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STRAIGHT -  · PDF file 10/10/1986  · PITCAIRN AUTOGIRO AT OSHKOSH '86 . One of the rarest aircraft to attend an EAA Annual Convention was the Pit­ cairn PCA-2 Autogiro, NC11609,

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Text of STRAIGHT -  · PDF file 10/10/1986  · PITCAIRN AUTOGIRO AT OSHKOSH '86 . One...


    How many places in the world would you find an airport within an airport ­ good question - the only one I know of is the EAA Pioneer Airport located at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. All Convention goers and Museum visitors can 't miss seeing this historical dream become a reality. Our founder and president, Paul Poberezny, had this dream in his mas­ ter plan for our EAA Headquarters long before the first spade was put into the ground. All of us who have worked at our local levels to improve our airports and in some cases preserve them, realize how much work a project of this kind must have required .

    One of the objectives of the EAA An­ tique/Classic Division is encouraging and aiding in the restoration and reten­ tion of antique and classic aircraft. The Pioneer Airport makes this objective a reality. Here we have a new hangar large enough to house 27 aircraft with an additional hangar planned, plus the relocation of Bernard Pietenpol 's hangar to Oshkosh along with other his­ torical facilities . This complex assures the preservation of the good old days of aviation. The Pioneer Airport also provides a beautiful 1800 ft. grass run­ way. This makes it possible to fly these rare (some are one-of-a-kind) airplanes for the thrill and entertainment of Museum visitors on selected weekends during the summer months.

    Where else could a visitor walk through years of aviation in the EAA Aviation Foundation Museum, then step outside and witness a complete airport with flying activities of the 1930s. Fol­ lowing the flying events, visitors can then walk across the runway and see and touch aviation rolled back 50 years. Touring the flight line and the main hangar, the beauty of the old planes brings to mind hundreds of aviation firsts and adventuresome stories in the minds of the visitors.

    by Bob Lickteig

    Each of these historical aircraft, many in flying condition, could fill a book of pioneering exploits. Many of these made page one news in their day and others conquered challenges and furth­ ered the development of aviation as un­ sung heroes. Yes, the aircraft are there: Piper, Waco, Stinson, Curtiss Robin, Spartan, Ryan, Harlow, Fairchild, Mono­ coupe, Travel Air, Luscombe and Lock­ heed, just to name a few, and each one with a history all its own. Many of us had the privilege of growing up dur­ ing this era and just as today, we ea­

    gerly read the reports in the flying magazines covering these pioneer air­ craft. Here we can appreciate the ex­ citement, the thrills and the disappoint­ ments experienced by these airplanes and their pilots.

    We who love antique and classic air­ craft can stand quietly in the middle of history and see, hear and feel the exploits, one by one of these pioneering aircraft and the dedicated people who flew them .

    If we ever doubt the value of our EAA membership or any of its divisions, the Pioneer Airport is one place to reinforce our dedication and our love for this era of aviation. Our Pioneer Airport, yes I said ours, as it is through the support of thousands of EAA members that this one-of-a-kind facility in the world exists today. If you haven't had time to ar­ range a visit, please put it on the top of your list for your next trip to Oshkosh and, if you walk softly, you too will hear these stories loud and clear.

    Welcome aboard, join us and you have it all! •

    2 OCTOBER 1986



    Tom Poberezny



    Dick Matt


    Gene R. Chase


    Mike Drucks


    Mary Jones


    Norman Petersen

    Dick Cavin


    George A. Hardie, Jr.

    Dennis Parks




    President Vice President

    R. J. Lickteig M.C. "Kelly" Viets 1718 Lakewood Rt. 2, Box 128

    Albert Lea, MN 56007 Lyndon, KS 66451

    507/373-2922 913/828-351 8

    Secretary Treasurer Ronald Fritz E.E. " Buck" Hilbert

    15401 Sparta Avenue P,O, Box 145 Kent City, MI49330 Union, IL 60180

    616/678-5012 815/923-4591


    John S. Copeland Stan Gomoll 9 Joanne Drive 1042 90th Lane, NE

    Westborough, MA 01 581 Minneapolis, MN 55434 617/366-7245 612n84-1172

    Dale A. Gustafson Espie M. Joyce, Jr.

    7724 Shady Hill Drive Box 468

    Indianapolis, IN 46278 Madison, NC 27025

    317/293-4430 919/427-0216

    Arthur R. Morgan Gene Morris 3744 North 51st Blvd. 115C Steve Court, R R 2 Milwaukee, WI 53216 Roanoke, TX 76262

