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SPPA-R3000 for Steam Turbine - m. · PDF fileEnergy Instrumentation, ... to our SPPA-R3000 Turbine Control ... SPPA-R3000 for Steam Turbine.ppt Author: Marcello Figallo

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Text of SPPA-R3000 for Steam Turbine - m. · PDF fileEnergy Instrumentation, ... to our SPPA-R3000...

  • Energy Instrumentation, Controls & Electrical

    SPPA-R3000 for Power and Industrial Steam Turbines

    SPPA-R3000 Turbine Controls

    Potential Benefits

    Priced to fit within a maintenance budget

    On-line testing and configuring capability to help minimize downtime

    Helps avoid human error automated testing

    Can help extend service life by minimizing stress during testing

    Helps improves turbine availability by simplified online maintenance

    Operator friendly interface Scalable, modular and expandable Commercial off the shelf components Single vendor for both electrical and

    mechanical upgrades Communicates with existing DCS Small footprint, fits in existing space Mechanical and hydraulic upgrades User friendly online tuning and

    calibration Turnkey installations available On site Customerized training

    available 24 hour support available Long term service contracts available


    Westinghouse GE


    Allis Chalmers


    MHI Delaval





    Standard Solutions

    Siemens Energy Instrumentation, Controls & Electrical has implemented an innovative solution for modernizing steam turbines that can be integrated into a customers current or future plant system using a scalable, standard, proven platform. Upgrading to our SPPA-R3000 Turbine Control Solution can help you generate true long-term benefits for operations, maintenance, and service of your steam turbines. The SPPA-R3000 is a cost effective, high performance, modular solution that can provide enhancement in system reliability and capability. The SPPA-R3000 can be implemented at low cost based upon the plants configuration and the customers requirement.

    The redundant system is designed to increase availability and minimize costly downtime. The redundant high availability system allows for online maintenance, diagnostics, and automatic testing. The HMI system features an easy to use graphical interface for all plant personnel including operators and maintenance. Comprehensive mechanical modernization packages are available to be integrated with the SPPA-R3000 system.

    The SPPA-R3000 system can be used in both power and industrial applications. Standard applications include:

    Single, double and triple extraction Inlet and admission Exhaust and condensing Mechanical drives

    Stop Valve conversion Before After

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    The information in this document contains general descriptions of the technical options available, which may not apply in all cases. The required technical options should there-fore be specified in the contract.

    Control Features

    Various mechanical upgrades can be implemented with the control upgrades or added later on.

    Control Features

    Full range of turbine startups from manual to automatic

    Primary overspeed protection High speed valve lift control First trip out indication Speed control Load control Inlet/Admission pressure control Extraction pressure/temperature

    control Frequency Influence (Droop Control) ADS (Automatic Dispatch System)

    influence Turbine stress influence Options available:

    Independent overspeed protection Simplex or redundant

    configurations Remote control station Turbine auxiliary control Generator auxiliary control Generator excitation control Turbine Stress Control (TSC) 24-hour remote on-line support

    Operator Display

    The easy to use SPPA-R3000 HMI displays have several available options. The local display panels provide information and local control. The remote server client option offers both operator control and engineering functions to be done remotely. The remote server client is also available in a redundant server configuration which can accept multiple client computers for multiple users.

    Full MHC to EHC turbine conversion Removal of mechanical overspeed

    bolt and replace with electronic, on-line testable, backup overspeed protection system

    Replacement of existing legacy TSI system with new state of the art electronic TSI system

    Replacement of simplex field devices with redundant field devices

    Valve replacement / upgrades Replacement of existing legacy trip

    system with new redundant, on line testable trip system

    Partial Arc & Full Arc Control Utilizing a New Independent Governor Valve Modernization Assembly

    Operator Monitor (Optional) Sample Display Power Generation Application for Governor and Auxillaries