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  • Sunday, October 21, 2012 - STAR - Tels: 626-8822 & 626-8841 & 804-4900 - Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 1

    The Accused Alvaro Aldana, 19

    The Accused Jake Cadle, 23

    The Convicted Burglar Harvey Trapp, 20

    Trapp Gets Five Years For Burglary

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    Brave Policeman Cracks Crime RingBrave Policeman Cracks Crime RingBrave Policeman Cracks Crime RingBrave Policeman Cracks Crime RingBrave Policeman Cracks Crime Ring

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    SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo, Tuesday October 16, 2012: The heroic actions of a senior police officer resulted in the onsite apprehension of at least one person, from a team, long suspected of involvement in a string of robberies within the community. It was shortly after 10 o’clock on the night of Friday October 12, 2012, when Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Amin “Sheriff” August was recreating with friends at a bar in his home village of Esperanza when three armed robbers stormed into the bar with intent to pull off a robbery. The robbers described as one being of dark complexion armed with a 9 mm pistol and the other two being of lighter complexion, one of whom was armed with a machete and the other with a knife. They were all dressed in dark clothing with cloth

    wrapped around their faces in the form of masks. Initial investigation revealed that the three robbers stormed into E’s Cool

    Spot/Western Poultry Bar which is attached to the grocery store. The man with the gun allegedly fired a single shot inside the place ordering everyone inside the establishment to spread out on the floor. The man with the knife proceeded to hold up the 17 year old male shop attendant and ordered him to walk

    behind the counter and to hand up the money. The knife man was distracted when ASP August refused the gunman’s order to take to the floor resulting in a struggle between August and the gunman. Being a firearm expert himself, in the struggle August managed to press the magazine release from the pistol causing the magazine to fall to the floor but with a single bullet remaining in the chamber. By this time the attention of all three robbers was turned to August as the gunman call for the others to assist him. The one with the knife came with a stabbing motion at August prompting him to loose his hold of the gun. The gunman reportedly took a few steps backwards, pointed the gun to August’s mid section, and squeezed the trigger firing off the single bullet that was left in the chamber. Fortunately for the policeman, the bullet hit the buckle of the belt he was wearing resulting with mere fragments of the shot hitting August in the abdomen. The gunman and the machete man quickly fled the scene.

    SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo, Wednesday, October 17, 2012: Convicted burglar Harvey Trapp Jr. was today sentenced to five years in jail after he was found guilty of burglarizing the home of Ramon “Monchies” Vargas in March 2012. Six and a half months ago, on March 31, Belizean teacher, Ramon Vargas, 43, reported that his house, located in the Hillview area of Santa Elena Town, was burglarized and that the thief made off with over 11 thousand dollars in electronic items, jewellery and cash. In the report to the police Vargas informed that he secured and left his house at around 6 o’clock that Saturday morning and proceeded to

    No. 151 SUNDAY, MAY 11, 2008 Price $1.00 No. 151 SUNDAY, MAY 11, 2008 Price $1.00 No. 331 Sunday, October 21, 2012 Price $1.00

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  • Page 2 - STAR - Tels: 626-8822 & 626-8841 & 804-4900 - Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com - Sunday, October 21, 2012

    VACANCY - Accountant BelizBelizBelizBelizBelize e e e e WWWWWaaaaater Serter Serter Serter Serter Services Limited (BWS)vices Limited (BWS)vices Limited (BWS)vices Limited (BWS)vices Limited (BWS) invites dynamic professionals who possess the requisite education, experience, analytical skills, attitude and aptitude to indicate their interest in filling the following position.

    POSITION: Accountant – Finance Department Key

    Responsibilities: · Supervises the Accounting Department by overseeing all Accounts Clerks in the execution of their duties and manages the required administration of the department’s staff. · Manages budget preparation, monitoring and reporting. · Maintains security and confidentiality of information, documents, materials and equipment. · Must be familiar with (IFRS) International Financial Reporting Standards. · Must be familiar with required Tax, Social Security, Labour and other pertinent regulations. Must be able to apply appropriate regulations, Financial Standards and Accounting Principles in the preparation of Financial Statements, in the recording of accounting transactions and in resolving issues.



    · Professional Accounting qualification or Bachelors degree in Accounting. · At least three years of experience in Accounting at a management or Supervisory Level. · Experience with Computerized Accounting Software and production of Financial Statements and analysis would be an asset. · Excellent analytical and communication skills includ- ing ability to write business reports. · High Computer Literacy especially with Microsoft Office. Valid driver’s license.

    SALARY SCALE: Negotiable based on qualifications; plus full benefits package.

    Interested individuals should submit their application including a résumé listing references and clearly indicating qualifications and experiences by Friday October 26th, 2012 addressed to

    Human Resources Manager, Belize Water Services Limited, #7 Central American Blvd., PO Box 150, Belize City, Belize or via E-mail to: hr@bwsl.com.bz

    Belize Water Services – Delivering water and more…

    Notwithstanding the injury, ASP August took command of the situation and with assistance from the other customers, managed to close up the establishment and in the process trapping the knife man inside.

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    Brave PolicemanBrave PolicemanBrave PolicemanBrave PolicemanBrave Policeman Cracks Crime RingCracks Crime RingCracks Crime RingCracks Crime RingCracks Crime Ring

    August was transported by his cousin, the bar owner, Elvis Orellano, to the San Ignacio Community Hospital and later to the Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan where he underwent immediate surgery resulting in the successful removal of the fragments from his abdomen. He is currently recovering at the hospital in Belmopan. Police were summoned to the scene where, apart from a badly battered knifeman, they recovered a mega brand 9mm magazine containing five live 9mm bullets (three luger brand and the other two SMB brand). The knifeman was transported to the police station in San Ignacio where he was identified as Jake Anthony Cadle, 23, Belizean laborer of #2 Tulip Street, San Ignacio. Then a bird began to sing in the process of expanding the

    investigation. Three days later, on Monday, October 22, police caught up with Alvaro Aldana, 19, Belizean unemployed of Dalia St, San Ignacio, as he was relaxing inside a house also in San Ignacio. Aldana is no stranger to the police.

    He is classified as a repeat offender who has been at it for many years previously hiding under the law that protects minors from public disclosure. He is now of age and is graduated into the major crime league. The accused Jake Anthony Cadle and Alvaro Aldana appeared on Tuesday, October 16 in the San Ignacio Town courtroom of magistrate Narda Morgan, where they pled not guilty to the charge. In concurring with the prosecutor’s request for the denial of bail, magistrate Morgan proceeded to remand them both to jail while adjourning the matter until Thursday, December 13, 2012. As the investigation continues, police are looking for one Mark Anthony “Fifty Cents” Conorque, of a Belmopan address whom they believe can assist in the investigation.

    ASP Amin “Sheriff” August, Recuperating At The Western Regional Hospital

    BY: Rolando Cocom Since the recent murders in the Twin Towns, people in the Cayo District have become increasingly vocal about their concerns to reduce, and if possible end, the hideous crimes afflicting our society. I extend my sincerest sympathies to all Belizeans who have had to experience criminal activity, especially to the families who have lost their loved ones, particularly the Martinez and Lowe families. No number of demonstrations, no whipping of criminals, no person hanged, will ever be able to heal the void left in the lives of those who have lost loved ones. The reason for standing up against crime is really to make sure that more families do not experience the hurt, frustration, suffering, and emptiness associated therewith. Belizeans are on the move advocating for change. This does not constitute a movement. It is an early stage. It can either become something episodic and die off OR mature and become effective in