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    2013 - 2014Staff Directory

  • Webber Academy 2010 - 2011 Staff


    Janet AdamsonGrade V Homeroom

    Mrs. Adamson earned both her Bachelor of Education and her Bachelor of Arts (English) degrees from the University of Lethbridge. She began her career teaching Grade Five in a small northern Alberta community and Grade Five/Six for the Calgary Public Board of Education. Both of these positions provided her with a wealth of knowledge and experience as she worked with students from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and abilities. Mrs. Adamson came to Webber Academy in 2004. In the years since, she has taught Grade Five Language Arts, Grade Five and Six Geography/History, Grade Five Math and Grade Five and Six Art. Now, in a half time position as a Grade Six Language Arts specialist, she spends her days at school striving to inspire her students to gain a life-long love of literature.

    When she isnt teaching, Mrs. Adamson spends her time pursuing her own love of reading (especially young adult fiction to recommend to her students) and her passions for painting, cooking and interior design, as well as, of course, spending quality time with her wonderful family.


    Jason AshGrade VI Homeroom

    Mr. Ash grew up here in Calgary and graduated from the University of Calgary in 1996. In university, he specialized in the Sciences as well as in Psychology.After university, Mr. Ash was hired at Rundle College where he spent nine years teaching primarily Grade Four and Five subjects. He has been teaching now for over 15 years and has taught various subjects and grades including French.Mr. Ash is now in his seventh year at Webber Academy and is teaching a Grade Six homeroom.Currently, he is also the coach of the Grade Eight and Nine Girls Volleyball team.Mr. Ash hosts Science Olympics every year for Division Two students.Since the induction of the Olympics, Webber Academy has won Gold twice.He is also a member of the APEGGA Science Committee.Mr. Ash is an avid sports fan. He enjoys the outdoors and spending quality time with his family.

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    Michael AsmusJH/SH Physical Education

    Mr. Asmus is an enthusiastic and dedicated Physical Education teacher. He has a passion for health and physical education and he is a strong role model for his students as he practices what he preaches. He is a strong believer in developing a healthy body and mind in his students and encouraging each student to reach their full potential in the gym and in the classroom.

    Mr. Asmus graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. He began his basketball career at Red Deer College and finished playing at the University of Calgary. He has since focused his passion for athletics on coaching and educating young athletes. He has had the opportunity to coach several sports including basketball, golf, track and field, and badminton through his previous position at Iron Ridge Middle School. His passion for coaching basketball has taken him to expand his knowledge of the game through organizations such as Alberta Basketball, Red Deer College, University of Calgary, University of California Berkley and Stanford University. He continues to help the Calgary Red Jackets youth basketball organization. Mr. Asmus is happy to be a part of the Webber Academy faculty and is looking forward to meeting the students and parents of Webber Academy.


    Chelsey BadgleySenior Kindergarten Assistant

    Chelsey Badgley is a recent graduate from the University of Calgary. She received her Bachelor of Education degree this past June with a specialization in Elementary Science. Chelsey also received a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary in June 2010. Chelseys passion for science led her to volunteer at the Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (ARBI) in the fall of 2010 where she worked with a patient who had suffered a massive stroke. This individual had been a teacher prior to the stroke and inspired Chelsey to pursue a career in education.

    Chelsey has volunteered as a teaching assistant for the past two years at both public and private schools. Upon graduation Chelsey was hired as a substitute teacher at the Calgary Girls School for the last two months of the 2012/2013 school year. Chelsey is passionate about living a healthy, balanced life and enjoys playing soccer, baseball and walking her dog.

