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  • Strawberry energyBringing solar powered devices to urban spaces

  • How do you envision a smart city?

    How do you serve your mobile consumers today?

  • How do you serve your mobile consumers today?

    Presenting the next generation of smart street furniture

    Strawberry Tree

    Strawberry Smart Bench


  • This is not just about technology nor is it just a product. In my view it will be an interesting and ultimately very flexible piece of street furniture that provides a service to the tech mobile consumers of today. Solar powered connectivity and amenity in a Smart City environment whats not to like. Stephen Andrews,Project Design Executive, CWG

    Strawberry Smart Benches are coming to Canary Wharf

  • Benefits of smart street furniture

    Create a smart city environment

    Improve the way citizens use public spaces by providing the flexibility and utility necessary for a more productive community. Increase understanding of renewable energy by bringing solar power into peoples everyday lives.

    Monitoring public health

    Track environmental data via a network of Strawberry devices and set actions to improve quality of living and working for your citizens.

    Improving public safety

    Build environments where people feel safe knowing that you provide outdoorinfrastructure for emergency cases.

    Social hubs

    People can enjoy their free time using Strawberry devices, recharging mobile devices, checking local info, chatting and meeting other people.

  • Strawberry Smart Bench Features

    Air qualitysensing

    Chargingmobile devices

    Social hub

    Panic button

  • Strawberry Smart Bench Technical details

    Installation duration: 2 hours Warranty: 2 yearsLow maintenanceCan be branded on request

    Dimensions:Height: 2.62 mWidth: 2.4 m Depth: 0.68 m

    Configuration:Solar powered and standalone Installed power: 100 WBattery management system - works 24/7, during night and cloudy weather2 cables for charging mobile devices2 USB ports 1 Wireless chargerFixed on ground

  • Strawberry Tree Features

    Charging mobile devices

    & WiFi

    Environmental sensing

    LED lights & emergency call

    Social hub

  • Strawberry Tree Technical details

    Dimensions:Height: 4.39 mCanopy: 3.52 x 3.64m Depth: 4.2 x 1.28 x 0.45 m

    Configuration:Solar powered and standalone Installed power: 900 WBattery capacity: 4500 Wh (aprox. 800,000 10 minute chargings / year)Battery management system - works 24/7, during night and cloudy weather6 USB ports 8 cables for charging mobile devicesSensors: temperature, humidity, air quality, air pressure, noise levelWiFi ready

    * Installation requires foundation** From the day of advance payment (45%)

    Solar powered and autonomous Installation duration: 1 day * Delivery time: 1 month ** Warranty: 2 years

    Possibility for additional features per request

  • Idealy suited for public and private spaces

    University campuses

    Parks & gardens

    Shopping centres

    Sports arenas

    Business parks

    City streets & squares

    Transport hubs

    Residential developments

    Mixed use developments

  • References

    One of the 25 technologies every smart city should have

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    It sparks serendipitous connections between city dwellers.- New cities foundation

    Previous clients: Canary Wharf Group, UK; Orange Telecom,

    Slovakia; City councils across Europe...

    In the media:

    Creating a network of smarter cities in London,

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  • About Strawberry energy

    Strawberry energy is a company with a vision to enhance the smartness of public spaces across the world. Founded in 2010 the company currently operates in six European countries as well as California, US.

    Theres a lot of symbolism behind the strawberry. Its the first fruit that ripens in spring, thus representing something new, fresh and positive after a long winter has passed. (Milos Milisavljevic, Founder of Strawberry energy)

    Winners of the Cognicity Challenge

    organized by Canary Wharf, London, 2015

    Top ten urban innovations that work at the New Cities

    Summit in Dallas, Texas, 2013

    1st place at the Sustainable energy week organized by

    European Commission, Brussels 2011

    1st place at Verge Accelerate, San Francisco,

    California, 2014

  • Contact

    Zorica MalesevicUK 7426 474 019