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  • 8/8/2019 SPM Selangor Trial 2010 - BI Kertas 2





    Examiner'sCodeSection Marks

    A l5

    B l0c 25D 25

    Total 75




    Tingkatan.. . . . . . . . . .



    JANGAN BUKA KERTASSOALANINI SEHINGGADIBERITAHUArahan1. Tulis nombor kad pengenalan dah angka giliran andapadaruangyang disediakan.Kertas soalan ini mengandungiempatbahagian:BahagianA, Bahagian B, BahagitnC dan Bahagian D.Jawab semua bahagian dalam kertassoalan ini.

    Soalan-soalan dalam Bahagaian A mempunyai empatpilihan jawapan. Jawab setiap soalan dengan menghitamkanruang yang betul di halaman akhixAnda dinasihati supaya mengambil masa 25 minit untukmenjawabsoalan Bahagian A,25 minit untuk Bthagian B,50 minit untukBahagSanC an35 minit untukBthagian D.Instructions1. Write our .C. number and ndexnumber n thespaceprovided.

    This questionpaper consistsoffour sections'.SectionA, SectionB, SectionC and SectionD.Answer all sections n this questionpaperQuestions in Section A have four options. Answer eachquestionby blackeningthe correct spaceon the lastpage.You are advised to spend 25 minutes on Section A,25 minutes an Section B, 50 minutes on Section C and35 minuteson SectionD.

    Kertassoalan ni mengandungi20 halamanbercetak.[Lihat halaman sebelahSULITl19/2 @2010Hak CiptaJabatanpelajaranelangor

  • 8/8/2019 SPM Selangor Trial 2010 - BI Kertas 2


    SULIT )SectionAlI5 marlrsl

    1 Basedon the dialogueabove,we know that LisaA is anenviousPersonB likes the colour greenC is young and mmatureD has the natural gift to grow plants

    Ratbots exist to enable the military to go intoplaces naccessibleo conventionalmachines(Adapted from JUST ENGLISH,IssUe4, 2008)

    T'hecaptionaboveshows hat ratbotsare used oA help the military to safeguardsecretsB replace he machines n the military campsC hinder the military entry into inaccessibleplacesD help the military access laceswheremachinescannotenter

    Plant somethingnew in yourgarden o marka happyoccasionand plant at least oneVolunieer o join acommunity garden.You cande-stress nd alsodevelopyour green fingers

    -*) Ramu ,','

    l1l9l2 o 2010Hak Cipta JabatanPelajaranelangor

  • 8/8/2019 SPM Selangor Trial 2010 - BI Kertas 2


    SULIT 1tt9t

    From the extract above, he phrase n symphony can be replacedwithA in l ineB compatibleC disharmonious lD musically inclined


    January March

    April - June

    July- August

    September December


    4 Touristswho are nterested n snorkelling andwind surfing shouldvisit Terengganubeachesbetween

    A January - MarchB April - JuneC July - AugustD September December

    rrrgr2 @2010 ak ipta ,abatanpelajaranelangor [Lihat halam"" tJ3ll+

    Our lifestyle, health, self-development, elationship withfriends need to be in symphony with one another.So we shouldtheseaspectso ensurea happy life.

    loved ones and closefocus and cultivate all

  • 8/8/2019 SPM Selangor Trial 2010 - BI Kertas 2


    SULIT 4 t11912

    GOLDENSUGEEPUDDINGRECIPEToastsugee lour il l golden rown.Setaside.Heatghee n a pot.Fry cashewnuts.Add n warmwater, pinch fsalt, ellow olouringndsugar.Slowly ti r nfried ugee.When t thickensransfer ntoa tray.Servewith ea.

