Spring Harvest book of James, ... complete your day relaxing with friends. Free family activities ... arts crafts and more for all the family.

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  • Spring Harvest in Harrogate3-7 April 2018www.springharvest.org/harrogate

    Full day and evening visitor tickets available

  • For the disciple, everyday life is an adventure

    Every day we face hundreds of decisions and the right choices are often the most difficult ones. God calls us to choose the costly life of following Christ. It takes sacrifice, courage and perseverance. We need robust minds, passionate hearts and active hands as we press on towards our great reward.

    But we do none of this alone. Using the book of James, Spring Harvest 2018 will explore determined discipleship, giving a rallying cry to the everyday adventure thats ahead.

    We get one chance at this life lets live it.

  • Spring Harvest is heading north

    For years, weve been wanting to make Spring Harvest more accessible to Scotland and the North of England. At Harrogate Convention Centre, weve found a great solution.

    Its set in a Victorian spa town with architecture, culture, eating and shopping to exceed your expectations. It boasts world famous names such as Bettys Tea Rooms and Taylors of Harrogate plus dozens of top quality independent retailers, cafs and restaurants.

    Set in the heart of rural Yorkshire, Harrogate is close to charming market towns, the Yorkshire Dales and endless walking, cycling and adventure opportunities.

    Get to know the town and district at www.visitharrogate.co.uk







    Manchester and Liverpool are within about two hours drive

    Glasgow and Edinburgh are within four hours drive


  • Spring Harvest is a teaching and worship event for everyone

    Its a unique break for all ages: holiday, festival, conference and an encounter with God.

    Join thousands of Christians for life-changing days of learning, growth and spiritual refreshment. Our twin priorities are to explore Scripture through excellent Bible teaching and seek Gods presence through Spirit-led worship. Theres something for everyone all ages and abilities can learn in their own way.

  • The Big Start

    All ages come together for a high-energy start to the day in the magnificent Harrogate Convention Centre. We explore the daily theme and Bible passage with drama, prayer, art, singing and more.

    Bible Teaching

    Each full day theres an opportunity to hear in-depth teaching from Spring Harvests Malcolm Duncan. We start with worship and finish with a short time to reflect.


    Energetic fun-packed sessions for kids are led by specialist teams. Following the same theme material as the adults and teens, Spring Harvest youngsters explore the Bible in age-appropriate ways.


    Spring Harvest gives 11-18s the time of their lives: new friends, inspiring worship, life-changing Jesus moments plus barrel-loads of fun and action. Passionate leaders create inspiring gatherings for Bible learning, worship and encouragement.

    Youth group leaders

    Discover indoor camping for your group plus organising tips at www.springharvest.org/harrogate

    Bible foundation, worship inspiration


  • Late Morning and Afternoon

    Opportunities to explore the discipleship theme, help with answering tough questions, stories to inspire you, workshops for all ages, parenting sessions in association with Care For the Family and practical courses to help you transform your community and build Gods kingdom. Dont forget the family-friendly matinees as well!

    All-Age Celebration

    We love it when all ages get together to learn and worship - whether youre young or old, in a big family or on your own, energetic or reflective! The All-age celebration is just that, a place where all ages can worship and learn together every evening.

    Pete James Worship Leader

    Malcolm Duncan Bible Teacher

    Lisa Holmes Host and Speaker

    Line-up includes:

  • Celebrations

    Everyone aged 8 and above has a celebration designed for them. Adults have evening worship with Pete James in the Convention Centre, plus inspiring preaching and space to respond. Children and young people also have their own celebrations aimed at their age group where they can worship, learn more about Jesus and respond to him.

    Evening Entertainment

    Comedy, music, theatre and more complete your day relaxing with friends.

    Free family activities

    Drop into our family activity zone in the afternoon for bouncy castles, soft play, arts & crafts and more for all the family.

  • Spring Harvest is part of Essential Christian, a registered charity. 14 Horsted Square, Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 1QG

    Accommodation choices

    Spring Harvest Harrogate offers you the chance to book exactly the accommodation you want at prices that fit your budget. Stay with friends, camp indoors, go AirBnB, pick a four-star hotel, the choice is yours.

    Find information about all the options - including indoor camping at the Centre - at www.springharvest.org/harrogate


    These prices give you admission to the entire Spring Harvest event including childrens and youth activities where relevant. Make your own arrangements for accommodation and food see information on this page.

    On the website you can:

    View the Spring Harvest Harrogate video

    Book your tickets

    Register a group

    Book indoor camping

    Discover group discounts

    Find tips for youth group organisers

    Discover accommodation options

    See programme updates

    Or email your question to info@springharvest.org

    Or call us on 01825 769000





    (First evening or final morning)

    Adult 119 129 35 (17)

    Youth (14-18) 109 119 33 (15)

    Child (6-13) 89 99 29 (12)

    Child (2-5) 69 79 25 (12)

    Infant under 2 FREE FREE FREE


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