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Street Hype is the trusted source of news and information for an estimated 600,000 readers.Audience of mainly African Americans and Caribbean nationals who are affluent,well-educated and business professionals - a high value target to advertisers.


<ul><li><p>Patriece B. Miller FuneralService,Inc.</p><p>Licensed Funeral DirectorFrom Westmoreland, Jamaica WI</p><p> Shipping Local &amp; Overseas914-310-4294</p><p>Vol: 8 No. 22 WWW.STREETHYPENEWSPAPER.COM FREE COPY DECEMBER 1-31, 2013</p><p>Community Lifestyle Newspaper</p><p>Jamaican WinsThe Voice</p><p>Courtesy of Billboard.comBy Phil Gallo, Los Angeles</p><p>Jamaican singer Tessanne Chinsang landmark songs associat-ed with the Beatles and WhitneyHouston for her final perform-ance on "The Voice" and walkedaway with the Season-Fivecrown.</p><p>New Jersey teenager JacquieLee came in second, journeymanmusician Will Champlin wasthird in the voting.</p><p>Chin, who has worked withJimmy Cliff, Third World andKy-mani Marley, clearly clickedwith audiences with her versionof the Houston hit "I HaveNothing," which sat at No. 1 onthe iTunes singles chart for hours."Let It Be," which she sang withher coach Adam Levine, was atnumber three during the votingperiod.</p><p>"I never felt safe," Chin saidafter Monday's performance."Not until last week."</p><p>Chin clearly saved her bestfor last. None of her recordingsgot onto the Billboard charts dur-ing the season though her rendi-tion of Paul Simon's "BridgeOver Troubled Water" is poised toenter the Hot Digital Songs charton Wednesday on sales of 60,000.Her biggest seller previously washer take on Cliff's "Many Riversto Cross," which sold 24,000,according to SoundScan.</p><p>While Chin says she does notintend to make a reggae record,the style "will always be a part ofwhat I do," she said afterMonday's performances. "Maybenot in a direct sense, but mymusic will always have that(swagger). It's who I am. I thinkthe key to making great music isto stay true to yourself so (the lis-tener) can relate to that."</p><p>Continued on page 4</p><p>Josey Wales Returns to</p><p>the USPowerhouse Caribbeanentertainment entity Irishand Chin has inked an exclu-sive management deal with thelegendary Dancehall artistJosey Wales, The Colonel,culminating with his epicreturn to the United States aftera more than decade-longabsence.</p><p>This is quite a milestonefor both parties and a majormove for the reggae-musicindustry as Wales has been inhigh demand for quite sometime.</p><p>Through mass marketingand promotions, Irish andChins goal is to re-launchJosey Wales career by creatingmulti-generational appeal forthe artist and enabling him tohave a strong presence intodays arena. </p><p>Continued on page 4</p><p>TESSANNE CHINJamaican singer walked away </p><p>with Season-Five crown "The Voice" </p><p>JOSEY WALES Legendary Dancehall Artist </p></li><li><p>2 STREET HYPE DECEMBER 1-31, 2013 WWW.STREETHYPENEWSPAPER.COM</p></li><li><p>WWW.STREETHYPENEWSPAPER.COM DECEMBER 1-31, 2013 STREET HYPE 3</p><p>Editorial</p><p></p><p>The opinions expressed in this newspaper, except for the above, do not necessarily reflect the views of Street Hype Newspaper and its publishers. Please send yourcomments and or suggestions to Responses should be no longer than 400 words. Not all articles will be published</p><p>people are talking...!</p><p>Idelayed writing this article for some timeas I wanted to weigh in on a few articlesthat I read in the Jamaica Gleaner earlierthis year. In one such article was titled,Thwaites cements more partnerships withChina, it was said that China needs a num-ber of English teachers. </p><p>It also said the Jamaican governmentwould like to fill some of those vacancieswith teachers who are perhaps retired or arequalified but haven't been able to find jobs.Additionally, Jamaicans would have anopportunity to learn Mandarin.