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2018 CSA Update I would like to thank everyone who sent in their CSA dona!on/pledge or came over to the

Social Hall last weekend to fill out their forms. We have received pledges totaling

$44,414.00. That is 58.8%/59%of our target of $75,516. What a great beginning. Thank you

so very much. Please remember that you can place your dona!on/pledge in the collec!on basket, bring it to

the parish office or mail it in. Every dona!on is truly a gi& and is greatly appreciated. Im truly grateful for

your generosity and though'ulness.

Memorial Day Liturgy and Spruce-up/BBQ We will be having our annual Memorial Day Liturgy at 9:00am this Monday May 28

th followed by the plan!ng

of our geraniums and the filling in of our flower beds. Every year we ask volunteers, our Gardening Angels,

to come and join in spreading some mulch and in general sprucing up our parish grounds. If you can give a

few hours, please join us. The morning will conclude with a BBQ with yours truly doing the grilling. Looking

forward to seeing you on Monday.

Euchre Tournament #5 As I men!oned last week, The St. Louis Chris!an Service Commission is sponsoring our 5

th Euchre Tourna-

ment on Friday, June 8, 2018 beginning at 6:30pm with the doors opening at 6:00pm. The profits this year

will go to benefit The Meals On Wheels Program of Macomb County. Tickets are available in the Parish Office

for $15.00. This price includes refreshments and prizes. You get quite a bang for your bucks!! This is also just

a great !me to gather and have an evening of enjoyment. This is not cut-throat euchre. It is a lot of fun

without any hassle. So please join us on June 8th. Shalom


We remember the courageous Men and Women

who died defending our Freedom.

Monday, May 28 9 am Liturgy at St. Louis

no liturgy at St. Hubert

Dear Lord, on this day,

we remember those who have served us

by protecting our freedoms. When we celebrate our long weekend

with our friends and family, help us remember,

that our freedom to speak of you, and our freedom to worship you,

and our freedom to make our own choices,

have all been bought at the price and sacrifice

of many lives. Your Son died

for our eternal life in heaven. So too, your children died

protecting us here on earth. Help us be mindful this weekend

and always of the sacrifices made by those in uniform

for all our freedoms. Amen.

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Parish Office x 100 Nicole Walters & Anna Jackson

Business Manager & Bingo x 103 Michael Wortman

Maintenance Office x 108 Edward Trabilsy, Gary Gustafson & Nikki Wheeler

Music Director x 109 Linda Knopp

Parish Nurses Voicemail X 112

St. Vincent de Paul Voicemail x 106

Faith Forma"on Office 39140 Ormsby,

Clinton Twp, MI 48036

Faith Forma"on Office x 104

Barbara Cilli - Office Manager

Faith Forma"on Co-coordinators

Linda Bauer x115

Kathy Huebener X114

Central Macomb Vicariate

Knights of Columbus

St. Louis /St. Hubert Roundtable

S t . L o u i s C a t h o l i c C o m m u n i t y 24415 Crocker Blvd Clinton Township, MI 48036

586-468-8734 Fax: 586-468-9647

E-mail - Website:

Bap"sm: Parents meet with Fr. Larry

to discuss prepara"on. Bap"sms

are celebrated in conjunc"on

with one of the weekend Litur-

gies (excluding Advent and Lent)

Reconcilia"on: 3:30 pm Saturdays.

Opportuni"es may be arranged

by calling Fr. Larry.

Marriage: Arrangements should be made

at least six months prior to date.

Pre-marriage classes are required.

Please call Fr. Larry. .........

Sacrament of Sick:

Rite celebrated annually in

Church. Home visits by request.

Requests can be made through

the parish office.

Parish Offices Directory

Liturgy Schedule

Weekend: Saturday 4:30 pm Sunday 8:30 am & 10:30 am

Daily: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday - 9 am Monday & Friday Scripture w/Communion 9 am

Bulle"n Submission "me is Monday morning 10:00 am Church related ar"cles take precedence over neighboring community news. (Dates for early deadlines will be posted in the bulle"n when needed.)

Please send copy ready items to bulle"

Pastoral Team

Rev. Lawrence A. Pe#ke ~ Pastor X 102 lpe"

Laura Veryser Pastoral Associate, Chris"an Service Coordinator

& Bulle"n Editor x105

Cindy Gustafson Worship Coordinator x110

to all the CLW volunteers for sharing The Word with the children of our parish:

Shannon Bernard Laura Kirsch

Rene Cannon Linda Kolos

Renee Cantu Dawn Kunkler

Ginny Dotterer Natalie Lawless

Deanna Forlini Colleen Ranusch

Ali Gustafson Kelly Tapp

Melissa Heath Jackie Trabilsy

Lauri Hunsanger Margaret Vivian

Debbie Kaiser

aith ormation

Remember to Pray

for Our

Confirmation Candidates

Alexander Beran Madison Cannon

Katherine Danaj Ryan Darnell

Alexis Gray Luke Jungwirth

Celia Manauis Alexander Martin

Olivia Rowa Molly Slivensky

Johnathan Tapp

who attending a meeting last Sunday with their

sponsor marking the beginning of the immediate

prep to celebrate the sacrament in October.

Come Holy Spirit,

fill the hearts of your faithful

and kindle in them

the fire of your love.

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Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day

9am Liturgy

Parish Offices Closed

Gardening Day a"er 9 am Liturgy

No AA No Handbells

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

9 am Liturgy

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

9 am Liturgy

Adult Choir 7 pm

Thursday, May 31, 2018

9 am Liturgy

HandChimes 5:30 pm

BINGO 6:30 pm

Friday, June 1, 2018

9 am Scripture with Communion

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Liturgy 4:30 pm

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Liturgy 8:30 am

Liturgy 10:30 am

For May 20, 2018 Budgeted Amount $9,800.00 Envelopes $7,289.00 Online Giving $2,280.00 Loose Monies $413.00 Total $9,982.00 Overage for week $182.00 % of Budget 102%

Year to Date + $22,331.60 Fiscal Year July 1, 2017June 30, 2018

Summer Hours Begin June 4

Monday Wednesday 9 am5 pm Closed Noon to 1 pm for Lunch

CSA Minute What your CSA Contribu!ons Help Fund

Engaged couples across the Archdiocese of

Detroit have been preparing for summer nup#als through marriage prepa-

ra#on programs. Catholic marriage is a calling from God to a shared voca-

#on of life and love. CSA gi"s allow the archdiocesan Office for Marriage

and Family Ministry to advise couples of the steps necessary to seek mar-

riage in the Catholic Church, including comple#ng marriage prepara#on

programs to help build a founda#on for this important sacrament. The office also offers programs that enrich and nurture couples in every stage

of the family life cycle. For more informa#on about CSA-funded ministries,

programs, and services, please go to

REPORT As of May 21, 2018

Responses 166

Gi"s 161

Target Amount: $75,516

Pledged: $47,189

Paid: $40,607 % of Target Reached 59%

Consider sharing the extras from your gardens with

your parish family. A free exchange of produce and plants.

Bring Extras Take Extras. Cart located outside

the Charbeneau St Entrance




The love rela#onship that exists among the Persons of the Holy Trinity is

both intense and in#mate. As beau#ful as this teaching is, it demon-

strates how human language really pales in trying to capture the essence

of God. The Father brings us to the crea#ve, powerful, yet gently me#cu-

lous part of God who has brought mountains and hills into being, as well

as each of his children. S#ll the Father is more than this. The Son demon-

strates the uncondi#onal love of God filled with endless mercy and com-

passion. This love really understand