplier is low.

Bargaining power of customerProducts are homogenous. Shoes in ladies fashion industry are not much different in terms of design and quality as almost all the firms have same designer. Buyers are very strong as they have too many options available without any switching cost involved. If they face any issues regarding price, quality etc. they would easily switch to other brands as they can find the same designs with a slight difference Bargaining power of customer is high.

Threat of new entrantsEstablished or growing market as companies exhibit solid earnings and revenue figures which means industry is showing signs that it is in its growth stage.No technicality involved. Supply chain is very easy to manage in this industry as not much technology is involved in manufacturing of the shoes and as a matter offact outsourcing lowers the risk of failure in production.New entrants need to differentiate by spending on advertising, customer services and to some extent product differentiation keeping the current situation ofindustry.Threat of new entrants is high.Threat of substituteMachine made shoes are substitute products as handmade shoes are beingproduced currently in the market. Life of fashion shoes is very short i.e. fashion trends change at a fast pace which makes it difficult for the substitutes to follow rapid changes, so threat of substitute is pretty lowThreats of Substitute are low.

SWOT Analysis

StrengthsStrong Brand name.Versatility and innovation.Strong management. More than 1000 employees.Online trade.Pakistans largest fashion retailor. Largest network of 87 outlets in 52 cities around the country.Weaknesses No international presence.Less effective pricing strategy. Designs are easily copied by local manufacturers. OpportunitiesExpansion in whole Pakistan.Expansion in international markets.Company can also target males.To capture the accessory market collectively. ThreatsBad economy.Political instability. Intense competition.Constantly changing fashion.BCG Matrix

BCG MatrixStylo is the Pakistans largest fashion retailor and it has 87 outlets in 52 cities of Pakistan. In BCG matrix Stylo is at star with high market share with relatively high growth in market. Among all the firms in market of ladies shoe there are three major competitors, which are: StyloMetroECSBetween all these three, Stylo has captured the maximum in the market share, Metro has captured second highest market share among the most famous brand and then ECS has also captured good market share.

ProductsStylo is Pakistani girls and women most favourite choice.It is a shopping product.

As the name depicts its main job is to grab fashionistas attention through its magical styles.ProductsMain purpose of stylo is to provide stylish, trendy and durable shoes.It includes:Ladies shoes Kids footwear Ladies Accessorise (Hand bags, jewellery)Casual fabric named FABRIZIO Ladies ShoesShoes:It offers a wide range of shoes from formal, casual, bridal, flat, and party wear.From high heels to flat slippers its all articles are comfortable, durable and up to dated.Formal Shoes: They are the best with finest embellishments and detailed designing. Party shoes:Its party shoes include staplers heels, ankle high with zips, sandals, coat shoes and many more.Casual shoes:Stylo had not only become first choice of ladies for their formal and party footwears but casual shoes by stylo have also received great appreciation from consumers.Casual variety includes flurry softies, flat pumps, strap less shoes, chapels and many more.

Ladies ShoesBridal shoes:Its Bridal collection includes shoes with fine embellishments and rich stone work with fancy heels.

LADIES BAGSThey provide an up to date fashion bags, clutches in different styles and colours both for women and girls.They include formal, casual, party and bridal bags, clutches.

JEWELLERYIts jewellery collections also varies from casual, formal to bridal.Stones used in bridal jewellery are imported from different places.

Kids FootwearAlong with a vast range of ladies shoes it offers an eye catching range of kid shoes too, according to taste of teens and kids.

FabrizioStylo also has started work in casual fabric but it is in its introductory stage. It is just launched in 3 cities.

ServicesThey also offer after sales services. Defected shoes can be repaired or changed.Misplacement of stones from jewellery, shoes or clutches can be repaired/ placed.They also offer warranty of shoes and accessories.Shoe or bag after Stylo also make sure that their customers could get the best service possible and for their convenience, contact information is given on their site. purchased can be changed within a week.Services


Stylo was started in 1975 with a small space in Anarkali Lahore. Until 2003, it was having only4 shops, then with an aggressive expansion plan from 2004 onwards up till now there are total87 outlets present in 52 different cities.

PlacesTheir outlets are present in different cities, some are following:Lahore, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Jhelum, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Sialkot, Sargodha, Abbottabad, Bahawalpur, Bhawalnagar, Burewala, Chistiyaan, D.G Khan, Gojra, Joharabad, Khanewal, Mandi Bahauddin, Mian Chanu, Mirpur Azad Kashmir, Okara, Pakpattan, Rahim Yar Khan, Sahiwal, Sheikhupura, Sukkur, Vehari, Wah Cantt, etc.

Distribution of products:Stylo distribute its product directly from manufacturers to outlets (direct distribution). Distribution is extensive. And it adds franchises attempting to control distribution channels.Shoes and accessories sections are placed separately, bags are placed in a separate window and jewellery is placed at a corner stall. My RecommendationsStylo should also target male population of the country. Because boys have also become stylish and fashion oriented. So, Stylo should manufacture shoes for male population as well. They should also manufacture orthopedic shoes for sugar patients.They should enhance their promotional activities.They should also focus more on public rela