Steve Jobs' 10 Secrets for Great Presentations

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  • 7/30/2019 Steve Jobs' 10 Secrets for Great Presentations


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    Steve Jobs' 10 Secrets for Great Presentations1 message

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    Ten Secrets that Made Steve Jobs' Presentationsthe World's Best

    And How You Can Use Them to Astound Your Audience

    Genius. Legend. Visionary.

    These are but a few of the

    superlatives that have been usedto describe the late, great Steve


    But beyond his business acumen,

    the man behind

    Applecomputers and Pixar

    Animation Studios was perhaps

    the greatest keynote speaker ofour time. There are more than

    57,000 links to his presentations

    on YouTube.

    What made his presentations so

    amazing that people all over theworld want to see them? More

    importantly, how can the rest ofus learn from Steve to inspire

    our audiences the way he did?

    In his excellent book, ThePresentation Secrets of Steve

    Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great

    in Front of Any Audience,

    Carmine Gallo takes us behind

    the scenes and offers Steve's tensecrets that you can use for

    presentations that will inform,

    engage and, yes, astoundyour


    "My presentation was supposed to

    knock your socks off. I guess I gotcarried away."

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  • 7/30/2019 Steve Jobs' 10 Secrets for Great Presentations


    Holy Smokes, Bullets Kill! (And Other PresentationTips)Before planning your presentation, according to Carmine Gallo, it is critical to know

    the question that matters most to your audience: "Why should I care?"1 You need to

    think about how to inspire your audience. Simply trying to sell them something

    doesn't cut it. As Carmine writes, "Your widget doesn't inspire me. Show me how

    your widget improves my life, and you've won me over."


    Here are Steve Jobs' ten secrets for insanely great presentations.3

    1. Plan in analog. Brainstorm in advance of creating your presentation. You can

    use pen and paper, a whiteboard or, better yet, a mind map.

    DO NOT use PowerPointto create your presentationit will be used only in the

    final step! (More on this later.)

    2. Create Twitter-friendly headlines. Describe your product or service in 140

    characters or less. Preferably, a lot less. Steve introduced the MacBook Air

    assimply, "The world's thinnest notebook." About the first-generation iPod

    , he

    tweeted: "It's one thousand songs in your pocket."

    3. Introduce the villain. Steve saw a presentation as a three-act play that must

    tell a story, but what is a story without a hero and a villain? Before he

    introduced the famous 1984 ad to a group of Apple salespeople, he set the

    stage, casting "Big Blue" as Goliath. "IBM wants it all," he warned, and

    defiantly asserted that only Apple stoodin its way. His dramatic moment sentthe crowd into frenzy.

    While the villain doesn't have to be a competitor, it must be a common foe that

    your audience will want to join with you in rallying against. Your product is

    then revealed as the conquering hero.

    4. Create visual slides. As Carmine writes, "Neuroscientists are finding that the

    best way to communicate information is through text and pictures, not text

    alone." As for bullet points, Steve never, ever, used them and neither should

    you. Carmine has a section in her book titled, "Bullets Kill" that describes why

    you should avoid using PowerPoint to create your presentation.

    "Think about what happens when you open PowerPoint. A blank-format slide

    appears that contains space for wordsa title and subtitle. This presents a

    problem. There are very few words in a Steve Jobs presentation. Now thinkabout the first thing you see in the drop-down menu under Format: Bullets &

    Numbering. This leads to the second problem. There are no bullet points in a

    Steve Jobs presentation. The software itself forces you to create a template

    that represents the exact opposite of what you need to speak like Steve!"4

    Take a look at the following comparison of bullet-point slides compared to the

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  • 7/30/2019 Steve Jobs' 10 Secrets for Great Presentations


    same information, presented visually.

    5. Practice, a lot. Most people read their presentations off of their PowerPointslides. This is why most presentations are boring. Steve treated every slide as

    piece of poetry and every presentation as a theatrical event. He wasn't a

    natural presenter; he worked very hard at it. Rehearse your presentation, toss

    the script and look at your audience. Practice at making it look effortless.6. Obey the ten-minute rule. It's a scientific fact that the brain gets tired after

    ten minutes. Steve's presentations typically lasted an hour and a half. He

    would break them up into short intervals of ten minutes or less by

    interspersing videos, demonstrations, or guest speakers. Don't let your

    audience get tired or you'll lose them.

    A great way to keep your audience's attention when presenting information is

    though sequencing, which builds the story within a visual one step at a time,

    making the information much easier to digest.

    7. Dress up your numbers. We often deal with large numbers or data that an

    audience can't comprehend without context. Breaking them down and

    presenting numbers visually can overcome this. Notice how much more

    effectively the chart below illustrates sales figures as opposed to a matrix of

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  • 7/30/2019 Steve Jobs' 10 Secrets for Great Presentations



    8. Reveal a 'holy smokes!' moment. Maya Angelou said, "People will forgetwhat you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how

    you made them fe el." Steve Jobs always produced a memorable moment in a

    pre sentation. When he introduced the MacBook Air, he told his a udience that

    while everyone had seen manila envelopes floating around the office, what

    they had never seen was someone pulling a notebook computer out of onewhich is precisely what he did. The audience went wild and images of that

    moment remain emblazoned in people's minds four years later.

    9. Sell dreams, not products. When it looked at the iPod, the world saw a

    music player. What Steve Jobs saw was a tool to enrich people's lives. Howard

    Schultz of Starbucks didn't have a passion to sell coffee; his vision was tocreate an experience: a 'third place' between home and work where people

    would want to gather. The dream met the customer's need and the product

    sales took care of itself.

    10. Have fun! When was the last time you saw someone enjoying giving a

    presentation? Steve Jobs had fun in every keynote. He made jokes at his ownexpense. While most people give presentations to deliver information, Steve

    always created an experience that his audience would enjoy and remember.

    Most importantly, he sold them on becoming a part of his dream, not his


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  • 7/30/2019 Steve Jobs' 10 Secrets for Great Presentations


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