StoryCode marketing campaign for a new found-footage film ... Workshop: StoryLINES ... presented in the 2015 Digital Domain, a SXSW Convergence

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  • Immersive Storytelling:StoryCode is an open-source, globalcommunity for emerging and establishedcross-platform and immersive storytellers.

    Immersive Media Dispatch: November 2014

    StoryCode News

    Were in a unique position: StoryCode is a living, breathingidea which is constantly evolving as we find better ways toconnect and support makers playing in the story+techspace. And now we very are proud to be 16 chapters strongon 5 continents and growing.

    For those of you new to our model, we are a completelylateral, unfunded, volunteer-driven organization. And aschapter organizers, we constantly navigate what it means toexist in a space traditionally occupied by withering fundingorganizations and obsolete arts non-profits.

    To continue the work we do, we need your ideas andsupport to help volunteer, steer and run our local chapters.Please reach out to us( if you have afew hours a month to dedicate to creating a more robustand creative universe for this emerging space.

    We believe in the power of making, and we rely on yourenergy to propel this idea. Join us in person or start achapter in your city.

    Upcoming StoryCode ChapterEvents:

    StoryCode Los AngelesKarim Ahmad / FUTURESTATESDecember 4, 2014 - 7:30pm

    StoryCode New York CityKerrin Sheldon & Gaston Blanchet /HumanityNovember 18, 2014 - 6:30pm

    Of Note

    Harvest of Change: Immersive Long FormJournalism

    Think virtual reality storytelling techniques are just forfuturistic video games? Think again - check out "Harvest ofChange", an immsersive look into how Iowa farm families areconfronting a nation in transition.Over five days, meet fourIowa farm families navigating this changing world. And, in ajournalistic first, step into the century-old Dammann farmthrough 360-degree video and virtual reality. This project wasbuilt using the Unity 3D engine.

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  • Capital TV: Transmedia

    To celebrate the next Hunger Games film, Google andLionsgate launched a new digital series called "DistrictVoices". Each episode features segments from a differentYouTube creator including iJustine, Jimmy Wong, and DerekMuller. The episodes are presented as programming fromCapital TV, the fictional government-run station in theHunger Games Storyworld.

    Exists: Transmedia

    Can't get enough of Finding Bigfoot? Check out thetransmedia marketing campaign for a new found-footage filmcalled "Exists". Built on Tumblr the experience allows usersto interact with the characters of the film and choose whichdirection the story takes. There is also an in-world websitecalled

    Humanity: Interactive Publishing

    Humanityis an iPad app for explorers, travelers, andadventurers. Its a travel app that puts storytelling andcultural immersion above all else. Each Humanity issue iscreated through more than two months of production with theaim of telling unique stories and highlighting fascinatingindividuals from countries around the world.

    This isn't a where-to-eat app. They don't show you hotelreviews from your mom. Everything you see on Humanity isoriginal content, created with an immersive iPad experiencein mind. They hope to inspire authentic travel and culturalimmersion, all while showcasing the people that make acountry unique.

    Primal: Co-Creation

    Primal is a collaborative experience on the expression of ourmost intense feelings, through the creation of an eternalscream. It's a 9000 km long collaboration between theCanalEncuentro(Argentina), the National Film Board ofCanadaand users who share their own scream via webcam.


    Things That Matter: Co-Creation

    Things That Matter is an ongoing/collective storytellingproject about the emotional value of things.What would welike to share with the people of the future about our personallives? This question lies at the heart of a mysterious videowhich shows up online out of nowhere. Yuri speaks from thefuture, seeking traces of our contemporary civilization andorganizing the items he receives in his Wunderkammer, anastounding cabinet of curiosities. Since all knowledge aboutour present era has disappeared, we are all asked to sharean object of personal value with an accompanying story thata web platform will host.

    Member Highlights

    Workshop: StoryLINES - The narrative intent oflines in space. Full documentation.

    On September 13, 2014 StoryCode Singapore teamed upwith local artist and designer Lennard Ong to deliver aunique and one-of-a-kind workshop. Participants were ableto explore their own imagination moving through space,crafting meaning out of the abstract and intangible.

    In two workshops and one talk session, this full day eventwas a launchpad to dozens of personal journeys throughoutmicro story-universes.

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    Black Public Media Announces NBPC 360

    NBPC 360 is the new funding initiative of the National BlackProgramming Consortium (NBPC) devised to help launchnon-fiction and fiction serial projects, as well as interactivetransmedia projects, about the Black experience.

  • Select projects receive between 50K and 150K to producetheir pilots!

    More information here

    The Create Daily - Opportunity Corner

    From competitions to funding, here are opportunities thatmay help advance your work. Opportunity Corner is curatedby The Create Daily. Signup free at

    SXSW Digital Domain Seeks SubmissionsDeadline: December 12, 2014Media makers are invited to submit their work to bepresented in the 2015 Digital Domain, a SXSW Convergencetrack that tackles new directions in storytelling across arange of exciting new digital platforms. Works can includeinteractive documentaries, web series, apps, experimentalperformance work, augmented reality and more.

    Sponsors & Partners Reach Out

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    Are you a member with exciting news? Are you launching anew project or looking to raise funds to start one? Email usthe details and we'll consider inclusion in the monthlynewsletter.

    Thanks to our awesome community for its continued support.

    StoryCode is an open-source, global community for emergingand established cross-platform and immersive storytellers.

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