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2. 1 EDIT Cross- cutting to the next shot, so that it transfers easily- The diegetic sound of the little girl humming- The girl is humming the tune to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star tobuild up the tension, as this nursery rhyme symbolises innocencewhich contrasts with the genre of the movie- There is no other sound, just the sound of the humming- Blank, black screen- This fades into the book shelf shot 3. EDITCross cuttingused betweenshots to allowthe trailer toflowTYPE OF SHOTTrolley right- This shot will pan right so that the audience get the sense of thecharcter searching her way through the books- The sound will be the continuous humming of the nursery rhyme,carrying on from the first shot- The shot will be from the point of view of the character so thatthe viewers feel that they are looking from her perspective andfeel more part of the trailer 4. EDIT Cross cutting TYPE OF SHOT Long shot/pan- The diegetic sound of humming still continuous at this point- This shot shows a whole body shot of the main character movingher hand along the book shelf, so that the audience can getperspective of what the character looks like so they can familiarisethemselves with her 5. EDITCrossdissolveTYPE OFSHOTOver theshouldershot- Shot of the main protagonist touching the book that accidently fallsoff the shelf, so that the viewers can see what is happening- The humming is still continuous at this point- It is a wide, over the shoulder shot so that we can easily see thesurroundings but also feel part of what is going on 6. EDIT Cross dissolve TYPE OF SHOT Wide shot- This is the shot of the crash of the year book on the floor when itfalls- The humming will cut off here and there will be silence- We will enhance the sound of the book crashing to heighten thetension and suspense 7. EDIT Jump Cut to main character sat on the bed TYPE OF SHOT Wide shot- The girl is sat on her bed reading the year book- I chose to use a wide shot so that we can see the whole settingand the audience will realise that we are still in the equilibriumstages of the trailer- The diegetic humming continues throughout this shot 8. EDITCrossdissolveTYPE OFSHOTClose up- We will do a close up shot of some of the year book so that theaudience can see what it is like- While this is happening the sound will change to creepy, horrormusic to build up the tension- The shot will also be a birds eye view shot, so that the viewers canlook down on the year book from the characters perspective 9. EDITCrossdissolveTYPE OFSHOTExtremeclose up- This is an extreme close up of the nasty messages that are writtenin the year book, which will allow a feeling of revenge and will helpthe viewers realise that revenge is a major theme of our film- The messages will be quite shocking and not very nice andtherefore will hopefully draw the audience in- The creepy music will continue playing at this point 10. EDITFade toblackTYPE OFSHOTEstablishingshot-After the shot of the year book, there will be an establishing shot ofthe main character on her bed reading the year book and the camerawill pan in to the characters face to build up the tension and so wecan get a closer look at her emotions-Also the audience will be able to see the whole setting-The creepy music will begin to build up here 11. EDITING Fade to black TYPE OF SHOT Close up with a vignette-The next shot will be the flashback of the main character of when she was alittle girl (a troubled, young, 11 year old girl)-The transition between the previous shot and this shot will be smooth andthe same intensity of close up shot so that the audience will be able to tellthat it is a flashback-Also we will add a sepia effect and a vignette to the flashback so that it caneasily be seen that it is a shot from the past-The sound at this point will be a recording of little children laughing, toemphasise the bullying and laughing that occurred when she was a little girl 12. - As the next shot appears in the trailer, the sound of children will slowly fade - This will be a close-up, birds eye view of the main character highlighting the comments and names of people she wants to get revenge on. - The audience will sense the revenge that is about to occur and feel suspenseEDIT TYPE OF SHOTbuildingCross dissolve Close up birds eye view 13. - The creepy, intense horror music will begin to get louder at this point to build up tension - This shot will be a close up, still shot of the Facebook homepage with the name of her victim in the search so that the audience can begin to identify with the other characters in the movieEDITTYPE OF SHOT - The shot may flash aCross cut Close up little bit to give it an eerie effect and also to add to the computer effect 14. - This next shot will besimilar to the previousone but will focus onthe unfriend button sothat the audience cansee that she isunfriending herchildhood bully fromFacebook and that theyare being deactivatedfrom her life- The horror music willcontinue hereEDIT TYPE OF SHOTJump cut Close up 15. EDITFade to blackTYPE OF SHOTCanted angle,mid shot- The music here will become more intense but as well as the non-diegeticsound, there will also be the diegetic sound of footsteps (the villain) andwe will enhance the sound of the footsteps so that they are easy enoughto hear.- Also, the filming leading up to this shot will be handheld, so that we canhave the perspective of the villain and the viewers will feel part of what isgoing on- This shot will be of the first victim playing on x box (equilibrium) 16. - There will be a bit ofdialogue here of oneof our victims (Louis)shouting no, no andpanicking because heknows he is in trouble- The camera will zoomcloser into his face sothat the audience cansee his emotions andsee his terror as he isbeing attacked by theunknown villain- The music will build upand the shouting forEDIT TYPE OF SHOT help will increase toCross fade Extreme close up make the audiencewant to see what isgoing to happen next 17. - This shot will appear after a short 1 second black screen after Louis murder scene to create a contrast between that scene and the next.- This show will bean establishingshot of the house,to show therealism of theEDITTYEP OF SHOTlocation and toFade to black Establishing shot give the viewers aclear idea of thesetting 18. - The trailer will then jump to another close up shot of the Facebook page of the main character unfriending another one of her victims she wishes to take revenge on - This is so the audience can sense that another murder scene is approaching, leadingEDITTYPE OF SHOT them to want toCross cut Close up watch on - The creepy, horror music will still be continuous here 19. - The next shot will be of our next victim (Katie) as she is running in from being chased by a victim - We placed the camera at a canted angle to add dimension to the trailer and we used a wide shot to give the audience more of a sense of the setting - Creepy, non-diegetic music carrying on here but we will alsoEDIT TYPE OF SHOTenhance the diegeticCross dissolve Wide shot, canted sound of heavy angle breathing of the victim to add effect 20. - The shot of Katie after her running in will be of her under the table hiding from the villain - She is panicking and frightened - We will add in a sound of a heart beating to build up the tension - Our victim will also be breathing heavily toEDITTYPE OF SHOT emphasise theFade to black Close up level of terror she is facing 21. - Shot will be of the villains legs walking past the table that the victim is under - We will trolley right so that the audience can follow where the victim is going, building up the suspense because they will suspect something terrible is going to happen - We will enhance the diegetic soundEDITTYPE OF SHOT of the villainsCross cut Close up, trolley left footsteps to heighten levels of tension 22. - The penultimate shot will be of our final victim being pulled away from under the table by the villain - Audience will not be able to see the villain which will leave them questioning who the villain is (one of the main aims of our trailer) - The shot will start off as an extreme close up, allowing audience to relate to characters emotions and then shot will become more distant as she is pulled away - The horror music will still beTYPE OF SHOT playing but quite faint, whileEDITExtreme close up zooming the diegetic sound of theFade to blackout to distant shotcharacter screaming will be enhanced to heighten the fear and tension for the audience 23. - The final shot of our trailer will be of the bloody knife that was used to kill the final victim - This follows the conventions of the slasher genre because of the stock weapons and the gore and along with this, will then leave a disturbing, nasty image in the viewers head - The aim of a horror trailer is to scare and to creep people out, and with this shot as theEDITTYPE OF SHOT final image, hopefully itCross Cut Close up, trolley down will lead the audience to be scared and want to watch the whole film