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  • Speech and Language Disorders Associated with Subcortical PathologyEdited by Bruce E. Murdoch and Brooke-Mai WhelanISBN: 978-0-470-02573-4

    Acquired Speech and Language DisordersEdited by Bruce E. MurdochISBN: 978-0-470-02567-3

    Childrens Speech Sounds DisordersCaroline BowenISBN: 978-0-470-72364-7

    The Science and Practice of


    A Symposium

    The Science and Practice of STU



    G T






    KI &



    The Science and Practice of Stuttering Treatment: A Symposium is a comprehensive resource for practitioners and researchers that spans the scientifi c basis and clinical management of stutters in people of all ages, from preschoolers to adults.

    Developed from an international symposium which drew together clinical and research leaders in the fi eld of speech and language pathology, the book off ers a truly comprehensive coverage of contemporary stuttering management.

    Each chapter provides information on the Theoretical Basis of the Treatment, Outline of the Treatment, Scientifi c Evidence for the Treatment, Advantages and Disadvantages of the Treatment, Planned Future Empirical Development, and the book concludes with an in-depth critical review chapter.

    This book is a must-have resource for speech and language pathologists, researchers and educators worldwide.

    FEATURES Off ers a rigorous critical review of each treatment Discussion/question and answer sessions Written by leading international experts in the fi eld Includes stuttering management approaches from non-English speaking countries Completely up to date with the latest clinical and scientifi c research

    ABOUT THE EDITORSSuzana Jeli Jaki is a Speech pathologist at the Childrens Hospital Zagreb, Croatia. She is President of the Croatian Association for People Who Stutter Hinko Freund and Director of the Logopedski Centar, Zagreb.

    Mark Onslow is Professor and Founding Director of the Australian Stuttering Research Centre at The University of Sydney. He is a clinical researcher and leads a team that develops treatments for adults and children who stutter.


    Stuttering logo by Likovni Studio, Ltd, based on part of an Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic thought to depict stuttering

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    The Science andPractice ofStuttering TreatmentA Symposium

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    The Science andPractice ofStuttering TreatmentA Symposium

    Edited by

    Suzana Jelcic JaksicSpeech pathologist, Sisters of Mercy University Hospital Center,Childrens Hospital, Zagreb, CroatiaPresident, Croatian Association for People Who StutterHinko FreundDirector, Logopedski centar, Zagreb

    Mark OnslowProfessor, Australian Stuttering Research Centre, University ofSydney, Sydney, AustraliaDirector, Australian Stuttering Research Centre

    A John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., Publication

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    The science and practice of stuttering treatment : a symposium / edited by SuzanaJelcic Jaksic and Mark Onslow.

    p. cm.Includes bibliographical references and index.ISBN 978-0-470-67158-0 (pbk. : alk. paper)1. StutteringTreatmentCongresses. 2. Speech therapyCongresses.

    I. Jelcic Jaksic, Suzana. II. Onslow, Mark.RC424.S384 2012616.8554dc23


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    Cover image: C ShutterstockCover design: Sandra HeathStuttering logo by Likovni Studio, Ltd. Based in part on an Ancient Egyptianhieroglyphic thought to depict stuttering.

    Set in 9/12.5 pt Interstate Light by Aptara R Inc., New Delhi, India

    1 2012

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    List of Contributors vii

    Preface xi

    1 Modifying Phonation Interval Stuttering

    Treatment Program 1

    Jason H. Davidow

    2 The Camperdown Program 15

    Sue OBrian and Brenda Carey

    3 Assessment and Treatment of Stuttering Using Altered

    Auditory Feedback 29

    Tim Saltuklaroglu

    4 The Lidcombe Program 43

    Rosemarie Hayhow

    5 Lidcombe Program with School-Age Children 57

    Rosalee C. Shenker and Sarita Koushik

    6 Intensive Speech Restructuring Treatment

    for School-Age Children 71

    Elizabeth A. Cardell

    7 Student-Delivered Treatment for Stuttering: Multiday

    Intensive Speech Restructuring 87

    Susan Block

    8 Review of the Successful Stuttering Management Program 99

    Michael Blomgren

    9 The Comprehensive Stuttering Program and

    Its Evidence Base 115

    Marilyn Langevin and Deborah Kully

    10 Telehealth Treatments for Stuttering Control 131

    Brenda Carey and Sue OBrian


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    vi Contents

    11 A Multidimensional, Integrated, Differentiated,

    Art-Mediated Stuttering Programme 147

    D. Tomaiuoli, F. Del Gado, E. Lucchini and M. G. Spinetti

    12 Self-Modelling for Chronic Stuttering 159

    Angela Cream and Sue OBrian

    13 Multifactorial Treatment for Preschool Children 171

    Mirjana Lasan

    14 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy 183

    Dave Rowley

    15 The Westmead Program 195

    Natasha Trajkovski

    16 Conscious Synthesis of Development: A Holistic Approach

    to Stuttering 207

    Jelena Tadic and Darinka Soster

    17 The Gradual Increase in Length and Complexity of

    Utterance Program 221

    Bruce Ryan

    18 Innovations, Watersheds and Gold Standards: Concluding

    Symposium Reflections 233

    Mark Onslow

    Index 249

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    List of Contributors

    Susan Block

    La Trobe University

    Melbourne, Australia

    Michael Blomgren

    The University of Utah

    Salt Lake City, UT, USA

    Elizabeth A. Cardell

    University of Queensland

    Brisbane, Australia

    Brenda Carey

    The University of Sydney

    Sydney, Australia

    Angela Cream

    Osborne Park Hospital

    Perth, Australia

    Jason H. Davidow

    Hofstra University

    Hempstead, NY, USA

    Francesca Del Gado

    CRC Balbuzie

    Rome, Italy

    Rosemarie Hayhow

    Speech & Language Therapy Research Unit

    Bristol, UK

    Sarita Koushik

    University of Newcastle

    Newcastle, Australia


    Montreal Fluency Centre

    Westmount, QC, Canada


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    viii List of Contributors

    Deborah Kully

    Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research

    University of Alberta

    Edmonton, AB, Canada

    Marilyn Langevin

    University of Alberta

    Montreal, AB, Canada

    Mirjana Lasan

    Logopedski Centar

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Emanuela Lucchini

    University of Rome, La Sapienza

    Rome, Italy

    Sue OBrian

    The University of Sydney

    Sydney, Australia

    Mark Onslow

    The University of S