    Step 4 in the flow chart above sadd n gheeand sugarset t asidewhen cookedadd n fried sugeeand stiradd in susar when thickens

    The main aim of settingup Blogs.BoostsnAll.com s for travellers to



    share heir adventureexpenenceboastabout heir experiencediscourageother travel ersprovide free travel

    lll9l2 @2010Hak CiptaJabatanPelajaranelangor

    STEP 3Add in water,salt,colouringand sugar

    STEP1Toast Sugeeflour


    Would you like to share all about the amazing people you have met and theunique experiences ou have had while backpack ravelling? Set up a free travel blogat Blogs.BoostsnAll.com, one of the first websites o offer travellers the opportunityto record all their adventures,post photos, keep.in touch with family and friends, aswell as ap nto otherpeople'sadventures.

    (AdaptedromReader'sDigest,April 2010)


  • 8/8/2019 SPM Selangor Trial 2010 - BI Kertas 2



    Favourite holiday destinationsvisited bythe students of SMK Bunga Melor, 2010


    [Lihat halaman sebelaSULIT

    ff i a"."ronHighlandsff i centing ighlands

    ff i tu,",PangkorillTlllllur"uangkawi

    From the pie chart above, t is evident thatABCD

    more studentsvisited Pulau Langkawi than Genting Highlandsmore studentspreferredGenting Highlands to CameronHighlandsfewer number of studentschosePulau Langkawi to Pulau Pangkorequal number of studentsvisited Genting Highlands and Pulau Langkawi

    (Adapted from the STAR, July, 2010)From the comic strip above, he phrase"studied you" implies that the girl isA better than the chimpanzeeB learning about he chimpanzeeC implying that the boy behaves ike a chimpanzeeD praising the boy for his researchon chimpanzee

    111912 @2010Hak CiptaJabatanPelajaranelangor


  • 8/8/2019 SPM Selangor Trial 2010 - BI Kertas 2



    Questions9 - 15 are basedon the ollowing passageThe history of coffee goesback as far as the eleventhcentury.According to a slory, one day

    g Ethiopian goat herdernoticed that his goats 10 unusually active after eating somefruits that looked like chefries.He was so curious that he a few himself and ate them. Heenjoyed he stimulating 12 that followed soon after. He felt his energy ifted.

    13 word spreadover the land about this magical fruit. People began to experiment14 the fruits. One.suchexperimentwas the roasting of the fruits which gavebirth to the coffee

    bean.Another 15 .wasmadeby boiling the fruits and drinking the dark liquid. This led to theadventof the first coffeedrink.

    Gradually, the popularity of the drink led to its first commercial cultivation by the Ethiopianpeople.

    (Adapted fromThe Magazine TowardsEnglish ProficiiencyVot.2,2010)


    9AaB arrC theD

    13 A MoreoverB SinceC SoonD But $


    10 ABCD

    AbvB forC withD along

    A discoverB discoveryC discoveredD discovering

    l l A pluck 15B plucksC pluckedD plucking

    A smellB tasteC aromaD effect


    Ill9l2 o 2010Hak CiptaJabatanPelajaranelangor SULIT

  • 8/8/2019 SPM Selangor Trial 2010 - BI Kertas 2


    SULIT 7 III9I2SectionBll0 marlcsf

    Questions16 -25Read thefollowing information leaflet and complete he tablesthatfollow.Terengganu's slands and beachesare paradisefor sun-seekers.The best time to visit the islands isfrom March to October.Most resorts are closed during the monsoonseason Novemberto February).

    [Lihat halaman sebelahSULIT

    Pulau RedangPulau Redang is the largest island in Terengganu. t is famous for its picture-postcardviews andfabulous dive sites.The most popular stretch s the 800m Long Beach. Berjaya Air, a private carrTer)provides direct air links to the island. Alternatively, Pulau Redang s accessibleby sea. Snorkelling,jungle walks and beachvolleyball are some of the activities visitors can enjoy.