</p><p>I was excited reading about Jamaicasefforts to work with China to provide jobsfor Jamaican teachers, and prompted by afriend I decided to contact the Ministry ofEducation in Jamaica. My friend said heinformed Jamaican Education MinisterRonald Thwaites that I would be calling. </p><p>However, I was not able to speak withMr. Thwaites. Instead, I spoke with one ofhis consultants. I explained to the consult-ant who I was and what I did. I explainedto her the discrimination I faced while try-ing to place Jamaican teachers in China.</p><p>I informed her that I sought theMinistrys help in getting visas forJamaican teachers to work in China. Afterfive minutes of conversation I realized Iwas at a dead end. She informed me thatthe Jamaican government doesnt workwith just anyone. She wanted to know howJamaican teachers had found me. </p><p>She also told me that the deal theywere working on with China was a solidone and the Chinese representative hadbeen to Jamaica on many occasions.Additionally, she said, they had Chineseteachers already teaching Mandarin inJamaica. She requested that I send her mybusiness registration detail and I obligedher. It has been a few months and she hasnot sent confirmation that she received myemail.</p><p>With this current deal in place I am notsure why Chinese teachers are already inJamaica teaching Mandarin and Jamaicansteachers are not in China teaching English. </p><p>I do hope that Jamaicans in generalwill get opportunities in China as China hasa great presence in Jamaica. It is up to theleaders to assure that their people areequally represented and treated fairly.</p><p>Publisher &amp; Editor:PATRICK MAITLAND</p><p>Associate Editor:JINELLE CRAIG</p><p>Advertising Director:NOLA BOOTHEConsulting EditorsGLORIA BENT</p><p>PAULETTE GRANTANGELLA GOLDINGANTHONY TURNER</p><p>Business office:329 Miller Place</p><p>Mount Vernon, NY 10550</p><p>Tel: 914-663-4972-3 Fax:</p><p></p><p>Published by:JAMVISTA INC.</p><p>The Safest &amp; Best Way to Ship(Jamaica &amp; Other Caribbean Islands)</p><p> Barrels Motor Vehicles Crates Appliances Containers Household Goods</p><p>Fast and Reliable </p><p>Door to Door- all 14 parishes in</p><p>Jamaica Weekly Sailing to Kingston andMontego Bay</p><p>Open: Sunday Saturday</p><p>QUALITY ONE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING EXPRESS CORP.3913 Dyre Avenue, Bronx (Last Stop #5 train)</p><p>Tel:718-231-1909 Fax: 718-231-1815</p><p>_________________________________________</p><p>Dr. Neva H. Alexander is an experienced educator with international experience. 305-504-9311</p><p>As we approach the ending of the year2013, most people are busy reflectingon the past while considering what to do forthe New Year. Whereas a few people maybe rejoicing about their successes, for thevast majority the year was filled with morechallenges for both their business and per-sonal undertakings. </p><p>Outgoing Mayor Mike Bloomberg hasbeen praised for his overall management ofthe city including keeping the citys pover-ty rate at the same level (below 21 per cent)since 2000. In fact, data shows New YorkCity is the only Top-20 city that did notexperience an increase in its poverty ratesince the 2000 U.S. Census. </p><p>The smoking ban, gun control, theoverhauled city waterfront as well aschanges in the city laws were among theso-called winners that enabled a third termfor Bloomberg. </p><p>However, the citys low-income popu-lation that comprises of mainly African-American and Latino citizens continues toface hardships, particularly in the areas ofhousing and food. </p><p>As revealed in the Community ServiceSocietys 2013 annual survey, the numberof people skipping meals because there wasnot enough money to buy food increasedfrom 21 to 27 percent. There was also anincrease in the number of poor NewYorkers falling behind on their rent ormortgage payments up from 24 per centto 31 per cent. And 38 percent of low-income, working women report cuts inwages, tips or hours up from 28 percent ayear ago.