    414/442-3631 817/491-9110

    Daniel Neuman Ray Olcott

    1521 Berne Circle W. 1500 Kings Way

    Minneapolis, MN 55421 Nokomis, FL 33555

    612/571-0893 81 3/485-8139

    John R. Turgyan S.J. Wittman

    Box 229, RF,D. 2 Box 2672

    Wrightstown, NJ 08562 Oshkosh, Wl 54903

    609n58-291 0 414/235-1265

    George S. York

    181 Sloboda Ave.

    Mansfield, OH 44906


    ADVISORS Timothy V. Bowers Robert C. " Bob" Brauer

    729 -2nd St. 9345 S, Hoyne Woodland, CA 95695 Chicago, IL 60620

    916/666-1875 312n 79-2105

    Philip Coulson Robert D. "Bob" Lumley 2841 5 Springbrook Dr. Nl 04 W20387

    Lawton, MI49065 Willow Creek Road 616/624-6490 Colgate, WI 53017

    41 4/255-6832

    S.H. " Wes" Schmid W. S. "Jerry" Wallin

    2359 Lefeber Avenue 29804 - 179 PI. SE

    Wauwatosa, WI 53213 Kent, WA98031

    414n71-1545 206/631 -9644


    OCTOBER 1986 • Vol. 14, No. 1 0

    Copyright ,< 1986 by the EAA Antique/Classic Division, Inc, All rights reserved.

    Contents 2 Straight and Level

    by Bob Lickteig 4 AlC News

    by Gene Chase 6 A Classy Classic - Cessna 140A Patroller

    by Norm Petersen 9 Honeymooning at Oshkosh

    by Gene Chase 10 Restoration Corner: Fabrics and Finishes

    and the Installation Thereof by W.D. "Dip" Davis

    12 60th Anniversary of Colorado Airmail by Bill Madsen

    15 Mystery Plane by George A. Hardie, Jr.

    16 Cessna Aeroplanes by Eldon W, Cessna

    17 Member's Projects 17 Calendar of Events 18 Bill Haselton's Fleet

    by Gene Chase 20 Type Club Activities

    by Gene Chase 21 Vintage Literature

    by Dennis Parks 22 Welcome New Members 24 Photo Album - Show Plane Camping

    At Oshkosh '86 by Gene Chase

    26 Letters to the Editor 27 Vintage Seaplanes

    by Norm Petersen

    Page 6

    Page 18

    Page 28 28 McCabe Aeroplane

    by Gene Chase

    29 Vintage Trader

    FRONT COVER . . . Steve Pitcairn (EAA 109260, AlC 4080), Bryn Athyn , PA taxies his rare , 1931 Pitcairn PCA-2 Autogiro to participate in the "Parade of Flight" at Oshkosh '86. (Photo by Norm Petersen)

    BACK COVER . . . Highly polished and rare Cessna 140A Patroller, NC5332C, SIN 15452, pulls in close for its portrait with owner Odell Mathis, Newport, NC at the controls , See story on page 6.

    (Photo by Carl Schuppel)

    The words EAA, ULTRALIGHT, FLY WITH THE FIRST TEAM, SPORT AVIATION, and the logos of EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT ASSOCIATION INC" EAA INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION, EAA ANTIQUE/CLASSIC DIVISION INC" INTERNATIONAL AEROBATIC CLUB INC" WARBIRDS OF AMERICA INC" are registered trademarks, THE EAA SKY SHOPPE and logos of the EAA AVIATION FOUNDATION INC, and EAA ULTRALIGHT CONVENTION are trademarks of the above associations and their use by any person other than the above associations is strictly prohibited,

    Editorial Policy: Readers are encouraged to submit stories and photographs, Policy opinions expressed in articles are solely those of the authors. Responsibility for accuracy in reporting rests entirely with the contributor. Material should be sent to : Gene R, Chase, Editor, The VINTAGE AIRPLANE, Wittman Airfield, Oshkosh, WI 54903-3086, Phone: 414/426-4800,

    The VINTAGE AIRPLANE (ISSN 0091 -6943) is published and owned exclusively by EAA Antique/Classic Division, Inc, of the Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc. and is published monthly at Wittman Airfield, Oshkosh, WI 54903­ 3086. Second Class Postage paid at Oshkosh, WI 54901 and additional mailing offices, Membership rates for EAA Antique/Classic Division, Inc, are $18,00 for current EAA members for 12 month period of which $12,00 is for the publication of The VINTAGE AIRPLANE, Membership is open to all who are interested in aviation.

    ADVERTISING - Antique/Classic Division does not guarantee or endorse any product offered through our advert is­ ing, We invite constructive criticism and welcome any report of inferior merchandise obtained through our advertising so that corrective measures can be taken,

    Postmaster: Send address changes to EAA Antique/Classic Division, Inc" Wittman Airfield, Oshkosh, WI 54903-3086,


  • Compiled by Gene Chase


    One of the rarest aircraft to attend an EAA Annual Convention was the Pit­ cairn PCA-2 Autogiro, NC11609, SIN B27. The aircraft was manufactured on 6-26-31 by the Pitcairn-Cierva Autogiro Company, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. The PCA-2 was the first autogiro to be certificated in the U.S.

    The restoration of this only known fly­ ing example was completed on 7-25-86 just in time for its owner, Stephen Pit­ cairn (son of the manufacturer) to fly it to Oshkosh from its home base at T

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