    Pulau Perhentian Besar and Perhentian KecilPulau PerhentianBesar and Kecil offer amazing views of sparkling white sands and clear waters.AlO-minute boat ride is all it takes to get from one island to the other. Perhentian Kecil has a livelyatmospherewith plenty of chaletsand beach cafes while PerhentianBesar has a quieterambiencewithlarge resorts and restaurants. t is accessiblevia a 45-minute boat ride from the mainland. Activitiesinclude island-hopping,canoeingand diving to seebamboo sharks. :\ '

    Pulau Lang TengahPulau Lang Tengah s a smaller, motresecludedgetaway located between the islands of Redang andPerhentian.The magic of Lang Tengah will enchantyou - the waters are crystai clear, the view isstunningly beautiful and the atmosphere s totally peaceful. There are three resorts on the island,giving visitors total relaxation and lots of privacy. Access o this island is via Menang Jetty.

    Pulau TenggolThe well-shelteredbay atPulau Tenggol is home to mature coral garden. t is the faithest island fromthe mainland and home to a kaleidoscopeof colourful corals andmarine life. Enjoy a stayat any threebeach esortshere. This island s accessible ia Kuala Dungun Jetty.

    Pulau GemiaPulau Gemia is a privately-ownedisland with a solitary boutiqueresort. It is a place for a quiet holidaywith activities such as snorkelling, scubadiving, jungle trekking andbeachgames.The island s ust 15minutes away from the mainland. This island is accessible ia Marang Jetty.

    Ill9l2 o 2010Hak CiptaJabatan elajaran elangor

  • 8/8/2019 SPM Selangor Trial 2010 - BI Kertas 2



    Questions 6 25Using he nformationfrom he nformationaleaflet,write hort answersn thespacesrovided.

    ,lll9l2 o 2010'HakCiptaJabatan elajaran elangor


    Description Name of IslandPlenty ofchalets and beach cafes t6

    A privately-ownedoutique esort l7

    F.ni.ov a rvelk elnno.fhe mnsf nnnrrlar hreathtqlci IRLong Beach

    F,nchantins and neacefirl afmosnhere witla lnts of 19,pnvacy

    Home of corals andmarine life 20

    Terengganu'sslands ndbeachbsre'apmadiseor tourists. \nMustknowinformation: -, ir :r :

    Besttime o visit 21

    Transport to the islands 22t\

    Activities: LandSea


    |0 marl


  • 8/8/2019 SPM Selangor Trial 2010 - BI Kertas 2



    Questions26 - 3l arc basedon the ollowing passage.Thepassagebelow is about Jet Li, afamous Hong Kong movie star who sets up the OneFoundationafter experiencing he 2004 tsunami.

    As he struggled o keep his four-year old daughter,Jane, above he surgingwater, Jet Li shouted or so(neoneo help his nanny,who was holding his one-year-old daughter, Jada.This was no action movie. Like many peopleacrossAsia, Li wascaughtup in the real-life horror of the devastating sunami that hit us in 2004.

    The Chinesekung fu movie starhad come to the Maldives for a holiday withhis wife, two daughtersand nanny. On Sundaymorning, he had been standingby thepool at his hotel, ready to take his daughtersnto the sea.Then he noticed the waterrising with tenifzing speed.Within seconds t rose to his waist, then his chin.

    Li hoistedJaneonto his shoulders, ut in theprocessost his grip on Jadaand 'the nanny. As they were all swept towards the hotel, he cried out for help. Fourbystandersumped into the water and grabbedJada andthe nannybefore they wentunder.Li managed o make it back to the hotel and was reunitedwith his wife.

    "x.'oWhen he wave was gone, herewas nothing left," Li says."The electricityand all communications er edown except or the hotel'ssatellite hone.We weretold that we hadwaterfor five daysand ood for three."

    The Li family and other guestsspent he night in the hotel lobby. While hisfamily slept, he sat up, reflecting on what had happened.His fame andpower couldnot help him at that moment. He thought about his life and what he wanted to do. Afew days ater, he donated500 000 yuan ($73 000) for the tsunami victims.

    Like so many towns and villages in Central China, Yinghua was devastatedby the Sichuanearthquaken 2008.Nearly 70 000peoplewere killed and only a fewbuildings were left standing.As a relief volunteer,Jet Li helped o unloadboxesoffood, medicine, ents and other supplies rom the back of a truck. He wore a whiteOne Foundation -shirt with its distinctive smiley-face ogo with the numeral 1 as henose.

    In the time between he tsunamiand he Sichuanearthquake, etLi dedicatedmuch of his time helping the victims of the.disasterand the less fortunate. He set upthe One Foundation n Hong Kong in April 2007.

    SULIT tt19/2

    [Lihat halaman sebelahSULIT





    lll9l2 O 2010 Hak Cipta JabatanPelajaranSelangor

  • 8/8/2019 SPM Selangor Trial 2010 - BI Kertas 2



    10He spokewith academicsaround the world and spent ime at charitable

    organisationso learn what makbs a successfulnon-govemmentorganisation NGO)."If people are going to supporta charitableorganisation, hey need o trust that theirmoneywillactua1lyreachthepeop1einneed,''hecommented.The idea behind One Foundation is simple: think big by thinking small.Starting n China, Li has set out to raise oneyuan (15 cents) rom every personeachmonth. It is like one big family helping each other. If everyonegives one yuan everymonth, it will addup to billions of dollars.

    To make he idea areality,One Foundationhas eamedup with the corporatesector.Besides, he foundation has alsobuilt strong relationships with partners ikeairlines,so it has been able o reactvery quickly to a disaster. o ensure he wholeprocess s properly managed,an international accountingfirm volunteered o auditand supervise he finance.

    Throughhis ardentoampaigningat variousconferences round he world, L,ihas reached out to about 50 000 people. He also talked to businessmenandcompanieso enlist heir support.

    The movie star is now confident he has sown the right seeds or thefoundation.He feelshe can help to make the foundation sirottg"r by promoting it in"his movies.


    (Adapted fuomReader's Digest, Jan,2009)

    From paragraph2 andparagraph3,(a) where did the Li family go for vacation?

    ll ma(b) the word they in line 10 refers o ...... 1 ma

    Fromparagraph ,(a\ how were Jadaand the nanny rescued?

    ll ma(b) which word conveys he meaningof 'lifted'?






    fL ma

    SULll9l2 @2010Hak Cipta abatanPelajaranelangor

  • 8/8/2019 SPM Selangor Trial 2010 - BI Kertas 2


    SULIT 1128 (o) From paragraph5, what was Jet Li thinking about?


    ll markl(b) From paragraphT,statetwo things that Jet Li did after the tsunami,

    ( i i ) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . l1markl

    Fromparagraph , why is theOneFoundation onoept imple?lI markl

    Do you think that JetLi hassown the right seeds or the foundation?Using your own words, give a reason o supportyour answer.


    [Lihat halaman sebelahSUI,ITll9l2 @2010Hak CiptaJabatan elajaran elangor

  • 8/8/2019 SPM Selangor Trial 2010 - BI Kertas 2


    SULIT31 Based on thepassage iven,write a summary on :o the steps aken by Jet Li to setup the One Foundation

    Credit will be given for the use of own words but care must be taken not to change hq originalmeaning.Your summarymust:. be in continuouswriting form ( not in note orm ). usematerialsrom ines16 o 44 )o not be onger han130words, ncluding the 10wordsgivenbelow

    Beginyoursummary s ollows:After experiencinghe sunami t Maldives,hethought bout his ..

    fl5 mark. . , . . . . ; .

    t2 rtrgt2

    lll9_12 O 2010Hak CiptaJabatan elajaran elangor SULI

  • 8/8/2019 SPM Selangor Trial 2010 - BI Kertas 2


    SULIT 13 ttlg



    [Lihat halbman sebeSULll9/2 @2010Hak CiptaJabatan elajaran elangor

  • 8/8/2019 SPM Selangor Trial 2010 - BI Kertas 2


    SULIT 14Section )[25marks]

    32 Read thefollowing stanzasof sitenggang's homecoming below and answerthe questions hatfollow.

    ivtravelsmademea seekerwho doesnot takewhat is given without sincerityor that which demandspayments rom beliefs,the yearsat seaand coastalstateshave aughtme to choose,to acceptonly those estedby comparison)or that which matches he words of my ancestors,which returns me to my villageand ts perfection.

    i've have earntthe ways of the rudeto hold reality in a new logic,debatewith hard and oud facts.but i too am humble, respectingman and ife.

