Staff Artists - The Odyssey .Staff Artists Augie Brynn Katie Declan Cover Art by Katie Copy Editing/Layout

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    Dear Odyssey,

    We would like to acknowledge the efforts of many students and faculty who

    have helped to make this project such a beautiful success. As always, a generous thank

    you to Mrs. Donna Leppo for helping to proofread the final draft of the text and to assist

    with binding and duplicating the copies. Thank you also to Mrs. Hankins, Mrs. Bilger

    and Mr. Weidow for all their tech support. For helping to judge nearly fifty scary middle

    school short stories, we wish to thank Ms. Sarah Bare, Ms. Laura Groseclose and Mrs.

    Peggy Beidelman, our Lower School judges, and Mr. Rose, Mrs. Metzger and Mr. Gordon

    who judged the Middle School submissions. Thanks also to Mrs. Smith and the Skipjack

    and Schooner classes for submitting a variety of Lost in a Cave stories. Thank you to Mr.

    Gordon and the Windjammers for their unique collection of odes. And to Mrs. Beidelman

    and the Sloops for their poetry. To Mrs., Riordan and the Ketch thank you for the many

    chinquapins and to all the Language Tutors who had their students participate we also ex-

    tend our many thanks

    We would like to thank Katie and Ms. Sara Bare for their painstaking efforts in

    crafting our beautiful cover. Brynn and Riley deserve our special appreciation for their

    many illustrations that are found throughout the magazine. Thanks also to those students

    who helped with editing, typing copy and conducting research especially: Jack, Patrick

    and Grace. Tucker also did a fine job with the Table of Contents and Sadie and Nikki

    created our dedication to Charlie . A final thanks also go out to our photographers: Grace

    and Riley. We also wish to thank Mrs. Siobhan Budnitz for her beautiful pictures of

    Antietam National Battlefield. We hope that you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed

    creating it.

    Best wishes,

    From All the Staff

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    Staff Artists





    Cover Art by Katie

    Copy Editing/Layout






    Photography Grace




    Moderators: Mr. Philip Bender Mr. Jason Gordon

    Back Row: Katie, Sadie, Riley, Patrick, Tucker,

    Brendan, Mr. Bender, Jack .

    Front Row: Augie, Grace, Isabella , Brynn, Nikki,


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    Our Staff Page

    Artwork by Brynn

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    Mrs. Metzger: Last year I got to cross the Odyssey Fun Run finish line with him

    Mrs. Palmieri:

    He came into homeroom one morning. He was jumping in the class room.

    He was excited about the Jets winning. I said why are you so excited, he said

    the Jets won and he said you can always be happy about something.

    Mr. Rose: In Sloop Homeroom he was always really excited to play the games we had

    in the morning. He didnt care who played. He just wanted to play.

    Mrs. Bilger: He always had a smile on his face.

    Mrs. Achziger: He said thats not their names because his class was saying what their

    names are and people were giving fake names.

    Mrs. Scher: Charlie was always smiling every time I saw him. He was always happy.

    Mr. Kroll: I remember when they made him all-time quarterback at recess.

    Mrs. Lemieux: Whenever I passed him in the hallway, he always had a smile.

    Mrs. Montgomery- Loy:

    He was always smiling, every morning when we would build things on the

    computer and he loved playing. He would be so happy when able to play it.

    I remember his laugh.

    Cooper: He was always funny, fun to be around

    Harrison: He shadowed me around the school.

    Liam: Charlie would always tell funny jokes in Tutoring

    Ryan: I remember how he would smile and play football all the time at recess

    Henry and Mr. Hutzler,

    Philippe, Jack and Sam: Red solo cup I fill you up. Lets have a party

    Mr. Tikiob:

    I know this is hard to believe but not every student comes to math class

    with a smile on his face. This was not true for Charlie. He came to math

    class every day with a smile, an upbeat attitude, and his incredible sense of

    humor. His positivity was contagious and he is dearly missed.

