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  • `Start to Finish:

    Thematic Unit Planning

    LaWanda M. Dalton

    Hart County Schools

    Summer 2014

  • Learning Objectives

    As a result of this activity, participants will be able to:

    develop an integrated unit plan for teaching a thematic unit that includes a hands-on activities.

    create 1 hands-on student activity that could be embedded within a thematic unit.

    apply information learned to utilize instructional

    activities featured on the resource board.

  • Lets L o o K atThematic Units !

    Instructional materials and examples based on the adapted book A Small White Scar.

  • Electronic Book Keep the sound files in the

    same folder with the book.

    Powerpoint File

    Sound File

    Boardmaker File

  • Plan thematic units of instruction for students with significant cognitive disabilities that

    allows for multiple opportunities for exposure, repetition and practice.

    4 to 6 Weeks

  • Student Video

    Compliments of Jessie Moreau.

    This is what its all about!!

  • Use a structured format when

    planning such as the thematic

    unit planning guide.

  • Develop a Standards Document:

  • During the planning process:

    Talk to general education teachers.

    Become familiar with the standards. Make sure you know what the standard means. (ex: Ocean and Oceania)

    Do a web search.

    Hang out on Pinterest.

    The planning sheet is dynamic. Jot down additional ideas as you plan and collaborate with others.

  • During the planning process:

    Brainstorm with paras, OT, PT, SLP etc......... Greater staff "buy in" equals more FUN.

    Create materials

    Develop lesson plans and timeline.

    Adapt plans as needed through ongoing assessment of student progress.

    Plan with the end in mind. What would you like the student(s) to be able to do at the end of the instructional unit?

  • What do these adapted

    activities look like?

  • ELA: Adapted

    Book with


    Tactile Materials

    Place adapted book in 3 ring binder. Place removable pictures with tactile

    enhancements on the adapted books pages.

  • Each page of the adapted book has removable pictures with tactile enhancements.

  • Examples: The adapted book has removable

    pictures with tactile enhancements.

  • Each page of the adapted book has removable pictures with tactile enhancements.

  • ELA: Graphic Organizer

  • ELA: Flip


    There is a page in the flip

    book for each setting that

    the students can use to

    show the episodes

    occurring in each place

    and to interpret character


  • ELA: First and Then Questions

    Velcro Activity Pages

  • Writing: Writing Wheel

  • Writing: Character Trading Card

  • Writing: Beginning, Middle and End

  • Math: Smores Algebra

    Example of Poster Size Algebra Materials;

  • Math: Graphing Folder Game

  • Math: Design a Bandana

  • Science: Dichotomous Key Game

  • Science: Simple Machines

  • Science:

    Simple Machines

  • Science: Simple Machines

  • Science: Phases of the Moon

    Phases of the moon

    with oreos

  • Social Studies: Personal Money


  • Lets Plan

    Group Activity

  • How to get the adapted books?

  • How to acquire adapted

    books and activities on CD ?To request a copy of these adapted stories/poems you must:

    Have a legally purchased edition of the book by the author listed (not a photo copy).

    * Public Domain titles do not require a copy of the book.

    Use it for educational purposes only.

    Use it with students who are print impaired.

    4 When you receive the CD, the envelope and CD must be attached to the inside cover of the book. (Where the CD goes, the book must follow!)

    5 You cannot make copies nor sell these items to anyone.

    6 Copying this CD or using it for non-educational purposes may constitute copyright infringement and may be punishable under federal law.

    Send an e-mail to Jerry Amerson: jamerson@doe.k12.ga.us and include the following sentences:I own or have in my possession the following books by the original authors that I am requesting on CD. I agree to not copy or redistribute the CDs

  • Remember the Resource Board

  • Hands-On Activity

  • QuestionsEmail: ldalton@hart.k12.ga.us