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<ul><li><p>7/27/2019 Spyglass Issue 3 Preview</p><p> 1/11</p><p>Career Development Peer Groups (CDPG)CNSPY project leads: Kerry Hollands, Shalini Nag</p><p>The Career Development Peer Groups (CDPG) program</p><p>s now in full swing! This program, co-organized byCNSPY and Women in Science at Yale, is designed tollow participants to match their skills, interests andalues to various career options. We have 64 graduatetudent and postdoc participants, who have been meeting</p><p> ndividual career development exercises. A networkingvent on June 25th allowed CDPG participants to mingle</p><p>utside their immediate peer group and acquire a widererspective on the program. Overall, participants reportedhat the initial phase of this bipartite program is proving toe very rewarding.</p><p>CNSPY is now planning the second phase ofhe program, where participants will attend focusednformational sessions with our Career Mentors to discussheir professional experiences, career paths, and the ways</p><p>n which trainees can become competitive candidates.Career Mentors, if you or your colleagues would likeo take advantage of this great opportunity to meet our</p><p>members and share your knowledge and experience,me and place that suits you, and can even be conducted</p><p>mail us at cnspyglass@gmail.com.</p><p>CNSPY-YGCC mixer June 2013CNSPY project lead: Yan Gao</p><p>On June 4th, 2013, CNSPY and the Yale Graduate Stu</p><p>Consulting Club (YGCC) co-hosted an evening of mingand conversation. Over 30 members and leadership CNSPY and YGCC spent an enjoyable evening builtheir networks and discussing career options over delic </p><p>quarterly mixers provide opportunities for our memto connect with others who share similar career intereand establish enduring professional relationships. </p><p>will continue to develop the scope of our mixers, mentors to create many more opportunities. Thank</p><p> Careers in Defense (Panel &amp; Small Group DiscussCNSPY project lead: Meghan Kerrisk</p><p>On June 28th, 2013 CNSPY organized our second ca</p><p>panel and small group discussion on careers working</p><p>the federal government supporting US national defe</p><p>We had two distinguished panelists: Dr. Dana Perkin</p><p>the United Nations Security Council and Dr. Wendy Ha</p><p>the US Department of Homeland Security. We discus</p><p>various positions available to science PhDs in the fed</p><p>government, including research and developm</p><p>In this issue</p><p>CNSPY in focus</p><p> CDPG ProgramCNSPY Internship Program</p><p>2013 CNSPY Annual Meet</p><p>Other CNSPY activities</p><p>Career in focus</p><p> Management Consulting FAQInterview with Dr. Stephane B</p><p>Note from YGCC</p><p>CNSPY was established to provide graduate students and postdocs with a platform to explore diverse ca</p><p>options and build an extensive professional network of peers, career mentors, and faculty advisors. Our events aour members to meet and learn from career mentors while building a community of like-minded peers. We aiestablish new avenues for collaboration, business ventures, and job opportunities while supporting an entreprene</p><p>environment among science trainees at Yale.</p>mailto:cnspyglass@gmail.commailto:cnspyglass@gmail.com</li></ul>