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STARBUCK’S MISSION: RESPONSIBILITY AND GROWTH Group 6 Alvino Johan Danang Yudha P. Firman Ardyanto Siti Fauziah N.P. Yohanes Febryanto

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Text of STARBUCK’S MISSION: RESPONSIBILITY AND GROWTH Group 6 Alvino Johan Danang Yudha P. Firman...

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  • STARBUCKS MISSION: RESPONSIBILITY AND GROWTH Group 6 Alvino Johan Danang Yudha P. Firman Ardyanto Siti Fauziah N.P. Yohanes Febryanto
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  • Objectives To Understand the rights of customers, and the responsibilities of producers in relation with product safety
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  • Consumer Stakeholders Although the future of different marketing strategies can be debated, the real test of effectiveness lies in the expectation, attitudes, and ultimate buying patterns of consumers
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  • Basic Consumer Rights RightGeneral Issues To chooseAccess to a variety of products at competitive and reasonable prices To safetyProtection of health, safety, and financial well-being in the marketplace To be informedOpportunity to have accurate and adequate information on which to base decisions and protection from misleading or deceptive information To be heardConsideration given to consumer interests in government processes To redressOpportunity to express dissatisfaction and to have the complaint resolved effectively To privacyProtection of consumer information and ist use Source : Adapted from E. Thomas Garman, Consumer Economic Issues in America (Stamford, CT: Thomson Learning, 2005)
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  • Philanthropic Issues Survey Cone / Roper : Business needs to do something differentiate themselves from the competition Firms ability to link consumer interests to philanthropy should lead to stronger economic relationships. Successfull philantrophic efforts when the cause is a good fit with the firms product category, industry, customer concern and location 70% consumer switch to BRAND -Associated with a good cause -As long as price & quality were equal
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  • Economic Issues Shoplifting Collusion Duplicity Guile etc Fraud
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  • Consumer Motivation doing Fraud Freeloaders Fraudulent Return Fault Transferors Solitary Ego Gains Peer Induced Esteem Seekers Disruptive Gains
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  • Legal Issues Consumer Protection Laws : Health and Safety Credit and Ownership Marketing, Advertising, and Packaging Sales and Warranties Product Liability
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  • When the firm operating outside ethical or legal standards Consumer may be motivated to take action, like : Boycotting Abstaining to purchase the products Abstaining to use the products Dealing with the firm
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  • Marketplace Responsibility Principles 1.Respect your customers 2.Support vulnerable customers 3.Seek potential customers within excluded groups 4.Manage the impact of product or service 5.Actively manage responsibility in your supply chain 6.Trait suppliers as partners 7.Work with the rule makers 8.Have consistent standarts
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  • Starbucks case American Global coffee company based in Seattle, Washington. Starbuck was founded by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegal and Gordon Bowker in 1971.
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  • Mission Statement To inspire and nurture the human spirit one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.
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  • Starbuckss Guidelines People first and profit last provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity make Starbucks as the most recognized and respected brand of coffee in the world
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  • Corporate Social Mission 1991 - CARE (Coffee - origin countries) 1995 - Largest CAREs corporate donor 1998 - Conservation International (Promote biodiversity in coffee - growing regions)
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  • Starbucks CSR Starbuck created CSR department in 1999 5 main concern: Environment Employees Suppliers Customers Communities
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  • Implementation to Environment Green team To minimizing companys footprints Reduce waste through recycling and energy conservation Educate partners
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  • Implementation to Supplier Contribute to CARE Build a relationship with the coffees farmer Fair trade policy Build School, health clinics, and other projects that benefit coffee growing community
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  • Implementation to Employees 28% of Starbuckss employees are minorities and 64% are women Starbucks spent more on health insurance for its employees than on raw materials to brew its coffee In 2005 Starbucks spent $200 million on health care for its employees we are not in the coffee business serving people, but in the people business serving coffee
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  • Implementation to Customer To give high quality coffee to customers Make our store as a place that can create a sense of belonging for our customers
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  • Implementation to Communities Starbuckss store becomes a gathering spot, drawing people together Starbucks donated more than $500.000 to Zion Preparatory Academy, an African- American school for inner-city youth
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  • Other cases 06 April 2011 25 Merek Susu Bebas Sakazaki Dipastikan Balai POM (harian suara merdeka) Penelitian Susu Formula Diumumkan Awal Juli Penulis : Bramirus Mikail | Sabtu, 18 Juni 2011 (
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