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STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS 2016–2021 - Echo .FOLDRite Template Master: B-9 Author: foldfactory Subject:

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    STRATEGY 5NACCHO will lead, shape and advocate national reform in health policy

    Actions Lead development of a National Strategy on the

    Social Determinants of Aboriginal Health that identify key evidence based policies and programs to address factors such as education, income inequality, alcohol and other drugs, employment and public housing

    Enhance NACCHOs role as a national voice on the above platform

    Improve NACCHOs capacity to undertake national service mapping of the community controlled sector throughout Australia to identify areas with high levels of preventable admissions and deaths and inadequate services

    In collaboration with State and Territory Peaks, more strongly advocate on behalf of disadvantaged communities who are seeking to introduce community controlled health organisations

    With the Department of Health, develop health system reforms in those areas which impact on ACCHs

    Head the development of a national data health repository for policy and planning purposes and to inform advocacy.

    KPIs NACCHO produces Aboriginal Health report cards

    An Australian Government/NACCHO co-design strategy is in place

    Evidence of continued growth in the Community Controlled sector

    National service mapping of comparative community disadvantage is in place

    Endeavours to achieve bipartisan support on the NACCHO Strategy have been made.

    NAC 31-35 A

    Level 3, 221 London Circuit, Canberra City ACT 2601 PO Box 5120 Braddon ACT 2612

  • PREAMBLENACCHO is the Peak national body for Aboriginal health in Australia.

    NACCHO has a membership of over 150 Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS). These organisations have over 45 years of cultural experience, knowledge and capability in the delivery of comprehensive primary health care. The services are delivered through fixed, outreach and mobile clinics in urban, rural and remote settings across Australia.

    NACCHOs vision is:Aboriginal people enjoy quality of life through whole-of-community self-determination and individual spiritual, cultural, physical, social and emotional wellbeing. Aboriginal health in Aboriginal hands.

    STRATEGY 3NACCHO will enhance and demonstrate the value it offers to members by exhibiting strong leadership

    Actions Evidence based research for financial reform of

    the Sector including access to mainstream funding

    Develop and implement strategies for sustainable future funding of ACCHSs

    Improve communication and enhance accountability to and from members

    Advocate for the recognition of the Aboriginal Community Controlled model of care as preferred providers in tendering and commissioning

    Facilitate development of leadership opportunities and succession planning.

    KPIs Extent of support for leadership training,

    succession planning and mentoring

    Conduct an annual satisfaction survey of all members

    Establishment of functional Medical Advisory Group and a Policy Officers Forum

    Undertake an annual Board performance review

    Development of more sustainable funding models.

    STRATEGY 4NACCHO will Continue to strengthen its

    governance structure and skills base processes

    assist similar improvements in State and Territory Peaks and ACCHSs

    Actions Ensure the principles of community control are

    retained at all levels of governance

    Clarify roles of NACCHO, State and Territory Peaks, regional bodies and ACCHSs to ensure better collaboration, optimal effectiveness and community control

    Development of a new NACCHO constitution to meet future requirements in a changing landscape

    Implement strategies to promote a strong skills based NACCHO Board

    Better engage State and Territory Peak CEOs in NACCHO Board input

    Improve advice and guidance to members on appropriate governance requirements.

    KPIs Changed Constitution to clarify roles of NACCHO

    and Affiliates and the opportunity to include skills based Directors

    Board members have completed an appropriate corporate governance course

    Revitalize the National Principles and Guidelines for Good Governance

    Establishment of a NACCHO Board State and Territory Peaks CEOs Committee.

    Our members continue to demonstrate that they are the leading provider of culturally appropriate, comprehensive, primary health care to Aboriginal people across the nation, exceeding Government or private providers. The definition of health adopted by NACCHO and members is in accordance with that described in the 1989 National Aboriginal Health Strategy.

    Aboriginal Health means not just the physical wellbeing of an individual, but refers to the social, emotional and cultural wellbeing of the whole community in which each individual is able to achieve their full potential as a human being, thereby bringing about the total wellbeing of their community. It is a whole of life view and includes the cyclical concept of life-death-life.

    Over the next 5 years it is anticipated that our population will grow to 721,000 people, a growth rate of 2.2% per year. There is a need to successfully advocate for targeted additional resources that support high quality health services.

    NACCHO provides informed advice and guidance to the Australian Government on policy and budget matters that will contribute to the quality of life for Aboriginal people.

    This Strategic Directions document describes five key strategies over the next five years to achieve this quality improvement.

    Within each strategy, a number of specific actions are detailed, as are key performance indicators. The strategies and actions recognise Aboriginal cultural diversity across remote, rural, regional and metropolitan Australia.

    The selection of these strategies and actions arose through consultation with the NACCHO Board of Directors, member organisations, State and Territory Peaks, funding bodies, NACCHO staff and others with specific expertise in Aboriginal Health.

    STRATEGY 1NACCHO will maintain and strengthen its position as the National Peak body for Aboriginal health and wellbeing in Australia.

    Actions Better demonstrate linkages between the

    Aboriginal community controlled health sector and achievement of continued improvement in Aboriginal health

    Champion and support the expansion of Aboriginal community controlled health services to properly meet the health needs of Aboriginal people

    Build NACCHOs internal capacity and establish effective partnership arrangements in research and policy

    Develop and maintain effective working relationships/partnerships with the relevant external stakeholders

    Achieve preferred provider status of the ACCHs with the Department of Health regarding the provision of integrated, comprehensive primary health care for Aboriginal people.

    KPIs Achievement of a National Framework Agreement

    with the Commonwealth government

    Recognition of preferred provider status with the Department of Health

    Extent of NACCHO representation on key national advisory groups and committees

    Recognition of NACCHO as the leader on Aboriginal health and wellbeing in government policy frameworks and key documents.

    STRATEGY 2NACCHO will develop a research and continuous quality improvement framework.

    Actions Identify and develop holistic health models and

    practices for whole of life perspectives for the patient journey

    Ensure central role for ACCHSs in national initiatives that enable improved service integration, access to and quality of care at local levels

    Develop a cultural framework for adoption and use in the non Aboriginal specific health service sector

    Enhance NACCHOs capacity in applied research with a focus on models of care and CQI.

    KPIs Achievement of increased capacity of State

    and Territory Peaks to support members CQI.

    Engagement of NACCHO in national initiatives such as Patient Controlled Electronic Health Records, Primary Health Networks, integrated care ,telecommunications, nationally funded health research

    A National Aboriginal Research Accord established to engage with community and determine how community wants to be engaged in research

    Develop a NACCHO Health Status Reporting mechanism.