</p><p>African-American and Latino-ownedbusinesses including restaurants, clubs andbars, hair salons are experiencing high fail-ure rate. </p><p>We may attribute the failures toincreased competition and a crappy econo-my, however in our evaluation, both Cityand State regulations are also the majorcontributing factors. </p><p>As we approach the new-year and wel-come Mayor Bill de Blasio, this is a goodtime to review and fix the challengesaffecting our personal endeavors and busi-ness pursuits. </p><p>We will be urging de Blasio during2014 and his term in office to providestrong leadership and keep his promises ofproviding the environment for business togrow as well as improving the living standof all New Yorkers. </p><p>Nonetheless, we may only guaranteepersonal success and prosperity, if weapply hard work, dedication and commit-ment to our endeavors. </p><p>Dr NevaSPEAKS</p><p>Hard work, dedication and commitment for 2014</p><p>Will Jamaican teachers get jobs in China?</p></li><li><p>4 STREET HYPE DECEMBER 1-31, 2013 WWW.STREETHYPENEWSPAPER.COM</p><p>NEWS</p><p>KATASHESKATASHESVegetarian Food For Health</p><p>Specially Mixed Juice Herbs RootsTonic</p><p>Fresh Fruits &amp; Vegetable Produce Vegetarian Dishes Fruit Juice </p><p> Fish Dinner Vegetarian Soup &amp; Fish Patties/Baked Products</p><p>Natural Health Care Products. We Also Cater </p><p>1312 E. Gunhill Road, Bronx, NY 10469 </p><p>(Near Burke Avenue) 347-945-2286</p><p>Jamaican WinsThe Voice</p><p>Continued from page 1Tuesday's finale included a Lady</p><p>Gaga-Christina Aguilera duet and perform-ances from One Republic, Celine Dion andpreviously eliminated performers from thisseason. The sixth season of the "TheVoice," with Shakira and Usher replacingCee-Lo Green and Aguilera, will premiereFeb. 24 and 25.</p><p>As a solo singer, Tessanne Chin is arelative newcomer to the music scene,although she has a wealth of experience inthe Jamaican music industry. Beforelaunching her solo career, Tessanne frontedthe reggae-rock band "Mile High" andtoured with Jimmy Cliff as a back-upsinger for several years.</p><p>Tessanne comes from a rich musicalbackground. Her mother and father(Christine and Richard) used to sing in"The Carnations" and her sister, TamiChynn, is also a well-known recordingartist. The family home even has its ownrecording studio!</p><p>Tessanne does not currently have arecord deal but has released several sin-gles, including Hideaway, which becamevery successful both in Jamaica and inter-nationally. Her other singles include Guiltyby Design, One Night Stand andMessenger.</p><p>Josey Wales Returns to the US</p><p>Continued from page 1To date, no other vintage Dancehall artisthas consistently been marketed in such amanner. </p><p>Irish and Chin will be the machinebehind an early 2014 US tour for Wales.An expansion into managing a veteranartist was just a matter of time for us, saysGarfield Chin Bourne. I think thatJosey Wales is the ideal artist to work withfor many reasons, including his talent andunique position in the industry.</p><p>Irish and Chin executed an intensepromotional and media run for Wales her-alded return earlier this month, whichincluded special appearances at key dance-hall events and high profile radio inter-views. The companys primary goal wasto reconnect Josey Wales with his US fan</p><p>base and establish that the artist is able toperform. The well-spoken Wales won overradio hosts and listeners, often delving intohis rich knowledge of the history ofReggae music and its inner-workings.</p><p>His interview on Dahved LevysCaribbean Fever show on New Yorksleading radio station, WBLS 107.5 FM,alongside Bunji Garlin, was a highlight.Josey Wales is truly one of Reggae musicsmost influential artists, playing an integralrole in the historical dancehall era. Whilehe entertained the masses with hits likeLeggo Mi Hand and Outlaw, the icon-ic artist also played a major role behind thescenes in discovering talent and navigatingthrough Jamaicas tricky political land-scape.