Star wars – return of the jedi analysis

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  1. 1. Star Wars Return of the Jedi.Opening Scene Analysis.
  2. 2. The size of the spaceship is emphasised inthis shot to show howpowerful the shipmust be.Image of half built skull look-a-liketo show that something is underconstruction to build somethingpowerful.This scene shows an establishedshot which is typical in films toshow where about the film isset. But this one is unusual asthe shot lasts for 27 seconds.This shot also gives an enigmacode for the audience makingthem think What is it? orWhos is it?.
  3. 3. This shot shows that the big ship is important andpowerful to the film and it has been emphasised in thisshot by showing a smaller ship flying into the mysteryskull shaped planet?This shot shows clearlythat the film is a Sci-Fi Filmas the scene is shot fromspace.Throughout the film, the director has had to use CGI (ComputerGenerated Imagery) to create the film to make it look like it has beenshot from space because they obviously couldnt shoot it from space.
  4. 4. Tilt shot to show that Darth Vadaris a powerful man and is a villainin the film as you can tell throughthe colours of his outfit.(Before Darth Vardar's entry) The uniformshows that he is potentially animportant character to the film.His face in this scene also showsfreight or anxiety about the entryof Darth Vadar as though he hasdone something wrong.As well as showing importance ofthe man in uniform, you can seein the background of the scenethat his men are giving DarthVadar a respectable entrance.The costume of Darth Vadarshows that he is an intimidatingcharacter within the film,without hearing his voice.
  5. 5. The same camera angle has been used hereshowing the importance of the spaceship andthe pressure in which them man is under andthat everyone is watching over him andlooking down on him.Although you cannot hear it, in this scene the well known StarWars sound track is brought in at a faster pace and loudercompared to when Darth Vadar comes out the spaceship lettingthe audience know that this is a significant part of the film.