Spring 2012 Catalog Part 5

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Spring 2012 Catalog Part 5

Text of Spring 2012 Catalog Part 5

  • pOlisHEd sqUArE TEAligHT glAss pg. 45

    CrYsTAl CAndlE sTAnds (sET OF 3) pg. 43

    sTYlE sECrETs: sliced fresh lemons are slipped in between the Clear

    Hammered Chimney and the large & medium glasses from the Floating Tealight Trio that we set inside the chimneys.

    The little flowers on the Crystal Candle stands are scrapbook decals glued to 1/4 ribbon.

    We love displaying the Changing seasons lantern in twos! Here we added the leftover flowers from our floral arrangements to one and lemons to the other.

    Try out the new Crown Finial panel to give the lantern a new look!

    Complete the look with sugar Cookie tealights.

    CHAnging sEAsOns lAnTErn pg. 41

    FiniAl pAnEl - CrOWn (sET OF 2) pg. 41

    THE ZEsT OF spring

    Get the Look

    Inspired by: our 26 oz. sunflower heritage. The Vision: A celebration of yellowthe vibrant color of spring blooms.

    This yel low runner helps the display pop!

    We picked the lemons off our neighbors tree (we asked f irst, of course)!

    lookbook 71get the look for $336.20

    FlOATing TEAligHT TriO

    pg. 45

    ClEAr HAMMErEd CHiMnEY (sET OF 2) pg. 39

  • iVOrY glAss CHiMnEY (sET OF 2) pg. 43

    pOsY HOldEr - BlACK pg. 37

    FOOTEd glAss HUrriCAnE pg. 41

    BlACK KAlEidOsCOpE MAgnACHArM pg. 51

    BlACK dAZZlEWrAp

    BEAds (sET OF 2) pg. 43

    sTYlE sECrETs: Vibrant living elements are the key to creating balance. The Footed glass Hurricane is filled with fresh Fuji Mums. Find these at your local florist.

    Vibrant granny smith apples and limes add an at home touch that softens this display.

    Wrap a sheer green ribbon around the base of each chimney. double-sided tape will help to create a clean look from every angle.

    We found the white pedestal at the flea market! We spray-painted an old tray black to give it new life. Complete the look with Clean sheets Bella.

    Inspired by: the entrancing graphics on the Black kaleidoscope magnaCharm.

    The Vision: to discover the point at which the complex man-made lines of graphic shapes harmonize and balance with the organic shapes of nature.

    CrYsTAl CAndlE sTAnds (sET OF 3) pg. 43

    WHErE grApHiC & nATUrE BAlAnCE

    We found this at Z Gal lerie!

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  • sTYlE sECrETs: The red orbs in the Floating Tealight Trio are sour cherry candies! We gave them a sophisticated look by adding wide ribbon to the bottom of the glasses.

    Every other votive glass in the Ebony scroll is used as a vase for a phalaenopsis orchid and all of the votive glasses are filled with little black glass beads from the craft store.

    A Black Changing seasons Holder is placed onto each Crystal Candle stand. We covered the feet of the holders with ribbon.

    pomegranate Bella and tealights complete the look.

    CHAnging sEAsOns HOldEr - BlACK pg. 37

    CrYsTAl CAndlE sTAnds (sET OF 3) pg. 43

    FlOATing TEAligHT TriO pg. 45

    EBOnY sCrOll pg. 37

    Inspired by: the distinguished craftsmanship of scrollwork (found in the Black Changing seasons holder and ebony scroll).

    The Vision: A royal european display that reflects the sophisticated and powerful influence of the scroll.

    disTingUisHEd BY dEsign

    The chess pieces and glass vessels in the background were purchased from Hobby Lobby.

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  • WOOdEn CAndlEsTiCKs (sET OF 3) pg. 39

    grAY HAMMErEd CHiMnEY (sET OF 2) pg. 43

    CrYsTAl CAndlE sTAnds (sET OF 3) pg. 43

    grAY ArTisAn pEndAnT pg. 59

    BAsKET WEAVE HOldEr - BlACK pg. 37

    sTYlE sECrETs: The black glimmering accents on the Wooden Candlesticks are adhesive scrapbook tape.

    We used the gray Artisan pendant to add a contrasting texture to the Black Basket Weave Holder.

    notice, we used a decorative book from Z gallerie to add height to one of the Crystal Candle stands.

    We chose to use intrigue candles because of the interesting texture seen in the glistening palm wax.

    The defined texture of the gray Hammered glass Chimney is heightened when the candle inside is lit!

    Inspired by: textures from the Black Basket Weave holder, gray hammered Chimney and gray Artisan pendant

    The Vision: A feminine ambience that embraces the dynamics of texture.


    We found this at Hobby Lobby!

