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SharePoint 2010 Governance Best Practices presentation made at SharePoint Saturday Ottawa on Saturday December 1st 2012


  • 1. SharePoint 2010December 1st, 2012Governance Best PracticesIvor DaviesSharePoint Evangelist &Senior Technical Specialist@IvorDavies59 (Twitter)

2. My Biography. 10 Years of SharePoint experience back to 2003 22 Years of IT work with the Province of Ontario(30 years with company) Seasoned IT Professional in SharePoint / BusinessIntelligence / Project Server / Microsoft Office /Virtualization Social Media Enthusiast (Twitter / LinkedIn,Facebook / Pinterest / Klout / Yammer) SharePoint Evangelist in Social Media! Lover of Dogs! 3. Agenda: What is Governance? Why should we care? Governance is based upon reach SharePoint Pain Points The Governance Process Implementing Governance Governance Teams (Strategic / Tactical) Governance Planning Roadmap Overview Governance Plan Elements Key points to remember References 4. Governanceis..A set of policies, roles andresponsibilities and processesto guide how organizations anddivisions at Microsoft best useof SharePoint to keepSharePoint sites under control,limit security threats, andpractice document lifecyclemanagement.4 5. SharePoint Governance A set of policies, roles and responsibilities andprocesses to guide how organizations and divisions atMicrosoft best use of SharePoint to keep SharePointsites under control, limit security threats, and practicedocument lifecycle management. Helps to: Keep SharePoint sites & access under control Limit security threats Practice document lifecycle management What do we govern? Govern Information Architecture SharePointServices 6. Why should we care?6 7. Governance is based on reach Home PagePUBLIC SITES: Open toTightlyall employeescontrolled,Function formalal Areas governance DivisionsPublicPRIVATE SITES: Open Some control,to business groupDepartments some formalmembersPrivate governanceTEAM SITES:Team Sites Looser control,Generally open to less formalteam members governancePersonal Sites My Sites7 8. SharePoint Pain Points Too many sites; users cant find content Users dont know the security of the librarybefore saving. (Not easy to know.) Users cant remember URLs Orphaned Team & Personal Sites, Document &Meeting Workspaces Rollover of site ownership Users consistently exceeding site quota No Site Recycle Bin complicates cleanup 9. SP Pain Points Continued Document versioning is turned on withoutlimitation e.g. a single document with 2GB ofversions Features installed in the environment and nolonger used you should clean these up as partof any migration Every single FAB 40 server admin templateinstalled & activated in the farm installed justbecause & made available to everyone 10. Problems with Unmanaged SharePoint1. SharePoint growth which is costly to manage2. Sensitive content not properly secured, information leaked3. Outdated & irrelevant search results4. Difficulty in finding desired information 11. Governance ProcessDefine or Update Policies Implement Measure & Policies Analyzeaccording toEffectivenessdefinition Enforce Policies 12. Implementing Governance Organize Governance Committee including thefollowing roles, LCA, Records Management,Taxonomist, IT Ops, IW worker and INS team Review Information Architectures and identifypotential inefficiencies Determine goals & policies Organize contents, pilot and deploy managementprocess & policies Develop Education Strategy & Training material Develop ongoing assessment & evaluation ofGovernance strategy 13. Governance Goals and Policies Goals Manage SharePoint growth Reduce # unused site collections 100% of sites compliance with classifications Clear end-user responsibility & accountability of content Policies Site lifecycle management & expiration Site ownership validation Site decommission process Site storage & quota management 14. Quality Provide easy access to information Intuitively designed navigation and information architecture Offer hosting service packages Provide feedback to teams Awareness Showcase SharePoint as an intranet/portal solution Usage Promote frequent use of SharePoint among all employees Maintain portfolio of hosted content 15. Governance Teams Strategy Tactical 16. Strategic Team How do we improve business processes & howdo we deliver on that? What structures need to be in place to deliverthis value? What areas of the business offer the mostopportunity for growth? How can we align our activities with the goalsof the business? Are there synergies that can be createdbetween divisions and departments? What ways can we reduce inefficiencies andduplication? 17. Tactical Team The tactical team consists of three sub teams allcharged with supporting the directives of thestrategy team: Operations Support Development 18. Its easy to make mistakes 18 19. so its especially important to plan! Avoid sprawl Ensure quality Deliver a great user experience Consistency in UI (User Interface) experience across theportal Consistent navigation Clear decision-making authority Align portal with business objectives Communicate best practices Content ownership (who owns the content?) 