Studio workplace for teaching or practice of an art expressions: television studio Hollywood's leading studios photographic studio studio apartment.

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  • studio workplace for teaching or practice of an art expressions: television studio Hollywood's leading studios photographic studio studio apartment
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  • chicory
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  • menu SOUP All soups served with bread CREAMY MUSHROOM SOUP Our chef picks only the creamiest mushrooms. SPICY TOMATO & BACON SOUP Tomato, bacon, chili & lamb sauce just the thing for a cold Chengdu day. PUMPKIN SOUP - HEALTHY!!! Pumpkins, pumpkins & more pumpkins...
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  • SALADS GREEK SALAD - RECOMMENDED !!! With olives, feta cheese, tomato, onion & cucumber. , , , , CAESAR SALAD Our own version of this traditional salad with home-made dressing. , , , SALAD NICOISE Garden salad topped with tuna fish, boiled egg, green beans & olives. A choice of vinegar or thousand island dressing. , , , ,
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  • PIZZA Regular (8 ) Big One (12 ) SPICY PIZZA - OUTSTANDINGLY HOT !!! Bacon, ham, salami, chili with tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese. THE CARNIVORE Chicken, pork & lamb sausage with tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese. SALAMI PIZZA Salami, chili, olives with tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese. ,
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  • LIGHT BITES CHIPS ONION RINGS GARLIC BREAD SANDWICHES All sandwiches served with chips CLUB SANDWICH Served with roast beef, chicken, bacon, lettuce & tomato. , , , ,
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  • MAIN COURSE SPAGHETTI BOLOGNAISE Spaghetti topped with a tasty beef, tomato, basil & onion sauce. Served with bread. , SPAGHETTI CARBONARA Spaghetti with bacon & onions in a saut ed cream sauce. Served with bread.
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  • MAIN COURSE CHICKEN FAJITA BURRITO GUT BUSTER !! Chicken, sweet pepper, pinto bean, onion, rice, cheese and plenty of sour cream & our own salsa. HONG KONG STYLE PORK WITH RICE Egg, rice, pork & vegetables in a tomato sauce.
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  • expressions It s my treat / It s on me /I am buying. AA: let s go eat / let s split / go dutch. You eat like a horse ! You eat like a bird !
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  • pneumonia SARS : Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Atypical Pneumonia) a-, an- : lacking in; lack of atheism, asymmetry, asexual
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  • ice-icy -y : somewhat like; characterized by hairy having a lot of hair; having a rough surface like hair meaty full of meat milky make of, containing or like milk creamy, sandy, bushy
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  • eyebrow raise one s eyebrows : show disdain or surprise (esp. passive) Eyebrows were raised when he shaved all his hair off. be up to one s ears/eyes/eyebrows/neck in sth : very busy with sth brow
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  • eyebrow brow 1) =eyebrow 2) =forehead 3) the peak of a hill; the edge of a cliff 4) knit one s brow (s) :frown frown at sb/sth
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  • bare without covering, clothing or decoration E.g. bare feet; bare branch; bare soil barely : only just; scarcely E.g. He is barely ten years old.
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  • look the part I think he must be the captain he certainly looks the part. Despite looking the part, Michael was not an artist at all.
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  • fierce violent and angry a fierce nation; a fierce police dog intense; strong a fierce battle; a fierce competition
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  • canvas/canvass canvas n. strong, thick type of cloth on which artists paint; also used to talk about a painting itself canvass v. to gather people s opinions about something; to try to get information by going from place to place
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  • canvas/canvass Police ____ the area where the car was stolen but were unable to find any information that could help them locate it. How many of Martin s ____ are going to be on display at the Racine Galley this weekend?
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  • canvas/canvass role n. the position or part one takes in a certain situation, e.g., in a play, at work, in a family roll v. to move forward by repeatedly turning over
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  • canvas/canvass palette n. a piece of flat, round wood or plastic held in the hand, used to mix paints together palate n. the top of the inside of one s mouth
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  • canvas/canvass idol n. a person that others love or respect; a hero or celebrity idle adj. inactive, lazy
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  • fancy n. power to imagine; thing imagined; vague idea E.g. the novelist s fancy; The story is a mixture of fact and fancy. I have a fancy that he will be late. phrases: catch/take sb s fancy (please or attract sb) take a fancy to sb/sth (become fond of sb/sth)
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  • fancy v. 1) think or believe; imagine E.g. I fancy it s going to rain today. He fancied he heard footsteps behind him. 2) have a desire or wish for; want E.g. I fancy a cup of tea. 3) find (sb) attractive E.g. He rather fancies her. 4) (usu. imperative, expressing surprise, disbelief, shock, etc.) E.g. Fancy that! / Just fancy! Fancy her being so rude! Fancy never having seen the sea!
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  • fancy adj. 1) brightly colored; made to please the eye or taste fancy cakes / fancy clothes 2) extravagant or exaggerated fancy ideas / fancy prices
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  • fancy/fantasy 1) u. imagination or fancy, esp. when completely unrelated to reality. live in a fantasy world 2) c. product of the imagination; wild or unrealistic idea Stop looking for the perfect job- it s just a fantasy.
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  • stand out be easily seen above or among others
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  • stand out Match a verb on the left with a definition on the right. Then complete the sentences below. 1. speak out ___ a. to be obvious or noticeable to others in some way 2. hand out ___ b. to be a certain way in the end 3. burst out ___ c. to remove something from a place 4. stand out ___ d. to talk openly and honestly about something, usually in protest 5. come out ___ e. to give or distribute something to others 6. take out ___ f. to do something suddenly, usually with great emotion
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  • stand out 1. If you re going outside, could you ___ the trash? 2. When the teacher suddenly started singing loudly, the entire class ____. 3. Connie tried to paint a picture of Luke, but it didn t ____very well. 4. Before I ____the tests, I d like to remind everyone that there is no talking during the exam. 5. The painting s bright colors really ____against the dark background. 6. Students are going to ____against the university s plans to cut many of the art and music courses.
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  • stand out handout outburst outspoken outstanding takeout outcome Martina is one of the most ____women I know. If she doesn t agree with something, she ll tell you. I m too tired to cook tonight. Can we order ____from the restaurant instead? Before she began her presentation, Hiroko gave everyone a ____ that summarized its main points. I was shocked when Alex told Tina to shut up in front of the class. I though his ____was totally inappropriate. Jin-hee really is a (n) ____student. She s had excellent grades for three years in a row. What was the ____of your discussion with the professor? Will he let you turn in your paper late?


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