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Strategic Plan and Development Plan of the new Anmai University Library 2010 ~2011

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Strategic Plan and Development Plan of the new Anmai University Library 2010 ~2011. The new Anmai University Library. Background. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Strategic Plan and Development Plan of the new Anmai University Library 2010 ~2011

  • Strategic Planand Development Plan ofthe newAnmai University Library

    2010 ~2011

  • BackgroundThe new Anmai University LibraryThe original main library service centre was heavily destroyed when the earthquake hit the southern part of Vietnam on April 1, 2010. Many library staff members were seriously injured and only 6 professional library staff left at the university. This plan is to analyze where we are now and how to move forward in the coming year for rebuilding the library.

  • To rebuild, refresh, reinforcethe library service in Anmai, and the heart and soul in the province & Vietnam MissionThe new Anmai University Library

  • StrengthsThe new Anmai University Library80% of the print collections has not been destroyedThe remaining 6 professional staff including the Acting director can take care different sections:System librarian keeps on updated by the latest technologies Reference librarian has experience on working in learning commonsExisting staff in ACQ, CAT & Serials are readyThese librarians had good reputation among the students and staff.

  • Many existing staff were seriously injured and some went back to home villages for their families. Therefore, the remaining manpower is very weak.The remaining staff are not all stable :Library director, in age 80, would retire and the Acting director becomes the new Head. The cataloguer will retire in 2 yearsNew staff will be hired but it takes time to get them familiar with the operation of the LibraryThe printed collection without air-conditioned for a long period is getting worse in condition.The organizational structure has never been revised in the changing environment.

    WeaknessesThe new Anmai University Library

  • The Library was used to be complained by the students about the lack of learning space and electronic resources.The Head was questioned if the current job duty arrangement is appropriate with the evolution of electronic information.The library seldom collaborates with other parties.The physical environment and condition is uncertain after the earthquake.

    ThreatsThe new Anmai University Library

  • At least a 4% budget increase in each of the coming 10 years is promised by the President.The funds for building a new library are guaranteed by the former director.A precious chance of rebuilding the library with new arrangement in space, collection and staffing is given to cope with the new environment.


    The new Anmai University Library

  • UNESCO keeps on helping the libraries to get discount on buying e-journal and e-book, to link the campus to the web and the resources held by national library. This can reduce the cost on acquiring more e-resources for the students.Young teaching staff will share similar expectation on electronic resources with the students who complaining about lack of e-journals and e-books. A request of collaboration was received from Sidney Polytechnic and this can be a chance of sharing resources or win-win collaboration.

    Opportunities - 2 The new Anmai University Library

  • Build a brand new library with the best design and latest technologyReview the library collection development for the coming 10 yearsReorganize the library sections and human resourcesInnovate the library serviceTake a leading role in interlibrary collaboration


    The new Anmai University Library

  • Build a library with earthquake resistanceBecome the signature library in the provinceProvide well enough collaborative learning space for the users in the coming 10 years Provide well enough space and equipments for the collection development in the coming 10 yearsProvide the latest IT equipments for teaching and learning

    Build a brand new library

    The new Anmai University Library

  • Study the value of the existing printed collection in bad condition Study the need on increasing electronic journals and booksReview the relevancy of the collection to the course subjectsBuild an unique collection (e.g. about earthquake)Review the library collection development

    The new Anmai University Library

  • Review the functions in all existing sectionsReview the job duties of all existing staffRevise the organization structure if appropriateAdd new staff according to new library structure (Note: the cataloguer will retire in 2 years)

    Reorganize the library sections and human resources

    The new Anmai University Library

  • Conduct information literary workshops of the latest technology for staff and studentsStudy the feasibility of providing an online learning environment with library materials providedStudy the feasibility of making use of cloud computing on data security and integrity or any other service

    Innovate the library service

    The new Anmai University Library

  • Collaborate with UNESCO to get special prices for e-journals and e-booksContinue the negotiation with Sidney Polytechnic for collaboration on access privilege for their night school studentsContact the 5 universities in the same province for the possibility of collaboration

    Take a leading role in interlibrary collaboration

    The new Anmai University Library

  • Project Development Plan

    The new Anmai University Library


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