19 20. But, the plan is not enough it must beCONSUMABLE What percent of employees say they dont alwaystheir companyssecurity policies?What percent say the arent evenof the policies? 20 21. and most importantly, you must beprepared to21 22. Governance Planning Roadmap 11. Socialize, Promote, Verify 5. Discuss 10. DocumentFraming1. Design First Decisions7. DevelopGuiding4. Review the Principles 9. Understand Deployment Model Policies; DefineGuidelines 3. Document2. Identify anthe Vision Inclusive Team6. Identify Roles and Responsibilities8. Get Social?22 23. Governance Best Practices Define your audience State the service opportunity Identify stakeholders Operational requirements(i.e., maintenance windows) Good Communication plan Get user feedback What is out of scope? Create strong partnerships 24. Governance Best PracticesTarget specific audiencesDont read without trainingJust in time, just enough make it consumableBasics first, then the hard stuff 10/2 rule 24 25. Lessons Learned Its really about both assurance and guidance & it takesCOMMITMENT plan, plan, plan No one cares about governance until you make it allabout them! Less is more avoid unnecessary bureaucracy &documents Create & communicate a roadmap Build best practices into your site templates &automate everything you can A governance plan doesnt replace training & training should include the governance plan 25 26. Governance Plan ElementsGovernance Plan DescriptionTargetElementAudienceOverviewExplains the vision, why governance is important, and theAll Usersoverall modelGuiding PrinciplesKey statements that support the vision All UsersRoles and Describes the key roles required to ensure success Users with aResponsibilities key roleContent Authoring Describes policies and best practices for content publishing ContentPolicies andand content management AuthorsGuidelinesDesign Policies and Describes what must be done (policies) and best practicesSite Owners/Guidelines(guidelines) for site configurationSolution AnalystsProcesses and Describes key processes (for example: request or de- Site OwnersProcedurescommission a site)26 27. Key Points to remember 28. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc789336.aspxhttp://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff848257.aspxhttp://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=23613 29. Governance SharePoint Server 2010 Governance Areas Governance and Site Types Governance StakeholdersGovernance and TrainingConceptsGovernance is the set of policies, roles, Different types of sites frequently require differentYou must ensure that your governance policies are Typical degree of governanceresponsibilities, and processes that guides, directs, Central published sitegovernance policies. appropriate to your organizations goals, and you mustand controls how an organizations businessDivisional published sites keep them up-to-date as business needs change. FormTypically, published sites have tighter governancedivisions and IT teams cooperate to achieveand use a governance group to create and maintain theover information and application management thanbusiness goals.Group and team sitespolicies and include the following roles:team sites and My Site Web sites.Three major areas for governing SharePoint 2010Projects and workspacesInformation architects or TrainersProducts: Each type of site should have a specific IT Service taxonomists My SiteIT managers Web sitesplan, so that the service level agreements match the Governance doesnt workIT governance of the software itself and theimportance of the site to the organization as a Compliance officerswithout user adoption andservices you provideSite types in a typical environment Business divisionwhole. compliance.Influential information leadersApplication governance of the custom solutionsworkersEnd-user training andyou provide Financial stakeholders education, good content, andIT technical specialistsInformation Management governance of theExecutive stakeholders search are keys to usercontent and information that users store in those Development leadersadoption.services.IT GovernanceFor IT governance, you can control the services that you offer, and you can control or track software installations in yourInformation ManagementInformation management is the governance of information in an enterprise its documents, lists, Web sites, and Web Application Management How will you manage the applications that are developed for your environment? What customizations do you allow in yourenvironment to prevent proliferation of unmanaged servers for which you cant provide support. What will you provide with eachpages to maximize the information s usability and manageability. Another aspect of information management is applications, and what are your processes for managing those applications?service, and what will you include in service-level agreements for each service?determining who has access