Sri Lanka - A Nature Photography Experience

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  • 7/31/2019 Sri Lanka - A Nature Photography Experience


    Dates- 2nd to 12th July, 2012.

    Sri Lanka- July 2012


    NATURAL TREASURESSri Lanka is well known amongst wildlife

    enthusiasts as a destination filled with reward

    and surprise. Unique species, high levels of

    endemism and pristine habitats offer an

    opportunity to experience Nature at its best.

    The Gerry Martin Project will be taking a group of

    enthusiasts and naturalists over to this jewel in

    the Bay of Bengal on a photographic journey

    through its natural realms. The experience will

    cover herpetofauna, birds, mammals and others.

    The group will be lead by Anslem De Silva and

    Gerry Martin. Anslem is one of the regions

    leading herpetologists and has numerous

    publications under his belt. Gerry has been

    visiting and working in Sri Lanka periodically

    since 1997 and both will share their skills and

    experiences to build an experience of a lifetime!

    This July, you could experience Sri Lanka like

    few others!

    CONTACTGerry- or +91-9483509004.

    Nariman- or +91-8105409655

    Your chance to experience Sri

    Lankas wildlife and wilderness

    in a real and connected way!
  • 7/31/2019 Sri Lanka - A Nature Photography Experience


    Take back images and memories from a tryst

    with some of the most unique and amazing

    species on the planet.

    I was convinced that Ceylon is the cradle of the human race becauseeveryone there looks an original.- George Bernard Shaw

    WHAT TO EXPECTUnl ike most wi ld l i fe tours, this

    experience is a very real one. We will

    engage with the natural world as

    opposed to watching it from a


    You will gain new perspectives of

    animals, understanding how to delve

    in to the i r wor ld w i thout be ing

    in t rus ive . There w i l l be ample

    opportunity to build various field

    skills as well.

    All the locati ons we wil l b e staying a t

    have been hand-picked for the

    access tha t t hey o f f e r us to

    spectacular species and habitats. We

    will experience animals like horned

    agamids, pit-vipers and crocodiles to

    leopards, elephants and primates.The bird life is truly spectacular on

    the island and the diverse habitats

    that we will cover will yield an

    equally diverse set of avian species.

    A tr ul y incred ib le op po rt un it y to

    experience the wilds of Ceylon!