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session to improve your english

Text of spoken english

  • EnglishWhoever you areWhere ever you areWhat ever you doYou Need

  • Why we hesitatePoor VocabularyUnable to express ideasUnable to understand othersLack of practiceUnable to stay calmUnable to handle being focus of AttentionMemory loss while speaking in EnglishPeople will laugh at me

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    ULTIMATECommon Mistakes


  • Time for a STORY

  • This is the story of the two brothers-in-law who went to hunt. One man is a blind man and the other, a newly married younger man, can see. As they move through the bush the sighted man is impressed at how his blind brother-in-law can interpret the sounds they hear.

  • They set traps for birds and return to their village. When they come back the next day to check the traps, the sighted brother-in-law sees that the other man has caught a beautiful bird with brightly colored feathers. He wants that bird as a present for his new wife, so he exchanges the birds, thinking the blind man won't know.

  • On the return trip they rest under a tree. The younger man asks his blind brother-in-law why men fight with one another.

  • The blind man answers, "Men fight because they do to one another what you have just done to me." Ashamed, the younger man takes the colorful bird from his own pouch and puts it in his brother-in-law's pouch. Then he asks, "How can men become friends again?" Again, the blind man answers, "Men become friends again when they do what you have just done to me."

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