to what content how are you making content available internally and externally and to whom? IT Governance Information ManagementApplication Management Tightly managed Loosely managed Strictly managedLoosely managedCentrally managedLocally managed development development Content is tagged with structured metadata,Content is tagged only socially and notCustomizations must adhere to Software, services, and sites are Software, services, and sites are permissions are tightly controlled, content is tracked; permissions and archiving are notRules about development hosted and managed centrally by ahosted and managed locally bycustomization policy, deployments and environments or customizations are archived or purged per retention schedules. monitored or managed. updates tested and rigorously managed. core IT group individual groups less rigid. Appropriate for: Appropriate for:Whats the right balance for yourStructured content Whats the right balance for your Low-business-impact content Whats the right balance for your organization? High-business-impact contentorganization?Short term projectsorganization? Personally identifiableCollaboration information RecordsIT service governance Information architecture Customization policyWhen you develop an IT service to support SharePoint 2010 Products, a key to success is your enterprises ability to govern Information architecture determines how the information in that site or solution its Web pages, documents, lists, and data isDetermine which types of customizations you want to allow/disallow, and how you will manage customizations. Yourthe service and ensure that it meets the business needs of your organization in a secure and cost-effective way. Aorganized and presented to the sites users. Information architecture is often recorded as a hierarchical list of content, search keywords,customization policy should include:successful IT service includes the following elements:data types, and other concepts. Service level descriptionsApproved tools for developmentA governing group defines the initial offerings of the service, defines the services ongoing policies, and meets regularly Good information architecture supports the following goals: Processes for analyzing customizationsWho is responsible for ongoing code supportto evaluate success. Manageability: can the IT team effectively implement and manage the information? Process for piloting and testing customizations Specific policies regarding each potential type ofThe policies you develop are communicated to your enterprise and are enforced. Requirements: does the information architecture meet regulatory requirements, privacy needs, and security goals?customization, whether the customization is code- Guidelines for packaging and deploying customizationsUsers are encouraged to use the service and not create their own solutions installations are tracked and rogue based or no-code (done through the user interface or Business: does the architecture add to your organizations effectiveness?installations are blocked. Guidelines for updating customizationsSharePoint Designer)Multiple services are offered to meet different needs in your organization. Offering a set of services enables you to apply Questions to ask when designing a site or solution:unique governance rules and policies at various levels and costs. In addition, you can phase in services in a manageableway. How will the site or solution be structured and divided into a set of site collections and sites? Sandboxed solutionsWhat to govern:How will data be presented? Consider using a restricted execution environment, called a sandbox, to isolate custom solutions. Sandboxed solutions cannot use certain computer and network resources and cannot access content outside the site collection they are deployed in. SandboxedQuotas Quota templates define how much data can be stored in How will site users navigate?a site collection and the maximum size of uploaded files. Service-level How will search be configured and optimized? solutions can be deployed by a site collection administrator. Only a farm administrator can promote a sandboxed solution to run directly on the farm, outside its sandbox, in full trust.Associate different quota templates with site collections at agreements should Is there content you specifically want to include or exclude from search?different service levels.include:What types of content will live on sites?Site lifecycle management You can govern how sites arecreated, the size of sites, and the longevity of sites by using self- How will content be tagged and how will metadata be managed? Does any of the content on the sites have unique security needs? Brandingservice site management and site use confirmation and deletion. Length of time and approvals Consistent branding with a corporate style guide makes for more cohesive-looking sites and easier development. Store approved What is the authoritative source for terms? master pages in site galleries for co...


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