    1 am not a new man,not very differentfrom you;the peopleand citiesof coastalportstaughtme not to brood,over a foreign world,suffer difficultiesor fear possibilities.l amyoufreed from the village,its soil and waysindependent,becauseI have found mvself

    - MuhammadHaji Salleh



    lll9l2 o 2010Hak CiptaJabatanPelajaranelangor SULI

  • 8/8/2019 SPM Selangor Trial 2010 - BI Kertas 2


    SULIT 1rt912(o) In stanzav, wheredid thepersonaravel o?

    """"""""""" ' : """"""" ' " ' [1 mark(b) ln stanzai, statewo valueshat hepersonaearnt romhis travels.



    lI marklI marlc

    (c) "i amnot a newman,not verydffirent fro,m ou"In yourownwords,whatdoyouthink si-tenggang eans y the staternentbove?

    t) marksl


    [Lihat halaman sebelahSULITll9l2 o 2010Hak CiptaJabatanPelajaranelangor

  • 8/8/2019 SPM Selangor Trial 2010 - BI Kertas 2


    SULIT33 Read the extractfrom the short story The Drover's Wife below and answer thequestions hat


    The eldestboywakesup, seizeshis stickand ries o get out of bed;but hismother orceshim backwitha gripof iron.Thud, hud the snake's ead sbrokenn several laces. hud, hud its head s crushed ndAlligator's oseskinned gain.

    She ifts he mangledeptile n the pointof herstick, arriest to the ireand hrows t in; henpileson the woodand watcheshe snakeburn.The boyand he dogwatch oo.She aysher handon the dog'sheadand all he ierce,angry ightdiesout of hisyelloweyes'. he younger hildren re quieted ndpresentlyo o sleep. heboystandsora momentn hisshirt,watchinghe ire.Presentlye looksup to her,sees he tears n her eyesand, hrowing is armaround erneckexclaims:Mother,'l lnevergo droving."

    (a) Whohits he snakewith thestick?

    t6 Ltt

    ll m(b) What does he woman do to the snakeafter hitting it?

    ll m(") o'Mother,I'll nevergo droving."

    What feeling does he above statementconvey?l7 m

    @ Do you feel sorry or themother?Give a reason or youranswer.


    lll9l2 @2010Hak CiptaJabatanPelajaranelangor SUL

  • 8/8/2019 SPM Selangor Trial 2010 - BI Kertas 2


    SULIT t734 Thefollowing are the novelsstudied n the literature component n English Language.


    ll5 marks

    Jungleof HopeThe PearlThe Return

    Keris MasJohnSteinbeckK.S.Maniam

    Chooseany oneoJ'thenovelsabove and answerthe question hatfollows.jGreed is the root of all evil."How is this shown n the novel you have read?Supportyour answerwith close reference o the text.

    [Lihat halaman sebelahSiUL_ITll9l* @2010Hak CiptaJabatan elajaran elangor

  • 8/8/2019 SPM Selangor Trial 2010 - BI Kertas 2


    SULIT 18 Lt


    ll19/2 @2010 Hak Cipta JabatanPelajaranSelangor SU

  • 8/8/2019 SPM Selangor Trial 2010 - BI Kertas 2


    ST]LIT t9 rrl9


    KERTAS SOALAN TAMATlll9l2 o 2010Hak CiptaJabatanPelajaranelangor SUL

  • 8/8/2019 SPM Selangor Trial 2010 - BI Kertas 2



    Blacken only onespacefor eachquestion. f you wish to changeyour answer, erase he blackenmark thatyou have made. Then blackenthe slacefor the new answer.

    EXAMPLE:@ O @@


















    ' \ '@@


    lll9l2 @2010Hak Cipta JabatanPelajaranelangor SUIJIT