Study of Balls Pre-K Room 113

Study of Balls Pre-K Room 113. Why study about balls?

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Study of Balls

Pre-K Room 113

Students exhibited interest in learning about balls and brought their favorite balls to school.

Research based project

Why study about balls?

WHY areballsimportant?

o What makes balls move?

Do all balls bounce?

Which balls bounce better than others?

How far can I throw different kinds of balls?

Which balls roll the fastest?

Which balls are big and heavy or little and heavy?

Which balls are heavy/light?

Which balls are smooth or rough?

What are balls made of? What’s inside a ball?

Which balls are used in work?

What balls are used in sports?

Content Areas/Standards


Objective 16: Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet a. - Identifies and names letters b. - Uses letter-sound knowledge

Objective 19: Demonstrates emergent writing skills a. - Writes name b. - Writes to convey meaning

Objective 7: Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination a. - Uses fingers and hands b. - Uses writing and drawing tools

Content Area/Standards


Objective 20: Uses number concepts and operations a. - Counts c. - Connects numerals with their quantities

Objective 21: Explores and describes spatial relationships and shapes b. - Understands shapes

Content Areas/Standards

Objective 26: Demonstrates knowledge of the physical properties of objects and materials

Science and Technology


Objective 4: Demonstrates traveling

skills Objective 5: Demonstrates balancing skills Objective 6:

Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative


Content Area/Standards

Resources and Materials

Different kinds of balls

Picture Vocabulary Cards



All About My Ball journal entry and oral presentation

Your Ball and My Ball- compare and contrast

Different Kinds of Balls

Balls… Balls… Balls This is what I learned about balls:

Which balls are heavy/light?



Developed literacy, math, and technology skills

Explore important concepts in Science

Students discovered different kinds of motion and the force required to move, stop or control a ball

Students conducted various experiments to gather information and record their ideas about balls on different charts

Students participated in creative arts as well as social-emotional development activities

Children’s interest in balls

was used to: