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<ul><li><p>Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Plant Automation Contract PA-3 Winner of the 2007 Award Of Excellence</p><p>1</p><p>Most contractors would agree that themost rewarding projects are also themost challenging. The Northeast OhioRegional Sewer District Plant AutomationProject was no exception. Bay has hadthe privilege of working for the Districton other large projects in the past so wewere very excited to be awarded the$6,565,400.00 Plant Automation Phase3 Project.</p><p>The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer Dis-trict (NEORSD), created in 1972, operates three wastewater treatmentplants called Southerly Wastewater Treat-ment Center, Easterly Wastewater Treat-ment Plant and Westerly WastewaterTreatment Plant as well as maintainingthe interconnecting collection system</p><p>(sewers). These plants serve membercommunities in the greater Clevelandmetropolitan area. The district servesover 1,038,000 customers in all or partof 60 suburban municipalities.</p><p>The Plant Process Automation projectswere conceived as a means of improvingthe efficiency and effectiveness of theNEORSD as a public utility. This projectspecifically targeted improvements at theDistricts three plants, and within the col-lection system. </p><p>The collection system is monitored andcontrolled through a series of level mon-itoring sites, flow monitoring sites, regula-tor sites, rain gauges, automatic samplersand odor control sites. The flow and level</p><p>Continued on page 5</p><p>sites provide monitoring data, in realtime, to the staff at all three plants andSewer Control and Maintenance staff tooptimize plant treatment and preparefor and monitor storm events. The reg-ulator sites control flow through thecollection system to optimize storagecapacity within the system duringstorm events and to prevent combinedsewer overflows to Lake Erie and otherwaterways. The rain gauges help in de-termining where it is raining, predictingthe time when the flows will reach thetreatment plants and rain intensity. Thesampler site is used to sample flows forillegal dumping into the sewer. TheOdor Control systems reduce collectionsystem odors in populated areas. Thisproject included a new control room tomonitor the collection sites and main-tain historical data.</p><p>The Plant Automation Phase 3 Project (PA-3) consisted of upgrading the current Process Monitoring Systems(PMS) at (3) Wastewater TreatmentPlants, (111) remote collection flow andlevel sites, The Environmental AndMaintenance Center (EMSC) and (27)Automatic Regulator Sites.</p><p>The upgrade provides real-time moni-toring of all the plant processes and themonitoring of the collection systemsites.</p><p>NEORSD PLANT AUTOMATION CONTRACT continued from page 1</p><p>BAY MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL CORPORATION2221 West Park DriveLorain, OH 44053-1197</p><p>CELEBRATING60 YEARSOF CONTRACTING</p><p>EXCELLENCE</p><p>BAY MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL CORPORATION2221 West Park Drive Lorain, OH 44053-1197Phone: (440) 282-6816 Fax: (440) 282-1544</p><p>www.baymec.com</p><p>NEORSD Plant Automation Contract .....1</p><p>Presidents Letter...........................2</p><p>2007 Awards .................................2</p><p>New HR Director - Heather Aschemeier........................2</p><p>Employee of the Year ......................3</p><p>Award of Excellence .......................3</p><p>CSU Main Classroom Project .............3</p><p>Elyria Municipal Courthouse..............4</p><p>Tri-C Fire Alarm Contract ..................4</p><p>Nestl Culinary Innovation Center .......4</p><p>PRSRT STDU.S. POSTAGE</p><p>PAIDCLEVELAND, OHPERMIT NO. 3097</p><p>5</p><p>The EMSC facility became the centralpoint for the transmission of all the col-lection system data to the appropriatewastewater treatment facilities. Thetransmission of data was accomplishedusing leased telephone lines, telemetry,and a fiber optic link.</p><p>New instrumentation was supplied and installed at all three treatment plants tomonitor utilities, life/safety systems,and chemicals. New instrumentation in-cluded:</p><p> Natural gas flow meters</p><p> Electrical power meters</p><p> Potable water flow meters</p><p> Emergency eyewash station flow meters</p><p> Combustible gas and hazardous gas monitors</p><p> Chemical flow and level instrumentation</p><p> Sludge blanket level monitors</p><p> Sludge density meters</p><p> Dissolved Oxygen analyzers</p><p>All new instrumentation was connectedto existing plant PLCs and calibrationand loop tests were performed. Thisproject also included the fabrication andinstallation of (138) PLC control panels.Demolition included removal of existingcontrol panels and panel-mounted in-strumentation.</p><p>This project had many challenges to overcome. The plants and remote siteshad to remain in operation. No bypass-ing of flows was permitted. Serious EPAviolations would occur if over flowswere permitted to happen.</p><p>With all the plants being at lowest elevation in their respective cities, anyamount of rain would cause challengesto the project schedule due to limitedshutdown opportunities. </p><p>This project was rewarding in so manyways. We are always happy to have theopportunity to work with the excep-tional staff at NEORSD. Their coopera-tion and expertise make every projectwe participate in successful. We alsohad the opportunity to work with theconsulting engineer Malcom Pirnie, Inc.Their excellent design and continuoussupport helped us complete this awardwinning project. </p><p>Last but not least we are very proud ofthis projects safety record. Bay had noOSHA recordable accidents in over36,000 man-hours performed on thisproject. </p><p>Bay would like to thank NEORSD and Malcom Pirnie for their help in makingthis project the winner of the 2007Award Of Excellence.</p><p>249211_bay:249211_bay 4/28/08 3:02 PM Page 1</p></li><li><p>Bay was the suc-cessful bidder andwas awarded theelectrical contract tocompletely replacethe existing firealarm and detectionsystem at all threecampuses of TheCuyahoga Commu-</p><p>nity College. This multi-million dollar contract started in October 2007and is scheduled for completion in October 2008.</p><p>The scope of work includes completely replacing the existing fire alarmsystems and devices in a total of (23) buildings at the Metropolitan, West-ern, and Eastern Campuses. The contract also includes a long-term main-tenance agreement. This is a challenging project with conduit and wiregoing to over (4500) fire alarm devices. Bay is performing this work onthird shift to avoid disruption of ongoing classes and College activities.</p><p>The project was designed and engineered by URS Corporation of Cleveland. Bay is looking forward to working with URS and the staff ofCuyahoga Community College on this exciting project.</p><p>Diamond Safety AwardFor the fourth consecutive year Bay was the proud recipient of the Associated Builders and Contractors Diamond SafetyAward. This award is given to the company that best exemplifiesa commitment to safety by maintaining an excellent safety recordwhile continually improving their safety program.</p><p>The Northern Ohio Chapter of Associated Builders and Contrac-tors has over 350 member companies making this a very com-petitive award.</p><p>To maintain an award winning safety program requires a strongcommitment from both management and our dedicated field staff. </p><p>Tom Vasel, P.E. Plant Construction Manager for the NortheastOhio Regional Sewer District, said it best, From an owners per-spective, it is always a pleasure dealing with firms such as BayMechanical and Electrical where Safety First is not just a saying,but is actively a part of their daily activities.</p><p>Thank you to the entire staff at Bay for again making Safety Firstour top priority. </p><p>2 3 4</p><p>Dear Friends</p><p>As we enter our 60th year in business I often wonder if my parents, Sid and Mary Burns, had any ideathat the little company they started at our kitchen table in 1948 would grow to become a leader in our industry. The core values that theyestablished for the new company havent changed in 60 years. They were and we still are committed to providing our customers with highquality, cost effective solutions to their construction, service and maintenance needs.</p><p>Our employees provide a standard of excellence in both knowledge and craftsmanship second to none in our industry. Their commitmentto quality and safety has once again earned Bay the prestigious Diamond Safety Award as well an Award of Excellence for this issues fea-tured project, NEORSD Contract PA-3. Im sure my parents would be as proud as I am to be associated with such a dynamic group of in-dividuals that make up Bay Mechanical &amp; Electrical Corp.</p><p>Terry W. Burns, President</p><p>Presidents Letter</p><p>The City of Elyrias long awaitedmunicipal courthouse was dedi-cated on January 11, 2008. Thestate-of-the-art facility is namedThe Judge John A. Howard ElyriaMunicipal Courthouse in honorof the late Judge John A. Howard,the first black judge in LorainCounty and the first black judge inthe Ohio State Bar Association.</p><p>Bay Mechanical &amp; Electrical was contractedto perform the HVAC and plumbing portionsof the project. The building, which was de-signed by Brandstetter Carrol Zofcin, Inc. ofCleveland, is stately in appearance yet itboasts the latest in technology and security.</p><p>Bay Continues Its Award Winning Ways In 2007</p><p>BMEC Welcomes Heather AschemeierIn October all of us here at Bay were happy to learn that Heather Aschemeier would be joining us as our new Human Resource Director. Heather replaces our friend and longtime HR Director Gil New-lands who retired in September.</p><p>Heather is a graduate of the University of Toledo and was Human Resource Manager at Rolen Plastics prior to accepting the position here at Bay.</p><p>Heather is in charge of recruitment, training, employee benefits and safety. Heather is a national member of The Society of Human Resource Management and is on the Associated Builders and Contractors Safety Council. Herupbeat energetic personality makes her a great addition to our team.</p><p>Heather and her husband Jason are the proud parents of daughters Hannah and Ava. They reside in Lorain. Please join us inwelcoming Heather. </p><p>Annually, the Board of Di-rectors of Bay Mechanical &amp;Electrical Corporation selectone individual from ourworkforce to be designatedEmployee of the Year andpresented the Award ofContinuing Excellence. Thisis always a very difficult de-cision and not taken lightly. </p><p>In entering our 60th year weknew selecting this years re-cipient would be especiallydifficult. After much debateand deliberation, the answerwas obvious. This years re-cipient is the reason for all ofour success. As with any company, BMECSgreatest asset is our employees. The menand women of BMEC continue to raise thebar every day on every project. Their com-</p><p>Employee of the Year</p><p>mitment to excellence and customer satis-faction makes us the award winning com-pany that we are. Being in business for 60years does not happen by mistake.</p><p>Congratulations to all the employees of BayMechanical &amp; Electrical Corporation forbeing named the Employee of the Yearand being the recipients of this years Awardof Continuing Excellence.</p><p>Bay Completes New MunicipalCourthouse</p><p>Platinum STEP AwardFor the sixth year in arow, Bay has attainedPlatinum status in theAssociated Builders andContractors NationalSTEP (Safety Trainingand Evaluation Program)awards.</p><p>STEP is an objective method for comparing a companys safety programs and program improvements with companies of the samesize across the country.</p><p>This program has an extensive application process and is an excellenttool for benchmarking our existing program with our peers and assistsus in continually improving our safety awareness and procedures.</p><p>Attaining the highest level in this program six years in a row is quitean accomplishment and one that we are very proud of. </p><p>Award of ExcellenceBay Mechanical and Electrical is the proud recipient of the 2007 Associated Builders and Contractors Award of Excellence for the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer Districts Plant Automation Project Contract PA-3.</p><p>The Excellence in Construction Awards recognize projects for their quality, complexity, and safety record. A panel of judges that represents a crosssection of industry experts, including owners, architects, and engineers from across the state evaluates the entries. </p><p>Winning the Award of Excellence is a reflection of Bays craftsmanship, ability to complete complex projects and safe work practices. </p><p>Cleveland State Main Classroom ProjectThe Cleveland State University Main Classroom Project, which was reported onin our summer issue of The Pipeline is coming to a successful completion. Theproject included the build out of 63,000 Sq. Ft. of space located on the plaza level of the Main Classroom Building and Bay was contracted for all of the HVAC,electrical, plumbing, and fire protection.</p><p>This facility is being constructed to house student services, administrative of-fices, student activity and cultural areas, a new campus connection and a newdining/lounge area.</p><p>To avoid disrupting the ongoing classes and operations of CSU, the majority ofthe man hours were performed on a third shift basis and we are pleased to reportthat there were no recordable injuries throughout the duration of this project. </p><p>Bay is very excited to have been awarded the HVAC andplumbing contracts for the new Nestl Culinary InnovationCenter. This 67,300 square foot state of the art facilityis being built in Solon, Ohio. Groundbreaking was in thespring of 2007 and the completion is slated for spring 2008.</p><p>Bay was awarded the project by the Stellar Group of Jack-sonville, Florida. Stellar is one of the nations leading com-panies in the design, engineering and construction of foodprocessing facilities. Bay is proud to be chosen to partici-pate in this project and is looking forward to working withStellar and Nestl FoodServices North America, two com-panies that are leaders in their industry.</p><p>Nestl Culinary Innovation Center</p><p>The project, which was in the planningstages for over eight years, was built with-out taxpayer dollars. It was financed totallywith court costs. The two sitting judges,Judge Lisa Locke Graves and Judge JohnMusson, will handle over 22,000 cases ayear between them. </p><p>Bay is proud to have been able to serve theCity of Elyria again. We previously com-pleted the new city hall project as well asnumerous projects at their waste and watertreatment plants. </p><p>Bay Awarded Fire Alarm ContractFor Cuyahoga Community College</p><p>249211_bay:249211_bay 4/28/08 3:02 PM Page 2</p><p>creo</p></li></ul>