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  • Jamieson Elementary

    Mandarin Bilingual Program

    Application ProcessApplication forms must be picked up in person during school hours. Applications are available from November to the end of January.


    Jamieson Elementary school is currently undergoing seismic upgrades.

    The temporary location is at: South Hill Swing Site 5987 Prince Albert St Vancouver, BC V5W 3E2


    Deadline is at the end of January each year. Faxed and emailed applications will not be accepted. Interviews will be held approximately the first week of February. Families will be notified by telephone to confirm arrangements.

    There is so much to learn and its a great environment. Many possible opportunities could open in the future. Meghan

    The best thing about learning Mandarin is that its fun! Megan L.

    The MB Program is fun and educational because the teachers here are really nice and Ive learned a lot from them. Learning Mandarin is really useful and cool because Im learning a new language. When I went to China, I could use my Mandarin.Ryan T.

    The Mandarin characters are really fun to write. Its tricky but its really fun. Kayla F. & Maya H.

    I love the Mandarin Program because we do interesting things, such as: reading Chinese stories, learning about Chinese culture and playing Chinese games. Harrison

    Student Testimonials

    Oct 2017

  • Advantages of the Mandarin Bilingual Program

    3 Learn Mandarin in an effective and challenging way

    3 Participate in rich Asian cultural learning experiences

    3 Meet new friends

    3 Explore hidden musical talents in the Strings Program

    3 Learn a second language

    3 Participate with motivated students in a high energy environment

    3 Join a unique program

    Strings Program

    Students learn to play the violin, cello or bass. The Strings Program is mandatory for Mandarin Bilingual Program students.

    High School Continuation

    Students in our Mandarin Bilingual Program can continue their studies at Eric Hamber Secondary School.

    Mandarin Bilingual Program Grades 4 to 7

    Key Facts:

    3 Core curriculum is taught in English

    3 Mandarin is delivered through Mandarin Language Arts

    3 All grade level requirements of the BC curriculum are covered in either English or Mandarin

    3 Starts in grade 4 and continues through to grade 7

    This Program is Designed for Students who:

    3 Are residents of Vancouver

    3 Are fluent in English and have strong English reading and writing skills

    3 Will be entering grade 4 in September with no Chinese literacy experience

    3 Are entering grades 5 or 6 (if there is space available) and have appropriate Chinese literacy skills for the grade level

    The Program will Develop:

    3 Mandarin oral communication skills for a variety of situations

    3 Reading and writing skills using Chinese characters

    3 An understanding of another culture in a stimulating and enriched environment