Sport and physical activities are the best diet!

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  • Sport and physical activities are the best diet!
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  • A body of the normal man is in the 60% locomotor system:
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  • - bones, cartilage,joints
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  • - muscles, tendons,ligaments
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  • We were created for the movement!
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  • Movement automatically increases the amount of energy we use, and even the smallest movements have some impact on energy demands.
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  • The metabolism This process converts the food we eat into usable energy. When we eat, the digestion process breaks down all foods into their component parts, and the carbohydrates are converted into glucose. Insulin puts the glucose into the cells where the mitochondria refine it into fuel, in the form of ATP. The mitochondria are like little factories inside every cell in the body, and their sole job is to produce energy. The body then uses ATP to fuel all of its processes including brain and organ function, respiration and motion. Our bodies use energy nonstop, even at rest, and the metabolism runs 24 hours a day. The amount of energy each person uses at rest is directly related to body composition.
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  • There are three major ways we burn calories during the day: Resting metabolic rate (RMR), The thermic effect of food (TEF), Physical activity energy expenditure (PAEE).
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  • RMR is the number of calories we burn to maintain our vital body processes in a resting state. RMR typically accounts for about 65-75 percent of your total daily calorie expenditure.
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  • TEF it results from eating food, and is the increase in energy expended above your RMR that results from digestion, absorption, and storage of the food you eat. It typically accounts for about 5-10 percent of the total calories you burn in a day.
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  • PAEE is the increase in our calorie burning above RMR resulting from any physical activity. It depends on how much you move throughout the day.
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  • Regular exercises have many benefits and play an important role in increasing our daily energy expenditure!
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  • The burn of additional calories is not only during the training but also after finishing him. This process is called afterburn, this state is keeping through a dozen hours after exercises and is raising the metabolism about 9 %
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  • And what's more there is a reply: why physical exercises are the best diet!
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  • Physical Activity Pyramid