</p><p>Wales, whose birth name is JosephSterling, is highly revered by old and newmembers of the Reggae music fraternity.Over the years Irish and Chin has workedwith scores of veteran artists through itsReewind brand.</p><p>Mount Vernon NewsFrom the offices of </p><p>Ernest D. Davis, Mayor</p><p>Save on property tax bill</p><p>Don't overlook your opportunity to con-tinue saving hundreds of dollars onyour property tax bill. New York State isnow requiring ALL property ownersreceiving Basic Star Exemption must reap-ply in order to receive future savings.</p><p>Senior Citizens receiving EnhancedSTAR property tax exemption are notaffected by this new requirement and donot need to register. To qualify for theEnhanced STAR you must be 65 years orolder and the combined income of residentowners and their spouses must be $81,900or less.</p><p>If you haven't re-registered, are havingproblems applying online or can't getthrough to the state, contact the Assessor'sOffice for assistance. Reach the office at914-665-2325 or come in person to Room8 on the ground floor of City Hall.Assessment staff can answer questions andquickly help you sign up directly with theNew York State Tax Department.</p><p>THE DEADLINE FOR FILINGIS DECEMBER 31</p><p>It's never too late to be fire safe</p><p>The holidays are a time for friends,loads of cheer and family get togeth-ers. It's also thqt time of year when firedepartments see a spike in calls for assis-tance. By following a few simple rules youand your family can stay safe this winter.The Mount Vernon Fire Department's</p><p>Bureau of Fire Prevention is available tohelp residents be fire safe. They can beconsulted for advice and direction in elim-inating fire and life safety hazards in build-ings as well as keeping your living andwork environments free from the danger ofcarbon monoxide poisoning.</p><p>Remember, in the event of an immedi-ate emergency, dial 911. Be prepared t giveyour name, the location of the emergency,your location, the nature of the emergencyand how many people may be involved inthe emergency.</p><p>JAMAICAN DOLLARS INQUEENS RESTAURANT: </p><p>Jamaica Breeze, a popular New YorkCity restaurant that first opened itsdoors in Queens about six monthsago has made an unprecedenteddecision to allow customers theoption to pay in Jamaican dollars.Owner/CEO Mike Duncan and hiscashier display a Jamaican $50note. The all-day eatery that special-izes in classic, old fashionedJamaican cuisine started acceptingJamaican dollars on December 9and both the Jamaican clients aswell as Duncan are excited aboutthis pioneering new option thatappears to be a first in New YorkCity.</p></li><li><p>WWW.STREETHYPENEWSPAPER.COM DECEMBER 1-31, 2013 STREET HYPE 5</p><p>NEWSMoney Broker</p><p>Admits FalsifyingPromissory Notes</p><p>BERLIN, CONNECTICUT</p><p>Frank Mete, 55, Berlin, Connecticut,waived his right to indictment andpleaded guilty before U.S. MagistrateJudge Donna F. Martinez in Hartford tofraud and tax evasion offenses stemmingfrom an investment fraud scheme.</p><p>According to court documents andstatements made in court, from approxi-mately 2009 to November 2012, Meteoperated an investment fraud scheme inwhich he held himself out as a broker ofhard money loans between investors andpurported individual borrowers who werewilling to borrow money at interest rates of15 to 18 percent. In fact, there were nosuch borrowers.</p><p>In order to induce the investors toextend loans to the purported borrowersthrough him as the broker, Mete createdfalse promissory notes, mortgage docu-ments, and other false records using thenames of the fictitious borrowers. Afterreceiving from the victim investors checksthat were made out to the purported bor-rowers, he forged the signatures on thechecks and deposited the funds into severalbank accounts he opened in the borrowersnames.</p><p>Through this scheme, Met...</p></li></ul>