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Contains all of STORM's HR solutions like Flexible Benefits, Competency Framework Development, Human Capital Surveys, Performance Management Systems, Workforce Analytics, and HR outsourcing

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  • OUR COMPANYS PREMISE IS SIMPLE. We combine our expertise in HUMAN RESOURCES and web-centric TECHNOLOGY in helping organizations become more successful.

    STORM CONSULTING, INC. is a Manila-based organizational solutions firm. Our clients have come to know us for our service excellence and flexibility, inside-out domain knowledge, innovative approach, and sheer value-for-money.

    We invite you to find out why a growing number of the best companies have decided to partner with us.

  • Feasibility Study. Is flexible benefits ideal for your firm? STORM helps you determine program suitability and the right design using a study based on its own Five-Factor Model.

    Implementation. Armed with decades of migration experience and its custom-built flexible benefits tool, STORM can help you navigate through the transition from a traditional benefits system.

    Full Outsourcing. For maximum efficiency and ease, you can opt for a comprehensive process outsourcing agreement with us, wherein we effectively become your benefits department.

    Cloud Technology. We deliver the flexible benefits experience completely over the web, allowing your employees to manage their data anytime, anywhere.

    Flexible BenefitsSatisfaction. Retention. Efficiency. Innovation.

  • Competency Framework DevelopmentStructure enabling strategy. Enterprise-wide performance.

    Competency Framework Development. Using competencies as foundation, we can help you create a framework which ensures alignment of all your critical HR functions to your strategic objectives.

    Skillmap. Take your competency framework to a whole new level by using Skillmap, STORMs cloud-based competency management solution. Skillmap allows you to forget paper documents and make your competency system truly be a way of life for your organization.

  • Human Capital SurveysIncreased understanding. Right diagnosis. Better strategy.

    Wellness Scorecard. More and more attention is being given now as to whether employees are well. Through its 5 Wellness Factors and its online survey tool, STORM can help you determine how well your employees are vis--vis the market. You can access more information by visiting

    Organizational Climate Survey. How are your employees? STORM helps you arrive at a definitive answer through an online survey tool, rigid statistical analysis, systematic group discussions and interviews.

    Training Evaluation Services. Companies are now spending billions on various training courses and learning activities. Are you getting the proper bang for the buck? Are your training courses doing what they are supposed to do? STORM can be your objective third party assessor in finding out.

  • Performance Management Systems

    Online System. STORMs system facilitates the online management of the performance management cycle: from planning, monitoring, and evaluations. The system fully supports a 360-degree environment, and can adapt to all the nuances of your particular performance management philosophy

    Process Outsourcing. You could opt to concentrate on the more strategic aspects of the function by assigning all the administration and logistical processes to STORM. We can use our online system to collect the data, do the follow-up calls to managers, provide you with daily running lists on who hasnt submitted, provide you valuable statistical data, and submit comprehensive reports.

    Accountability. Alignment. Success.

  • Workforce AnalyticsThe right job. The right structure. Objectivity. Optimization

    Job Analysis. Through systematic research, STORM can help you create accurate job descriptions, which are typically the core basis for almost all HR and people-related function.

    Job Evaluation. STORM can help you develop jobs and job systems which address both organizational and individual needs.

    Workload Capacity Analysis. Using our tried-and-tested factual approach in analyzing employee workload, we can provide accurate data on what exactly your employees are doing and how you can better align and optimize their work.

  • Human Resources OutsourcingStrategic focus. Productivity. Efficiency. Expertise.

    Comprehensive. With our experienced HR managers, HR administrators, and our custom-built HR technology, we can offer to run, maintain, and develop your entire HR function, from the strategic processes up to the administrative ones.

    Per Function. Payroll. Benefits. Performance Management. Recruitment. Learning and Development. Employee relations. Organizational Development. These are some of the HR and people-centric organization functions which STORM can run for you.

  • 5/F Unit 501 Peaksun Building, Princeton St. cor. Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, 1552, Philippines