Star Wars-The Jedi Path

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Star wars

Text of Star Wars-The Jedi Path

  • Front CoverInside CoverTitleContentsPart I: Introduction to the Jedi OrderThe Jedi CodeThe History of the Jedi OrderStructure of the Jedi OrderThe Prophecy of the Chosen OneLuke's Note

    Part II: Jedi InitiateJoining A ClanAttire and ComportmentThe Three Pillars of the JediThe First Pillar: The ForceWhat Is the Dark Side?Using Control Abilities

    The Second Pillar: KnowledgeThe Galaxy, Stars, and PlanetsGalaxy MapGalactic Bestiary

    The Third Pillar: Self-DisciplineIntroduction to the LightsaberForm I Combat

    The Initiate Trials

    Part III: PadawanBecoming An ApprenticeWorking With Your Master

    Padawan Attire and ConductThe Reassignment CouncilThe Agricultural CorpsThe Medical Corps and The Educational CorpsThe Exploration Corps

    Lightsabers; Their Construction and UseLightsaber VariantsLightsaber CountermeasuresLightsaber FormsForm II Lightsaber Combat: MakashiForm III Lightsaber Combat: SoresuForm IV Lightsaber Combat: AtaruForm V Lightsaber Combat: Shien/Djem SoForm VI Lightsaber Combat: Niman

    Marks of Contact

    Sense AbilitiesPracticing Sense Abilities

    Field Equipment and Mission ResponsibilityUsing the Temple's Analysis Chamber

    Advanced Cultures and Politics in the RepublicAliens Resistant to Force AbilitiesForce-Wielding Animals

    Studying Aboard Praxeum ShipsCorellian Colonizer Diagram

    The Jedi TrialsTrial of SkillTrial of CourageTrial of the FleshTrial of SpiritTrial of InsightExceptions to the Jedi TrialsThe Knighting CeremonyIf You Fail the Trials

    Part IV: Jedi KnightRoles and Duties of A Jedi KnightJedi GuardianJedi PeacekeepersTemple SecurityJedi StarfightersLightsaber InstructorsExotic Weapons Specialists

    Jedi ConsularJedi SeerJedi HealerJedi ResearcherJedi DiplomatLore Keeper

    Jedi SentinelSlicerTech ExpertSecurity ExpertJedi Shadows

    Alter AbilitiesAdvanced Force TechniquesForbidden Force TechniquesAdvanced Lightsaber TechniquesForm VII Lightsaber Combat: Juyo

    Additional Lightsaber TechniquesDeveloping Your Own StyleEnlisting New MembersMisperceptions of the Jedi

    The History of the SithThe Second Great Schism and the Final WarDarth Bane and the End of the Sith

    Other Dark Side OrganizationsThreats to Jedi TeachingsOther Force-Using OrganizationsTaking On A Padawan LearnerBecoming a Master and Grand MasterTrandscending Death

    Back CoverArtifactsObi-Wan's Lightsaber DesignThe Jedi CodeLetter From LukeJedi Temple MapJedi Temple Map 1Jedi Temple Map 2Jedi Temple Map 3Jedi Temple Map 4

    Qui-Gon's Padawan BraidJedi Starfighter Patch and Thame Cerulian's JedCred Coin