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Storyboard for my opening title sequence

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2. In this establishing shot the two characters will be walking towards the old dodgylooking barn where they will be playing the Ouija board. This shot will show that thecharacters are close friends, as they are walking together and they are wearing similarclothes (Hoodies and jeans). They will be walking in a natural and casual way to indicatethat there is nothing unreal about this scene, to show that everything is flowingnaturally. The boys will also be having a random conversation about something. 3. This will be a close up shot that will track the Ouija board as the boy is carrying it. This shotwill be around 3 seconds, as it is only supposed to give the audience a quick glimpse of theOuija board and to indicate to the audience that they will be using this prop forsomething, such as playing it. This also gives the audience a sense of feeling that the boy areup to mischief, as they shouldnt be playing with a Ouija board. 4. This will be a long shot/panning shot of the boys walking towards the old dodgy barn. Thisshot is similar to the establishing shot, except that the boys are getting closer to the barn. Thisshot is also more detailed and shows exactly what the boys are wearing and what their bodylanguage is. This shows the audience that these two boys are walking in a very casual andrelaxed way and that everything is normal. The audience can also see a part of the Ouijaboard in this shot. This shot basically lets the audience know who the main characters are andwhat they are doing. 5. This panning shot shows the boys arriving at the old dodgy barn. This basically shows theaudience what the setting of the scene is and that the boys will be playing the Ouija board inthis barn. As the one boy points up at the small door above the ladder, the audience becomesaware that the boys are thinking of climbing up the ladder to enter that door, which will endup with them playing the Ouija board there. This scene also has an association with horror, asthe barn has a very old, rough and dodgy or scary look to it. 6. This will be a tracking shot of the boys climbing the ladder of the barn. This gives a senseof suspense to the audience, as the ladder is quite high and the audience will want to findout what will happen next. This shot will basically follow the characters walking to theladder and then climbing up it. The boy on top of the ladder in this image will say to theother boy that he should follow him up the ladder and that he shouldnt be scared. This iswhen the other boy follows him up the ladder. 7. This will be a point of view shot as the boy opens the door after he had climbed the ladder. Thiswill put the audience in the same place as the boy. It will show the audience what the boy isseeing and experiencing. This shot will basically show the audience what the setting is insidethe barn and that it has a scary and creepy effect. This shot will also create suspense and theaudience will want to know what will happen next. 8. This will be a medium shot of the boys looking into the inside of the barn after they have openedthe door. This will show the facial expressions of the boys to show what they are seeing. Theboys will have a surprised expression on their faces and they will look shocked, as they arehorrified what they are seeing, but they are still excited to play the game as the setting inside thebarn is perfect for them to play the game as it has a creepy effect. 9. This will be a medium shot of the boys setting up the Ouija board in the middle of the ground ofthe roof of the barn. This shot will show the setting inside the barn to make it clear to theaudience that the setting has a creepy effect and that it related to the genre horror, as theaudience is expected for something to happen as they start playing the game. The boys will behaving a normal conversations in this shot and they will be setting up the Ouija board on theground. 10. This will be an extreme close up shot of the boy lighting the candle. This candle will be used asa source of low key lighting, as we need low key lighting for our opening title sequence, as itrelates well to horror movies to create a creepy effect. The barn is also too dark inside, so thesecandles will help a lot to create a bit more light in order to show the props and the characters.Lighting this candle will make the audience aware of the scene and that it has something to dowith spiritualism and the characters will be playing the Ouija board, so this will relate well. 11. This will be a close up shot of the boys hands on the Ouija board playing the game. This willindicate to the audience that the boys have started to play the game and that this is where thesuspense will get built up, as the audience will want to find out what will happen next. This createenigma through the use of the boys playing the Ouija board, as something is tended to gowrong, as normally when you play with the Ouija board, you make contact with spirits, whichdoesnt end up good, so this scene builds up the audiences tension and they know something badis going to happen next. 12. This will be a tracking shot of the boys jumping up after they have heard a creepy demon scream inthe back and then they start to run for the door to escape. This scene gives the audience a freight, asthe demon scream suddenly appears out of nowhere and it also gives the characters a huge freight.After the creepy demon voice, the characters jump up and run as fast as they can towards the opendoor on the far side of the barn. 13. There will be a medium shot of the door suddenly shutting by itself. This gives the characters anotherfreight and they start to scream and try to open the door. The characters can seem to open the door, itseems to be locked, this is when the credits of the ending of the opening title sequence come up. Thismakes the audience more interested in the scene and they will want to know what will happen next.