Stoichiometric Combinations

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Stoichiometric Combinations and StabilityBy Kunal and Sarthak

StoichiometrySTOY-KEE-AHM-EH-TREE The quantitative relationship among reactants and products

Limiting Reagent

In Chemistry

Stoichiometric Combinations Compounds

containing elements combined in distinct ratios are often formed in daily life reactions

H2O2 and H2O Both

compounds occur in nature However, water is relatively stable How

does hydrogen peroxide form?

Think about marriages All

of them are not equally stable Why?


peroxide (H2O2) is formed when lightning strikes. will decompose on exposure to light, dust, or metal.


Uses of Hydrogen PeroxideHome Hair

Industry Bleaching


agent for textiles, paper pulp, leather, oils, fats, etc. control: treatment of domestic and industrial effluents


Combustion Revisited


Incomplete combustion Incomplete

combustion occurs when the supply of air or oxygen is poor. Water is still produced, but carbon monoxide and carbon are produced along with carbon dioxide.hydrocarbon + oxygen carbon monoxide + carbon + water


carbon is released as soot. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas. Gas

fires and boilers must be serviced regularly to ensure they do not produce carbon monoxide.