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    Erin BeattieGrade III Homeroom

    After graduating from the University of Calgary with her Bachelor of Education in French Immersion, Mrs. Beattie moved to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan to pursue her teaching career. She began her first year of teaching with a Grade Four French Immersion class at Ecole King George School. The following year Mrs. Beattie moved to Grade Two where she fell in love with the energy and enthusiasm of Division I students. The following five years were spent at Ecole King George learning her profession, defining her teaching style, and gaining much valuable experience. Mrs. Beattie returned to Calgary in the fall of 1998 to join the staff at Webber Academy teaching Grade Two. Returning from her last maternity leave, Mrs. Beattie changed grades and moved to Grade Three.

    Since joining the staff at Webber Academy, she has been involved in the development of the Grade Two programme, the start up of the soccer club, and also coached the Jr. High/Sr. High soccer teams in their early years. Following her love of the French language, Mrs. Beattie also began a French Club for the elementary students. She continues to run soccer club for the Division I students, as well as speed stacking for Division I.

    Maryse BischoffJH French, Grade I Assistant

    Maryse Bischoff joins us from the Conseil Scolaire Francophone du Sud de lAlberta where she served as a substitute teacher for the past year. She will be teaching FSL this year to the Junior High students, as well as serving as an English Language Arts support to the grade one teachers. She joins the school with a Bachelor of Education from the Facult-St-Jean (University of Alberta) and a college degree in Humanities from the Cgep de Rivire-du-Loup. Mrs. Bischoff brings years of experience most of which was spent with the Edmonton Public School Board teaching French Immersion, and serving as a substitute teacher for the Municipality of Wood Buffalo while living in Fort McMurray. Her passion for humanitarian service sent her to Haiti in June of 2012 to deliver workshops to teachers, where her love of teaching resurfaced. She also volunteers regularly with service organizations that serve the less fortunate. Mrs. Bischoff is a passionate teacher who believes in setting high standards, achieving excellence and ensuring that her students achieve their highest potential.

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    Grant BoykoPerforming Arts Centre Manager & Advancement Administrator

    A graduate of Fanshawe Colleges Music Industry Arts (MIA) program, and the University of Windsors Sport and Recreation Management program (B.Hk.), Mr. Boyko is a specialist in the technical aspects of live theatre (audio, lighting, multimedia integration, special effects) as well as theatre facility management. He comes to Webber Academy after spending five years as the Technical Operator and Manager of Performing Arts Facilities at Seoul Foreign School in South Korea a position that provided a wealth of experience working within an International Baccalaureate (IB) setting. While at Seoul Foreign School, Mr. Boyko acted as the Technical Director on countless theatrical performances, musicals, string orchestra and choir concerts, in addition to teaching the fundamentals of audio engineering, recording, video production, theater lighting and other relevant topics to middle school and high school students. He also managed the day-to-day operations of three theatre venues with the schools performing arts facility.

    Mr. Boyko also actively pursues his own passion for the performing arts. He has several years of experience in the field of music as a songwriter, recording engineer, producer, instructor and performer.

    Maegan BishopSK & Div I Music

    Maegan graduated with honours from Southern Virginia University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with a minor in Theatre. She has received musical training throughout her life in violin, piano and voice and has a deep love of music. Growing up in a family of musicians, Maegan felt the call early in life to inspire others through music. After graduating with her music degree, Maegan was drawn specifically to teaching music to young children. It is her belief that all children should have the opportunity to positively experience music early in life, develop their own voices, and learn to be literate and sensitive musicians. Working to achieve this goal, she completed certification in the Kodly Concept at Intermuse Academy in Provo, Utah and received additional Kodly training at Holy Names University in Oakland, California. She has also completed training in Carl Orff Schulwerk with the Calgary Orff Chapter. In addition to her formal training, Maegan obtained valuable experience teaching with the Calgary Girls Choir, working under the direction of Artistic Director Elaine Quilichini, internationally recognized childrens choral conductor. Maegan is pleased to be teaching music to students in Junior and Senior Kindergarten as well as grades one through three at Webber Academy.

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    Ramona BoyleSH English, SH G/H, CALM

    After graduating from Trent University with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Political Science, Ms. Boyle moved to London, England to complete her Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy. After

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