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Staff Training. 5 September 2011. Female Dolls Story completion People. Male Car Action Immediate Objects. Peer Group. Male. Female. Competitive Hierarchical. Collaborative. Male strengths Confidence Risk-taking Problem solving Speculative thinking. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Staff Training5 September 2011

FemaleDolls Story completionPeople MaleCarActionImmediateObjectsPeer GroupCollaborativeCompetitiveHierarchicalFemaleMale

Male strengthsConfidenceRisk-takingProblem solvingSpeculative thinking

Oracy must precede literacyLittle girls create narrative very early on and tell stories, give names, follow linear steps, complete storiesGirls are intuitively social and communicativeLittle boys will pick up a car and create actions, make noises but no narrativeBoys do not do linear stepsGirls play is collaborative whereas boys are more competitive leading to leadership issues who will guide the group and make decisions

Boys need more proactive parental approaches i.e. Need more parenting (due to computers etc. get even less parenting than before social pressures)5The Average MaleDoes first and then (hopefully) thinks!Likely weaknessesLinear process skillsCommunication skillsReflective thinking skillsAttention to detailWriting skillsReading skillsOverestimates abilityFemale Strengths

Communication SkillsReflective ThinkingCollaborative WorkingPeople SkillsAttention to detailLinear process skills

The Average FemaleThinks first then (hopefully) does!Likely weaknessesRisk averseOverworksGuiltBlames herselfOverly detailedSpeculative thinkingUnderestimates her abilitiesHierarchy of LanguageDescriptive




IfBoys generally miss out the reflective stepGirls outperform boys by 10%White working class males are the lowest performing groupPhysical development of the brain in boys and girls is completely different9Boys need time and space

Boys do first, then think

Girls think first, then do

Boys failure averse

Girls risk averseThink about Edward Marshall if he is wound up you need to give him space before dealing with the issue e.g. Ask him to show you his book and talk about that to calm him down then tackle the probelem10Hands up?Boys want to answer but wont have thought it through so cant answer the question Why?

Remember Girls instinctively want to impress their teacherBoys want to impress their peersWritingFor boys writing can switch them offMoving around keeps boys engaged

Instead of think then write Try think, communicate, write

Writing alone will not help children to remember. Try read / read aloud, think, communicate, writeStrategiesReading aloud

Guided reading

Paired reading

Boy + girl seating has significant impact on improvement and makes the classroom environment safer for talking and learning

Go for Five

Think of five possible solutions to a problem and then select the bestThink of five reasons why something might have happened before deciding on the most probableTry to find five reasons for something and five reasons against something before making a decisionFind five good things and five bad thingsFind five unknown things prior to seeking information

To develop speculative and reflective thinking skills