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    S P O N S O R S H I P & E X H I B I T I O N

    P R O S P E C T U S

    Proudly presented by

    Melbourne Convention And Exhibition Centre Melbourne, Australia

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    20th Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference 2019

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    CONFERENCE PRESIDENT Prof Anthony Costello AM | Executive Director, Australian Prostate Cancer Research

    PROGRAM SECRETARY Dr Phil Dundee | Urologist, Royal Melbourne Hospital & Western General Hospital, Epworth Prostate Centre

    CLINICAL UROLOGY STREAM CO-CONVENOR A/Prof Nathan Lawrentschuk | Urologist, Director EJ Whitten Prostate Cancer Centre at Epworth, Department of Surgery, Austin Hospital and Department of Surgical Oncology, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre Dr Daniel Moon | Urologist, Australian Urology Associates, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Epworth HealthCare

    TRANSLATIONAL SCIENCE STREAM CONVENORS Dr Niall Corcoran | Director of Translational Research, Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre Epworth, University of Melbourne and Royal Melbourne Hospital A/Prof Chris Hovens | Director of Scientific Research, Australian Prostate Centre; The University of Melbourne

    NURSING & ALLIED HEALTH STREAM CONVENORS Ms Helen Crowe | Prostate Cancer Nurse Practitioner, Epworth Prostate Centre Mr David Gray | Urology Clinical Nurse Consultant, Australian Prostate Centre

    GENERAL PRACTICE STREAM CONVENORS Dr Jane Crowe | Private General Practitioner and Prostate Cancer Physician, Australian Prostate Centre

    The Australian Prostate Centre is proud to present the 20th Asia- Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference in Melbourne, Australia from the 24 to 26th of August 2019.

    World leaders in prostate cancer clinical management and research will meet in Melbourne bringing their depth of knowledge and experience to discuss all facets of prostate cancer management including treatment and scientific advances. We are proud that the conference has grown over the last 20 years to be the world’s largest comprehensive meeting in the discipline. Our aim is to view prostate cancer as a multi-disciplinary team effort and deliver a program that reflects this. The need for increased education, specialist training and sharing of knowledge in our quest for optimising prostate cancer outcomes has never been as important. The themes in 2019 will involve locally advanced and metastatic prostate cancer, research, diagnosis and management.

    The program will include streams of Clinical Urology, Translational Science, Nursing & Allied Health and General Practice. Our Committee are working on delivering a program which ensures the most contemporary information and research- validated findings are presented. We are witnessing treatment advances and new research findings at a rate never seen before. The Conference once again will have a stellar line up of International Faculty, providing delegates with a global perspective on Prostate Cancer research and treatment. Our first announcement is detailed on page 4.

    The Conference this year returns to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. We are pleased to announce we will host the Conference in the new $205 million Goldfields development which was opened in July.

    This prospectus details a range of options which we trust will give you the flexibility to align the needs of your organisation to activities associated with this Conference. Your support of this premier educational event will contribute directly to the ground breaking advances needed to support the many thousand men facing prostate cancer every year.

    We do look forward to your participation in the Conference and invite you to speak with our team about the opportunities available.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Prof Anthony Costello AM President - 20th Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference

    Australian Prostate Centre impacts the world through research and development of paradigm shifting practices in prostate cancer care and treatment.

    Australian Prostate Centre is the key communication conduit for prostate cancer specialists, clinicians and allied health professionals globally. We have strong national and international relationships with the pharmaceutical industry, leading academic institutions and hospitals and welcome partnerships to deliver our groundbreaking initiatives.

    Proudly presented by

    C o n f e r e n c e H o s t sI N V I T A T I O N T O A T T E N D

    O R G A N I S I N G C o m m i t t e e

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    Dr Paul Boutros University of California, Los Angeles, United States

    Associate Professor John Davis MD Anderson Cancer Center, United States

    Professor Stephen Freedland Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, United States

    Professor Freddie Hamdy University of Sheffield & Oxford Urology Associates, United Kingdom

    Dr Chris Nelson Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, United States

    Professor Alan Partin Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, United States

    Professor Kenneth Pienta Brady Urological Institute, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, United States

    P r o g r a m O V E R V I E W

    Friday 23 August 2019 0830 – 1400 Robotic Urology – New Frontiers in

    Robotic Urology 1830 International Faculty Dinner

    (By Invitation Only)

    Saturday 24 August 2019 0800 – 1230 Workshops and Satellite Meetings

    General Practitioners Prostate Cancer Workshop – ADT, PSA Testing & What’s New in Prostate Cancer Sexual Health for Prostate Cancer Patients MRI & Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Industry Satellite Meetings

    1230 – 1315 Lunch - Industry Exhibition 1315 – 1545 Conference Opening | Multidisciplinary

    Plenary 1545 – 1615 Afternoon Tea - Industry Exhibition 1615 – 1730 Multidisciplinary Plenary 1745 - 1830 Welcome Reception – Industry Exhibition 1830 – 2030 Industry Satellite Meetings - Dinner

    Sunday 25 August 2019 0845 – 1015 Multidisciplinary Streams – Clinical

    Urology | Nursing & Allied Health | Translational Science

    1015 – 1045 Morning Tea - Industry Exhibition 1045 – 1230 Multidisciplinary Streams – Clinical

    Urology | Nursing & Allied Health | Translational Science

    1230 – 1345 Lunch - Industry Exhibition | Moderated Poster Sessions

    1345 – 1530 Multidisciplinary Streams – Clinical Urology | Nursing & Allied Health | Translational Science

    1530 – 1600 Afternoon Tea - Industry Exhibition 1600 – 1800 Multidisciplinary Streams – Clinical

    Urology | Nursing & Allied Health | Translational Science

    1900 – 2300 Conference Gala Dinner

    *Preliminary Program subject to change

    I n t e r n a t i o n a l F a c u lt y

    Monday 26 August 2019 0830 – 1030 Multidisciplinary Streams – Clinical

    Urology | Nursing & Allied Health | Translational Science

    1030 – 1100 Morning Tea - Industry Exhibition 1100 – 1230 Multidisciplinary Streams – Clinical

    Urology | Nursing & Allied Health | Translational Science

    1230 – 1345 Lunch - Industry Exhibition | Moderated Poster Sessions

    1345 – 1500 Multidisciplinary Streams – Clinical Urology | Nursing & Allied Health | Translational Science

    1500 – 1630 Afternoon Tea - Industry Exhibition 1630 – 1730 Multidisciplinary Streams – Clinical

    Urology | Nursing & Allied Health | Translational Science

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    Recognised as one of the best urology meetings in the world, all streams at this Conference will encompass the latest developments in prostate cancer management with educational goals aimed at all practitioners involved. The world class program includes specialised meetings facilitating the translation of research discoveries into improved clinical practice.

    The 2019 event is expected to attract approximately 800 national and international delegates over 3 days, making it one of Australia’s most impressive conferences. The meeting will attract Urologists, Researchers, Nurses, General Practitioners, Psychologists, Radiation Oncologists, Medical Oncologists, and Continence Practitioners within this sector. No other event focuses as closely and comprehensively on this highly specialised sector.

    Please join us in again making the event the world’s premier industry showcase to date, by participating and exhibiting your existing and future products and services to industry leaders.

    I n d u s t ry P a r t n e r s h i p s W e l c o m