    Mrs. Smith:

    I loved how Charlie always had a smile on his face. I loved his work ethic

    and how he cheerfully made up everything he missed. He always made the

    group he worked with more fun!

    Shared Remembrances

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    Life is a song - sing it. Life is a game - play it. Life is a challenge - meet it. Life is a

    dream - realize it. Life is a sacrifice - offer it. Life is love - enjoy it. __ Sai Baba

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    Charlies Run...

    On December the 8th friends and

    family of Charlie Neave gathered at

    Sparks Elementary School for the

    first annual Charlie Neave Run. In

    spite of the bitter cold and snow,

    almost 900 people came to support

    the cause. The money that was raised

    will be used as financial aid to

    support families who would other-

    wise be unable to attend Odyssey. It

    was a memorable day for all who


    Friends and family of Charlie Neave gather to remember and honor Charlie.

    More than 886 people participated in the run.

    Gray, Mia and Tess pose for

    Charlies Run.

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    Table of Contents

    Scary Story

    Contest Winners


    Selected Scary Stories

    Will Wheres the Rope 14-15

    Christian The Haunted Mansion 16-17

    Katie Waking Rage 18-21

    Sadie The Old House 22-23

    Brynn The Creepy Painting 24-25

    Declan The Cabin 26-28

    Henry The Trip 29

    Patrick Its Cold Out Here 30

    Page and Sara Just Another Scary Story 31-32

    Ryan A Figure in the Mist 33

    Katie The Skeleton Key Chain 34

    Cody The Spooky House 35

    Cece The Disappearance 36-37

    Twill The Trapped Boys 38

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    Connor All Alone 39

    Lydia The Scary Story of the



    Poetry in Season

    Gracie, Riley


    Photo Essay

    Little Things


    Sofia Autumns Senses 43

    Riley Happiness is.. 44

    Henry Ode to Assateague Island 45

    Henry Ode to Canada 46

    Jonathan Ode to the Real World 47

    Kyle Ode to Homework 48

    Riley Ode to a Kitty 49

    Harrison Ode to Soccer 50

    Brendan Ode to Ice Cream 51

    Will Ode to the Grinch 52

    Brynn Ode to Santa 53

    Josh The Ocean 54

    Jack Disney 55

    Jake Winter 56

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    Months of the Year



    Race Car Driving


















    Candy Cane





    Remembering Our Family Stories

    Declan A Visit to the Past

    Remembering Thomas Francis Meagher


    Augie My Great-grandfather's Story 65

    Happy Holiday Wishes 66

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    Lower School Winners

    First Ryan

    Second Katie

    Third Cody

    Middle School Winners

    First Will

    Second Christian

    Third Katie

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    It is as much fun to scare as to be scared Vincent Price

    Artwork by Brynn Peddy

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    Wheres the Rope? by Will

    In 1915 just when World War I was starting, a disease hit in Germany

    causing peoples hearts to stop and then start again in 48 hours. To keep people

    from being buried alive, the government made it a law to have a rope that goes

    down into the coffin so that if someone was still alive, the person could pull the

    rope and a bell would go off. This happened to a lady but something went

    wrong and the rope wasnt set up. Her last words were, Wheres the rope!!? before she


    One month later her house was sold to a 34 year old German

    named Vilhem. On his second night he heard a scratching outside, EEEEEEK

    EEEEEK. He went to his window and looked at his yard, and his fence was sway-

    ing back and forth. Nothing was there so he figured it must have been a raccoon

    trying to break the fence, so he went back to his bed and fell asleep.

    In the morning he went outside to check the fence and the wood fence

    was torn apart and spread all over. He had a new fence put in that was twice as

    large. That night at 11:30 PM he heard the noise again only it lasted longer,

    EEEEEEK!! EEEEEEEK!!! He checked the window but there was nothing there! His

    terror kep