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  • fragrance guide 79

    Almond orAnge sCone neW!Blood orange shavings baked fresh into vanilla and almond crme scones. C

    AppleThe perfect mix of sweet and tart. Experience a juicy apple with notes of fresh peach for extra sweetness. h, s

    Apple spiCe seAsonAl!delicious baked apples sprinkledwith cinnamon, nutmeg and richvanilla. h, s

    Autumn WAlkCooling musk and light florals. Enchanting colors and fragrances of fall. A, B, h, hFo, r, s, t

    BABy poWderlight rose, jasmine and violet jointogether for a fragrant reminder of the innocence of children. CFk, s

    BAnAnA nut BreAdThe delightful aroma of freshlybaked banana bread with walnutsaccented with cinnamon and clove. C, hFo, s, t, v

    BirthdAy CAkescrumptious aromas of a freshlybaked vanilla cake topped withcreamy frosting. BQ, h, s

    BlueBerry mousse neW!Wire rack-cooled blueberry cake topped with lightly whipped vanilla mousse. C, hFo

    BroWn sugAr CookieToffee and sugar cookie accord with essentials of brown sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. C, hFo, s, t, v

    CArAmel ginger strudelnutmeg, cinnamon and clove.Completed with swirls of richvanilla and caramel. C, s, t, v

    CedAr Woodssweet bergamot, calming jasmine and fresh cedarwood. h, s

    Cherry pieFreshly baked pie crust filled with ripe Bing cherries. BQ, C, s, t

    CinnAmonEssential ingredients of organichand-ground cinnamon, clove andnutmeg. h, s

    CinnAmon vAnillA sweet and spicy. genuine cinnamon and naturalvanilla. B, h, r, s, t

    Citrus CreAmTangerine and grapefruit accented with hints of berries, plum and vanilla. A, h, hFo, s

    CleAn sheets A breezy blend of fruits and florals with touches of musk. A, B, h, hFo, r, s, t, v

    CoAst neW!A refreshing blend of coastal greens and lavender with hints of musk. h, h/o

    CoBBler on the porCh Crisp notes of juicy apple andaromatic clove swirled with spicyaccents of fresh cinnamon. C, s, t

    CoConut stiCky Bun neW!Warm caramel and crystallized sugar generously sprinkled onto fresh baked coconut butter-rum dough. C, s

    CoZy CABin seAsonAl! A warm and inviting woodsy fragrance with geranium and cedar. h

    CrAnBerry orAnge Tart cranberries, fresh citrusorange, blackberry and spicycinnamon bark. d, h, s, t

    Crme Brulerich brule draped with a thin layer of caramel and toasted topping. C, s

    Cute As A CuCumBer - seAsonAl FAve!A refreshing fragrant combination of crisp cucumber, melon and aromatic seasonal blossoms. CFk, s

    dAZZleBerry seAsonAl FAve!Cherries, raspberries, plums and boysenberries come together to make a fun fragrance. B, h, s


    iced yuzu and juicy feijoa bringhints of sweetness while gentle notes of white Malabar petals and white neem leaves add warmth. h/o, s, t

    euCAlyptus menthol neW!Formerly no More sniffles. recharging oils of eucalyptus and healing notes of menthol. i, t

    FABulous Fudge BroWnieA chocolate explosion of fudgybrownie made with the richestcocoa, creamiest butter andsweetest vanilla. C, s

    FrenCh vAnillA & ButterCreAmgolden French vanilla enlivened with rich butter cream. h, s

    Fresh Cut roses seAsonAl FAve! Blooming red roses cut from the backyard garden. d, h, s

    Fresh orAngeFresh squeezed orange juice comes alive in a fusion of grapefruit and strawberries with hints of vanilla. d, h, r, s

    Fruit FusionA fruit blend of sweet blueberriesmixed with orange, raspberry,strawberry and peach. A, h, s

    ginger lime Bold citrus and a spicy blast of ginger. A, B, d, h, hFo, s, t, v

    grAple-Berry neW seAsonAl!A sophisticated fruit basket filled with plums, cherries and wild grapes paired with sweet brandy wine. h

    honey oAt teA neW!Organic notes of honey and oats combined with the stabilizing powers of chamomile and neroli oils. i, t

    iCed CArAmel mACChiAtoiced coffee, cocoa beans, creamy vanilla and sweet caramel topped with rich whipped cream. C, s, t

    JAsmine lime CitronellAA unique combination of sweetfloral and tangy citrus. Containscitronella to help repel insects. h/o, t

    lAvender neW! Formerly lavender Heritage. soothing fragrance and therapeutic essential oils of lavender set a calm and comforting mood. i

    lAvender ChAmomile neW!Formerly relaxing.Therapeutic essential oils of lavender, chamomile and sandalwood blended precisely to induce a relaxing atmosphere. d, hFo, i, s, t

    lAvender euCAlyptussWeet orAnge infused with essential oils oflavender, eucalyptus and sweetorange. hom

    leAthernotes of buffed leather and suede combined with oakmoss, amber and cedar wood. A, h, s

    lemon iCe FAve!sugared citrus fruits of lemon andorange blended with vanilla ice cream. C, hFo

    lilAC seAsonAl FAve! lilac bushes in full bloom with soothing scents of lilies, heliotrope and vanilla. h, s

    love struCk seAsonAl FAve!A striking harmony of sweetcitrus, rose and violet blended with romantic hints of musk. h, s

    lusCious vAnillA lime seAsonAl FAve!Crushed lime leaves and lime blooms over a layer of crushed vanilla beans. B, h, hFo, s

    mimosA rose neW!Formerly romantic. The delicate notes of rose paired with energizing jasmine, mimosa and rose essential oils create an uplifting feel good experience. hFo, i, s, t

    moroCCAn AmBer vAnillAAlluring hints of